Live Health Chat: December 23, 2015

00:14 If you are addressing stiff joints and contracting muscles in the hands and also want to address heart health, what supplements do you recommend (without buying both the heart pak and the bone and joint pak) How much of what is needed? Thank you

00:16 i had a woman who is a distributor for another company's essential oils ask me "What makes youngevity's oils better their her company's oils”? 

00:17 Fermented bread seems to not bother alot of people, even when made with regular white flour. How do you think that is possible? 

00:20 A Nephew's lymph nodes are inflamed on his neck. He has been having hospital appointments for a few years as he's had blood in his urine and they can't work out what's going on. Surprise surprise. But they are talking about removing his lymph glands as the infection highlighted in his blood tests may be IN the lymph, hence it's inflammation. He is 6 years old. 

00:24 What would you recommend for someone who's had strep throat over and over again, and my MD wants to take their tonsils out.

00:26 What can someone do for Creutsfeldts Jakobs disease

00:30 Since we talked 3 months ago primarily about my heart condition I have doubled TT, Osteo and PDM and have taken 16 Selenium, 12 EFA, 8 Sweet Eze, 9 Ultimate Daily, 4 Immortalium a day +1,5 teaspoon of Good herbs Circulatory support. Symptoms about pain in arms, restless legs, gas and itching in anus are gone. No heart symptoms since the attack a year ago. Vitality is generally increasing. But the pain in my hands is still there. Questions: 1)Should I now after 3 months add Gluco Gel 15 capsules? 

Since we talked 3 months ago about my heart attack one year ago you suggested that I switch over to the old type of Ultimate Daily now that it is back. But Laura at Youngevity suggested that I should ask you if Cardio fx could be an even better solution. If so, how much a day (weight:144lbs)?

00:36 I have white heads under my skin in many places all over my face including in the sensitive areas above and below my eyes! I am on Youngevity a month now and avoiding the 10 bad foods and eating butter and fats again but wondering if eating these BEFORE my digestion is totally fixed will build up more whiteheads on my face on inside my body?? And if there are whiteheads on my face, are there white heads INSIDE my body I can't see? Also, are whiteheads cholesterol that my body can't absorb? 

00:39 I have been dealing with a chest discomfort let's say for about 10 years, medical doctors have run all sorts of tests on me and concluded that my heart is fine and strong although I can get anywhere from shooting pains in my arm/chest, an achy feeling, tingly and after those go away when it's bad then it will feel like weak or spread to thin if you know what I'm trying to say. I have had doctors diagnose me with acid reflux which is a joke because I don't get heartburn and costochondritis which is just an inflammation in my chest wall, anyways I've learned to deal with it but would love to feel just normal. I was wondering if this youngevity product you talked about would help me in your opinion? And if any advice you give back to me please could you recommend a starter pack or product from them that you think would benefit me, I thank you for if you took the time to read this at all and for any advice that you may give.

00:43 I love BTT 2.0 but it makes me pee right after I consume it, unlike Rebound or Beyond Osteo fx. Is this because I can't take the sweeteners in it and should I switch to BTT 1.0?

00:44 I just ordered and Healthy Body Bone & Joint Pak and a bottle of Selenium. But I have these black lines under my fingernail and was wondering what am I deficient in? Thank you

00:47 I have a constant drippy nose, no other symptoms. What do you suggests?

Can you over dose on probiotics?

What causes tingling in fingers and toes for someone with Celiac who's been on the right diet for years? Thanks

00:50 my wife was trying to ween herself of off her thyroid medication and now feels super tired. She has multiple problems but this seems to be on top of the list right now. 

00:52 Blessed Herbs small intestine cleanse any good for a small intestine cleanse?