Live Health Chat: November 9, 2015

Questions from Advocates/Guests:

00:05 My daughter doesn't eat a lot of meat. What does Youngevity have to import protein into her? Need to advise someone close to me about their cholesterol and how to treat naturopathically. Its 257. The hdl is 43, ldl 175, trigl. 196. (ldl not good)

00:07 Hi Dr. G – the local ND I am currently seeing is obsessed with the TSH levels and since my TSH is now 8 she’s acting like I better do what she says or something bad will happen.  What is real high or real low TSH and how do I know when to fix it?  20 years with regular MD’s on synthetic thyroid meds and they have never been able to regulate my thyroid.  In 2011 my TSH was at 22.0 - I have been on Armour since May of this year. Thank you. 

00:10 Can you please look into Great Lakes Gelatin.  I know you recommend Knox but that is made by Kraft Foods and I can't see them using grass fed or good quality animals to make the gelatin.  Great Lakes is good quality, gluten free, no MSG or GMO's.  I've been using it for years and love it. 

00:11 Doc, In August I had a puncture wound to the cruck of my arm with glass from a broken window,  Dr in emergency room did not reconnect the vein that was cut. He clamped it off. Now my bicep is shrinking, have numbness at wrist. Dr does not want to see me, says I need to see a neurologist. Operative report says left brachial nerves and artery are in tact. Saw new Dr today and he thinks the tendon may have been cut. What can I do to rebuild bicep, and get full use of my arm? 

00:14 Hi Dr Glidden I have a friend with hypothyroid issues as well as nodules on the thyroid. The MDs already want to cut her open and remove her thyroid, what do you recommend

00:15 My 30 y.o. daughter has had toothache pain on a molar which has a grey area as well as a previously filled cavity. Dentist told her that he ‘thinks’ she needs root canal + ‘probably’ needs to be on amoxicillin (she started on it). She sees specialist on Fri.  She has not been on any supplements.  This morning, she received a shipment of Plant Derived Minerals, CalToddy, ZRadical, killer biotic, Good Herbs circulatory form, tangy tang tabs, Flora FX+EFAs.  Can you advise on doses + your thoughts on ‘root canals.’ 

00:18 My sister is asking the same question about oil in foods. Is there an amount to avoid within ingredients in crackers, breads and wraps for example?

00:19 14 year old boy diagnosed with anemia. Dr. said it was a parasite that was treated for that. Still has anemia. Drs want to give him a transfusion. Thoughts? 

00:22 My wife (35) has a history of occasionally passing out and having seizures, but the last 4-5 months she’s experienced different sensations. It happens a lot when she’s driving, where she feels like she’s going to pass out and can't focus on the road. She feels dizzy and almost disoriented. Then she’s also had several cases not driving where she’s very nearly fainted or had a seizure. I suspect it could be a neurological issue, caused by the amalgam fillings. Another note for my above question. 

Jeff's question part2 Another note for my above question. She had a brain scan 10 years ago and was given a clean bill of health. No epilepsy or tumours or anything. Blood test to take: Hemoglobin A-1C

00:25 Hi Doc. 51 year old female 93kgs, currently on 20mgs of Apo-escitalopram, wants to get off of them and regain her health. Has a touch of Nephritis but not on meds. Also suffers from Asthma, craves salty foods. Also on a sleep apnea machine because she will stop breathing through the night. Been gluten free for 6 weeks. 

00:27 Hi Doc. The same 51 year old female is a swimming teacher spends up to 6 ½ hours in a heated pool was wondering why she can catch sickness from people when out in public but when she is in the pool with sick sniffling kids, she catches nothing from them. Could it have anything to do with the chlorine and its vapours in a heated pool?

00:28 12yr girl large build with weight issues 70kgs, has a twin brother who is thin and full of energy. She developed early but no period yet. Doctors did x-ray of bone structure and said she is 2 years ahead of her age. She's very tired in the mornings, hard to get her going. Lethargic through the day. Been gluten free for 4 weeks and has had a little more energy since that.

00:31 Hi Doc. Any advice for someone with an ingrown toenail? Thanks

00:34 Hi Doc. My dentist said I need my wisdom teeth taken out, apparently they are starting to deteriorate. Do you have any advice for me or is it safe and normal?

00:37 73 yr female w/40 yr h/o RA. Constant pain-uses a walker. Long h/o many meds, infusions, +surgeries. Took self off Coumadin last yr. h/o hip fx.  h/o MI. Currently taking only 2 oral meds: methotrexate and folic acid weekly. Monthly IV infusion of an immunosuppressant (Orencia) for the last 5 yrs. Wt 110#. Will start healthy bone and joint pack and killer biotic. How much killer biotic + for how long? Add-ons?  Selenium? ZRad? Good Herbs? Budget allows for whatever she needs.

00:40 I did an ALCAT food intolerance test and grape seed extract was listed as "moderate" sensitivity and said to be avoided for 3-6 months.  All of the BTT products and Ultimate Classic have it in them. Also, mild intolerance to Oranges & Sucralose which is in the Tropical Plus.  Moderate intolerance to Papaya as well (papain)  Which multi can I take?

00:42 why do i get a cold every flu season like clock work? ty

00:46 Hello Dr.Glidden!My friends total cholesterol is 623.His homocysteine and C-reactive protein are perfect. Should he be worry about this?Thank You!!!

00:49 What are some signs of a gluten intolerance. A Celiac mother and daughter and she is wondering about her youngest child (4 yr) son. 

00:52 Hi Dr. Glidden, I have been experiencing extremely itcy palm when I handle anything really cold or frozen my palms turn super red and this last about 30 minutesSorry I typed the question in the chat room also

00:53 Hi Dr. G, any recommendations for a post-menopausal woman who suffers from hair loss? 

00:54 For a while now when under some stress i have trouble breathing, have to sigh a lot to catch a breath. I am other wise quite healthy and have been taking the healthy start pack 2.0 for 2 weeks now. 

00:56 Dr. G, We have been distributors for 13 months and for the 11 bad foods. We need HELP with my hubby’s “low T” and he is a major GRUMP! Saliva testing confirmed this. He’s not just a GRUMP to me but his crew/coworkers also and they are even afraid of him. Our love life is not happening anymore because of this too and this makes for a difficult marriage. He was on bio identical hormones and did great but we felt it was too risky. I try to get cholesterol in him but not sure how much. Can you share?

01:00 Please would you guide me in recommendation...I have a Youngevity prospect (woman age 42 stating) asking me about what would be appropriate, in addition to the Healthy Start Pack, for a concern of "morgellons." 

Paying attention to allergies (skin itchiness, not yet certain of cause), and surrounding common events (as suggested in your Allergies video), client seems to have elevated itchiness when PREmenstrual monthly. What may be the rationale of that. Any clues appreciated. 

01:03 Hi Dr. Glidden, is bottle water safe to drink? Which do you recommend? 

01:05 60 yr old woman, has been through chemo. Hard to find a vein for blood draw. Was told that chemo is hard on veins and arteries. Would copper in addition to the Dr. Glidden pak help the veins and arteries recover? And how much copper should she take?