Podcast 007

Dr.Glidden breaks down and educates you about the simple steps you can take take right now so you can get on the other side of a chronic health condition.

After the break:

Gail from Oregon calls in from Oregon. Gail asks about her torn meniscus and the surgeon wants to cut it out and wants to know which nutritional products to take. 

(Dr Glidden recommends any one who lives in the Pacific northwest should have a geiger counter before they eat fish caught from the area because of the Fukushima disaster and the radioactive material has reached the shore. The people from Woods Hole oceanographic institute will tell you levels are normal and are minimal however, in the last few years as it has been spreading out, it has effected algae plankton and little fish so it is better to err on the side of caution.)

Dr. Glidden asks if it is torn all the way of of the bone. If it is not the body can fix it through medical nutrition. Dr. Glidden mentions that the surgeon has little if any experience with patients who are undergoing sophisticated science based clinically verified cutting edge medical nutrition. He or she is used to dealing with people who are under nutrifed eating all of the wrong food all of the time and they are train wrecks.

From the surgeon’s point of view and with there experience with dealing with these patients that he has only seen surgery work in order to repair the tear. Dr. Glidden mentions to leave surgery as a last blast. Give your body aggressive ligament and tendon support. Give it 90 days and ride and if there is noticeable measurable improvement to continue on with medical nutrition. His recommendation for 90 days is:

  • 1 Health body start pack 2.0 liquid 
  • 2 bottles of plant derived minerals
  • 1 bottle of Cal Toddy
  • 2 bottles of Gluco Gel 240 count
  • 4 bottles of Good herbs bone and tissue support
  • Avoid the ten bad foods
Sally in Nevada. She calls in asking about her Glomerular filtration and she is anemic. She has a Anti aging healthystart pack and wanted to get DR. Glidden’s advice before starting.

Dr. Glidden recommends that this pack is important to take because the micro circulation is gummed up and in order to support good blood flow she needs a good anti inflammatory program to which he recommends:

  • 3 bottles of per selenium month
  • 2 bottles of plant derived minerals
  • 4 bottles good herbs circulation support
  • 100000 ORAC per day which she can get by taking he Beyond Tangy Tangerine tablets
  • Must avoid 10 bad foods