Live Health Chat: November 16, 2015


00:03 (Titilayo) Can Vancomycin be used for Chronic gut infections with people on the Autistic spectrum?

00:05 (Patricia) where to get black walnut? Is there enough calcium in the ultimate classic?

00:06 (Trina) I asked you last week about a lethargic 12 year old girl 70kgs/154lbs with a skinny energetic twin brother. You said I bet she was the last one born. It turns out the mother hemorrhaged, went into theatre, had an emergency Caesarian section. Girl pulled out first and ingested some amniotic fluid. Was put in humidicrib for 3 weeks, in hospital for 6 weeks. So could the girl ingesting amniotic fluid have anything to do with her weight and developing early? 

I also told you last week that my dentist wants to take out my wisdom teeth, I'm not in pain. They said they will need to be taken out eventually cause there are risks of getting an abscess and the teeth can't be kept clean properly anyway. Is that true about an abscess? Also ever since my wisdom teeth started coming through about 13 years ago (I'm 45) while I'm asleep my jaw will randomly contract or bite down (quite violently) within a second and releasing just as quick. I'm worried it will smash my teeth one day. It can happen once or more at night and not happen for a month or more, it's just random. Do you think the wisdom teeth could be hitting the nerve that runs along there causing this instant contract and release? If it's a calcium deficiency, I've been taking the correct supplements since about March. MD's have no clue, dentist has no clue and my chiropractor has no clue why my jaw does this. It doesn't happen through the day.

How's that Proposition 65 clip for your Youtube channel going?

00:10 (Kevin) I’m 260 pounds & mid Oct., I started taking 2 HBSP's 2.0 Liquid & 1 PDM. I would also like drop 70+ pounds. About 12 days into the program, I had BAD constipation and anxiety problems. My rep recommended trying to stop the Osteo & go from 4 scoops of BTT a day to 2 to see how I feel. The constipation has improved slightly, but I still have anxiety episodes. Should I cut back to 1 HSP a month? I'm paying $350/month, but not using some supplements and cutting back by 50% other supplements. (see Maximize Absorption webinar)

00:15 (Ryan) How do I defend bromine being in the 90?

00:19 (Adam) My prospect Pete has had Blastomycosis Systemic Fungal Infection for the past 30 years and his anti-fungal meds seem only to be keeping him alive. He claims that without treatment the condition is or can be fatal. Additional symptoms include muscle fatigue, loss of muscular strength and random skin infections. I wanted to get back with him regarding a protocol. Thanks. 

00:23 (Shannon) What can we do for a young woman who is a Type 1 diabetic on Peritoneal dialysis, with 4% kidney function? MDs want to do a pancreas & kidney transplant in Dec/Jan!
She has to watch her potassium & iron intake. Protein (eggs) raises her blood sugar.
Please explain and recommend, thank you!

00:27 (Dave) hello doctor do you recommend a deep cleaning for my teeth or stay away from it?

00:29 (Minna) A week ago my right knee, ankle and calf stated to swell and it hasn't gone down. My joint or bones don't hurt just the tissue. There was no trauma or injury. It burns to bend my leg. I've gotten on board with the diet except SUGAR. I'm trying to stop it by taking more plant minerals. Thanks

00:31 (Marilyn) I have a customer who just had Nitro Valve Repair. I have had her on Heart&Brain Pak but the surgeon put her on Warfarin & said she cannot take EFA's or any Vit K. She wants off the Warfarin - what can she do?

00:33 (Chris) What is the dose for BTT 2.0 tablets?

00:36 (Betty) Customer is taking the Youngevity protocol you suggested, but is now having problems with constipation. Your suggestions? Misinformation? Males should not take calcium supplements.

00:37 (Ruth) A relative, a 46 yr old woman with swollen left knee and lower leg (sudden, today) , ER doc says possibility of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Not off the 12 bad foods. We were just discussing gluten yesterday. What can you recommend for her?

00:38 (???) My sister has been on Prilosec for 5 years. She's got COPD, acid reflux, IBS. She tried 90 for life, but to strong for her. Suggestions? 

00:42 (La Mar) Hey Doc, La Mar from The Bronx- While sampling the Pollen Burst & Rebound, people have been asking me if they can cause irregular heart beats. Your thoughts...Thanks!

00:43 (Greg) I ordered the HGH youth complex last week and got it today. Amazingly I forgot why I ordered it. What is that product good for? Perhaps helping to sleep for my wife? 

00:44 (Nanci) Good thing to do after having your appendix removed? Of course she was told she didn't need it.

00:46 (Julia) Hi Doc! I took gelco gel recently (2 caps) at bed time. Woke up with hearing loss in left ear and the other was almost at bad. I think my Delzicol 400mg for my Colitis is interfering with the supplement. What is your opinion and what else could I take - 130lbs. Thanks Doc!

00:48 (Mackado) you have added popcorn to the bad list does this include popcorn too? supposed to say corn

00:49 (Tommy) I am a dialysis patient. I was prescribed Sevelamer Carbonate to take with my foods as a phosphate binder. According to my dialysis treatment center, my phosphorus levels should be between 3.0-5.5 mg/dL. My lab report is showing a level of 6.8, which to them, is too high. The only way, seemingly, I’ve been able to lower my phosphorus levels is by taking the phosphate binders

00:50 (Judy) I'm 70 years old and have been diagnosed with Sjogren Syndrome. I also have sore joints, candida and thyroid issues. What would you suggest? Thank you

00:56 (Kevin) i don't have the money for the cm cream etc = should i still do the ice to stop the atrial fibrillation?

00:56 (Neil) Hi Dr G, have a diabetic patient on Blood sugar pack, selenium, ultimate daily and she is doing well , has an ulcer, anything else I should add?

00:57 (David) My wife is 20 years old an has anemia is there anything we can do to help her out?

00:57 (Aleida) Hello Dr. Glidden, my mom is allergic to fish, can she take EFA's?

00:58 (Mary) What is the difference between Plant Derived Minerals and the Cherry Mins/ Kiwi Mins? 

 00:59 (Beth) Is it okay to eat soy and corn if they are organic?

01:00 (Linda) My 91 year-old dad is on HB Anti-Aging Pak, Ultimate daily & Good Herbs kidney support for kidney failure. He has a hard time taking the Ult Daily...can he use Cardio Stx instead? Should he be doing anything else? 

01:01 (Bobbi) Large boil on my back? ouch! 

01:02 (Jo Ann) Is there a nutritional deficiency that causes cataracts? What is it? What is best to take? (See Eye Health webinar)

01:03 (Jesus) What do you take for an enlarged heart. He has had a heart attack. 

01:04 (Jeri) Hi Dr. G, I watched your webinar on thyroid health. A friend had throat cancer with radiation treatment. Now he is on Synthroid. Any other suggestions for trying to bring back a healthy thyroid function? 

01:05 (Clark) Can I combine 1 bottle of Cal Toddy with 3 bottles of lemon juice then distribute to 4 empty bottles without causing increased inflammation?