Live Health Chat: December 30, 2015

00:16 I'm 39 years old. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in November of 2006 and I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in August 2012 (on my right tonsil) and have suffered with weakness and fatigue since my middle 20's. I had surgery to remove my right tonsil December 2013 and began full Gerson Therapy protocol for four months (but my adrenals were weak - I couldn't handle the coffee enemas due to extreme adrenal fatigue). So I reduced juices to two a day and have maintained following Gerson prescribed foods. I recently began taking cannabis oil suppositories in hopes to stimulate my endocannabinoid system. I'm 6'1" and weigh 145 lbs (I was 175 in 2013). I'd love to gain some weight without ruining my diet but am looking for answers of some sort. According to my MD, my blood tests are always "perfect." I've lost all faith in MD's.

00:19 Hey Doc, I just purchased some colloidal silver nasal spray for the first time. Is this spray good for a head cold and a scratchy throat? The serving size on the box says 20 sprays!!! That seems like a lot! What is your recommended dosage. Thanks! 

00:21 Hey doc! Does the kidney protocol stay the same for someone who just had a kidney transplant and who is under anti rejection drugs?

00:22 My 59 year old female friend 107 lbs. She is about to get started with 90 for Life. She has IBS and chronic constipation. She has concerns about constipation from taking calcium supplements. I have suggested that she needs to be gluten-free. She is doing competitive body building and thinks that was the cause of a bad bout of hemorrhoids. Recommendations?

00:26 Hi Dr G, You've diagnosed me with food allergies before but seem to get tiredness, muscle fatigue, eye soreness after just an apple, or anything sweet. I wake up tired and at night i'm tired at 9pm then get my second wind at 11pm for couple of hours and sometimes can't sleep till 3-4am. I've used coffee a lot as it helps relieve the symptoms but I cut out coffee 3 days ago and i feel better but I've started getting tingling in my legs at night that keeps me awake. Any thoughts? Cheers

00:30 Hello Dr. Glidden, I'm having a very bad pain in my mouth the past few days. I've had an issue with this tooth that broke about two years ago. Thinking it's time to pull it. I had a very bad allergic reaction to the Novocain so I've been afraid to go to the dentist since. I reacted to the material that was in the temporary part of the tooth that broke. Dentist gave me antibiotic after that nightmare but I never took it. Can you recommend something mostly for the pain. 

00:32 Pregnancy / Infertility issues

00:36 I'm 58 year old .When i was 22, after three bleeding ulcers that almost killed me the MD came with the great solution! A super selective vagotomy. They cut 1/3 of the nerves of my stomach to produce less acid. guess what? I had another bleeding when I was 17 years later. Now I am overweight and light diabetic. Can it be a cause of the surgery? I am already having the 90's. 

00:40 My friend's 20 year old daughter is going in for testing for MS in a month. She is experiencing shaking of hands, loss of strength when she raises arms and extreme fatigue. She is presently just starting to take Healthy Body Start Pak liquid with no add-ons. She says that has given her more energy. Any further suggestions? 

00:43 Hello again,my lower back and hip area muscles goes on on me maybe twice a year,i get twisted out of shape cant do alot for about one week until it goes away on its own, i am a Millwright by trade pulling wrenches all my life, things are getting sore now,any suggestions.

00:57 Another question...same friend's husband is doing the weight loss pak with ASAP. He's also on much high blood pressure meds (I thought he was going to do the Heart and Brain Pak) Will there be a problem with ASAP and meds?

00:59 Dr G, I thought Selenomethionine was the best form of Selenium, but I was wondering why Ultimate Selenium uses Selenium Amino Acid Chelate? 

Dr G, since minerals are spread throughout randomly in the soil, is it accurate to say that all food labels are false when it states that something has a certain percentage of minerals at any point in time?

01:00 Hi Dr. G. – I like to take a sweeteze in the morning with my slender FX and a banana. My question is can you take sweeteze and enzymes just before a meal and take them again if you eat something in about 3 hours? Is there a time frame that should pass before each new dose of either the sweeteze and/or the enzymes?

Also Dr. G. were you going to tell me another thing I can do to cut the withdrawal symptoms? I also want to tell you I didn’t do the latest homeopathic medicine yet as it arrived.