Live Health Chat: November 30, 2015

00:05 Hi Dr. G – Is it a good idea to take killer biotic for a few months at a maintenance dose during the holidays (3) per day and just double checking that there is no interaction with valium or possibly other pharmaceuticals that others may be taking with killer biotic – correct? Is there a chance you would do a webinar on Hemochromatosis or is it only the minority that gets it? Thanks! 

00:07 I have a customer experiencing a severe rash in the anal area -- MDs have been unable to diagnose. He thought it was BTT but after being off of it for 2 months, rash persists. 

00:10 I have a customer 50 YO male who had lymph nodes removed from leg 3 years ago. Is just now having swelling in leg and foot. He just ordered some BTT 2.0 and is looking for guidance about other products.

00:13 What causes a person to start bruising very easy? 

00:14 What must a women be lacking when breasts get swollen and so painful?

00:16 Thought I would ask...last couple of husband when he wakes up He seems to be all stuffed-up, a lot... has to blow nose, spit up... takes a while to clear head. Seems like he has a cold but he doesn't. Another thing I notice is sometimes he twitches. Not sure you have any ideas of what to do could surprise me...thanks!!! 

00:21 Hi Doc. My husband was stung on his index finger when he grabbed a leaf out of the pool. He doesn't know what it was that stung him. His finger swelled up alot and was painful and he couldn't bend it much. A week later he went on antibiotics (Cephalexin Sandoz 500mg) for 10 days. About 2 weeks later it flared up again overnight, he's back on the antibiotics. MD's say if it doesn't heal, he might need surgery. They say the cartilage might be damaged in his knuckle. What can we do to now? 

00:22 Doc. You told me to double my calcium intake for a month to help me with my jaw spasms I have at night, unfortunately it gave me bad diarrhea. I was taking 2 ounces a day and increased it to 4 ounces but I had to cut it back to 2 ounces and the diarrhea hasn't quite fixed yet. How can I get the 4 ounces a day without the diarrhea? Thanks

00:23 Also my MD and an eye specialist told me I have fluid behind my left eye (the last few years). When I rub my eye it makes a noise like a creeking door sometimes. They said it's nothing to worry about but that's not normal and I would like to fix it.

00:24 I also have been suffering from cold toes for the last 15 years or so, to the point where they hurt. I don't have diabetes. I have taken 3 bottles of Ultimate Daily (6 a day) so far thinking it is a circulation issue.

00:25 From John in the UK Dr G, I heard you mention something about the formula change of Ultimate daily recently. Can you tell me what Youngevity’s Official reason is? I was told it was because the tablets were hard to swallow but it looks to me like all the good stuff is gone and the price is still the same but now Good herbs and cardio FX is being suggested along with Ultimate daily by Dr Wallach on his shows. Thoughts? 

00:27 Good evening Doc sorry if you have answered this like 1000 times but how much iodine do we need daily and do certain people need more like pregnant and breast-feeding women, babies or people with hypo or hyper thyroidism. The internet wannabe ‘experts’ say from 150 mcg to 20,000 mcg (.15 mg to 20 mg for the bean counters) 

00:28 I have High blood pressure and I started taking 1 bottle of Ultimate Classic & EFA Plus. But for some reason my blood pressure has been going up? I do also take Coumadin, Amlodipine 5mg and Metoprolol 25mg. What can I do about this? I’m off the 10 bad foods. Thank you

00:30 Hello Dr. G. A client of mine has been on 90forLife for 5 months now she is 125 lbs and in addition to the HSP she is taking a total of 2 bottles of EFA’s per month. She still has dry cracked heels any suggestions? Thank you Doc! 

00:31 Dr. G, the Pollen Burst has maltodextrin in the ingredients and it states on the package that there is a minute amount of gluten less than 40 ppm. With such a small amount should those with gluten intolerance be concerned about this product? Thank you!

00:32 Client is nursing a 2 month old baby, she’s on 90forLife and the baby seems to be experiencing a lot of gas. She is off the 12 bad foods, no dairy also. Any Suggestions? Thank you.

00:33 Hello doctor my mom just had a blood test an she was told she had high cholesterol at 261 an also high on triglycerides 169

An her LDL cholesterol is 150. How does this look to you ok or not ? Thanks if not what may she take to help her out.

00:34 I'm 23 years old an I been having thin an little saliva I think is due to poor blood circulation or lot of stress or maybe low blood pressure. when I go bike riding I do get a bit more saliva but will only last for about 1 day. And I now have small pockets on some of my gums I think is due to my weak saliva . Can you please help me fix this an have normal saliva thanks a lot an all your hard work.

00:36 56 yo male has been on healthy blood sugar pack since April – at that time, his A1c was already WNL, and he was no longer on any meds. His main c/o was peripheral neuropathy pain (burning, numbness, pins and needles feeling in toes). Neuropathy pain has eased but it ‘flares up’ at times – he has added selenium and PDM. Weight 170. Any additional recommendations for pain relief? 

00:37 What else can be done for teenage acne that's mostly on the back? Has been taking 90 daily pack, enzymes, sweetest and selenium. Acne quite severe. Until two months ago was eating a very high carb diet. 

00:38 Is it OK to mix Osteo FX liquid with fish oil.... 

00:39 I am 69 years old, female and 120lbs. I have creeping arthritis in my hands, wrists and left foot. It is mostly pain free, but my knuckles swell up and are beginning to look ugly. I have not consulted a med doctor about this, since an X ray years ago that confirmed degenerative osteo in my wrists. I have not taken any meds for it. I have been using Youngevity products for nearly 4 months now, with no change in my hands. Improved digestion, still get foot cramps. No bad foods. 

00:43 i have a customer who was recently diagnose with anemia she has been drinking the tagy tangerine 2.0 for 4 days she says it gives her acid reflux what can she do

00:45 my cousin is diabetic with kidney failure he is in dialisys 3 times a week he is currently taking the heart and brain star pak,with selenium,the ultimate daily and sweeteeze he is also loosing his eyesight is there anything else he can take to help him keep or improve his vision

00:46 I’m 70 and have heavy metal toxicity from mercury/amalgam fillings has plagued me all of my life, as did many gum infections and 5 root canals! Plus, really poor memory & concentration, headaches in the morning for years, peeling fingernails, dry eye problems & blurred vision from the Sjogren’s, start of cataracts, thinning hair, hundreds of fatty tumours called Lipomas, loss of most teeth due to lack of saliva (again, due to Sjogrens) a very low liver, lots of liver stones.

00:52 Cleaned a deer this weekend for meat. The deer had many ticks on it. Can you get lyme disease from eating meat if the deer had lyme? Hope you had a nice holiday. Thanks Dr. Glidden. 

00:56 A couple months ago you recommended my husband have 6 colonic sessions within a 2 week period to see if that would resolve his absorption issue and constant diarrhea. He did...and it did the trick! Having never done colonics, before, I did a couple of sessions with him. Feel great. This may be a real need for many people. Thank you!

00:57 Female - feels like bladder is full/ like have to urinate all the time when standing. What is going on??

00:58 I would like to make Christmas gifts of bath salts, and-or soap/ shower gel. Idea is to make a No Creepy Stuff product. Wondering about some of the ingredients in the recipes I have found. Are they ok or avoids? Citric Acid & Epsom Salts in bath salts. Soaps and Shower Gels have various OILS coconut, palm and palm kernel, , olive, hemp, jojoba. Glycerin. And reactive agents (supposedly "used up in reaction," and "not remaining in end product") Potassium Hydroxide, and Sodium Hydroxide. Thank You

00:59 Hey Doc, I know someone who had brain surgery due to glucose leaking from the brain to the sinuses. She lost her taste and smell completely after surgery. Is there anything she can do to restore her senses? Thanks!