Podcast 006

Opening about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. See Blog to read about it.

After the break:

The first caller this morning is Walter from New Jersey. He called regarding his subscription with what was formerly called The Insider. Dr Glidden explains that he has rolled out a new subscription platform called the Advocate. Walter then asks a question regarding his health. He is a 2 time kidney transplant recipient. He asks about his blood work. Dr. Glidden mentions that usually when it comes kidney pathology he leans on Dr. Wallach’s research. 

When Dr. Wallach would do autopsies his findings were that the kidneys were fine it was the blood vessels leading to the kidneys that were clogged up. The strategy to support the structure and function of the kidneys is to give the 90 essential nutrients extra selenium and anti oxidants to put out the fires of oxidative damage. 

The recommendation per month is: 

  • 1 Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 Liquid 
  • 2 Plant Derived Minerals per month
  • 3 bottles of selenium 
  • 1 Bottle of Beyond Tangy Tangerine tablets
  • 1 bottle of Good Herbs Antioxidant response

 Next Jim from Texas calls in with swollen feet and joints, possible lyme disease and a problem with his blood sugar.

Dr. Glidden underlines that if your bones and joints go south it’s not because of your ageor that you have a curse, it’s because you have run out of the nutrients it needs and life comes rolling in and entropy is everywhere.

The recommendation here per month is:

  • 1 Healthy Body Start Pack 2.0 Liquid
  • 2 bottles of Plant Derived minerals
  • 2 bottles of Gluco Gel 240 count
  • 1 bottle Beyond Osteo FX
  • 4 bottles of Good Herbs bone and tissue support
  • 2 bottles of Sweet Eze
  •  and last but not least stop eating the 10 bad foods.

Live long and prosper!