Live Health Chat: January 11, 2016

00:06 Hey Dr. G. – I want to thank you for all your continued help and guidance. When you do colloidal silver up the nose should one do it straight or add distilled water to the sprayer? Also Dr. G I wanted to know if you will share how, what and when you take your supplements. Thank you!

00:011 I am in my 8th month of taking YGY and staying off the 12 bad foods. I stumbled across you one night, and I was hooked. I feel GREAT! Better than I have in years. My toughts are clearer, I find decision making much easier, I feel so positive about life, I have more energy, my patience level is high, dealing with very stressful situations, are just easier. I feel like I am gliding along without a worry in the world. Here is the best part , I have had a very bad skin condition for probable 8 years now, it has been full blown, and extremely painful for 4 to 5 years now. I have gone to so many different medical doctors, spent a lot of money on tests, and never got any relief or answers. Well, I can honestly say, with your help, on a scale of 0 to 100, I am at 80. I could just cry, as a matter of fact, I am. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for pulling me out of my pain and misery. Love ya Doc

00:12 Dr G, are there any other causes of boils on the back besides a blood sugar problem? Could a abscess on the gum that occurs randomly be connected to this issue as well?

00:14 Hi Dr G I am taking the healthy bone and joint pak appropriate for body weight for 7 month. I have a 80% recovery on my lower back. What else I need to do to increase my recovery. 

The MD has told my wife that the reason women get fibroid is because she makes to much hormone. I want to know the if that true and what is the wholistic solution.

00:19  Yo Dr. G! I have a client with tinnitus and along with taking the HSP and Gluco Gel she's been using the CM Creme in her ears. She recently went to an doctor who said the CM Creme had hardened in her ear canals and she'd have to go to a specialist to have it removed. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Doesn't make sense to me and it sounds like they're blowing smoke (the doctor) to soak her for more $$$. Your thoughts? 

00:21 Dr Glidden, I have a Preferred Customer that has asked me about the difference between Youngevity's Gluco-Gel and Glucosamine + Chondroitin she could buy over the counter. Thought it would be best to let the expert explain it.

Doc, I know a 60yo man with an enlarged prostate, he is on an expensive drug to manage it, can be reversed and get him off the medication and does this have a good success rate? Thanks.

Doc, an update on my husband's finger which was stung. After doing the Apis 200c, we finally found some Ledum 30c but it says 6-10 pills = 1 dose (they're smaller). So should he be taking 12-20 of these smaller pills once a day? I assume 1 dose = 1 normal pillit. Finger is doing good, no change since stopping the Apis, just need to finish off with the Ledum. Thanks Doc, you may have just saved my husband's finger.

Can anything natural be done for cold sores instead of a pharmaceuticals?

00:27 HELLOOOOOOO DOC! Hey man, what are your thoughts of Thought Field Therapy, you know... TFT, EFT, Tapping. Have you ever used it in your practice? I have a friend that did 3 tours in during the Viet-Nam war and he is deals with PTSD. Heck of a nice guy. What would you do if your were in his shoes? Thanks!

00:30 My water is not artificially fluoridated , but it has natural fluoride of 0.2 so do i still need to filter.

00:32 Hello Dr. G! I have been on 90forLife for 7 months now, 140 lbs, premenopausal. I had lab work done through my chiropractor. My estrogen level is 10 times higher than normal. Have you heard of estrogen induced ulcerative colitis? What supplements do you suggest in reducing my estrogen? 

00:35 Female 49 year old, on Youngevity for 6 months, off all bad foods. Just got blood work back, these are out of reference range(RR). Mean Platelet Volume 9.2 RR 9.4-12.3 Monocytes, Absolute 0.4 RR 0.24-0.36 Globulin 1.9 RR 2.2 – 3.9 Glucose 103 RR 65 – 99 CRP – High Sensitive 6.0 RR <1.0 Vitamin D, 25 -Hydroxy 39.5 <30 Def. 30-100 optimum >150 Toxicity Pregegnenolone LC/MS/MS 28 RR 7-188 Note saying adrenals slightly low Ferritin 189 RR 10-291 Note saying a little high but it was much higher last year.What can you recommend. Thank you.

I just healed my infected tooth with Sovereign Silver as a nose spray and as eye drops. I figured of I had an infection in my arm I wouldn't cut it off, so why pull the tooth.  What are your thoughts on that.

00:38 Is surgery the only way to get rid of a fatty tumor? 

00:39 Dr. G! Just came across you and the Naturopathic philosophy. So grateful that we found you! My wife (36 yrs, 5'4", 133lbs regularly) is almost 5 months pregnant and we are looking to ensure that she is properly nutrified for the remainder of her pregnancy (and beyond). Will you please advise a Youngevity protocol? 

00:41 My husband is 53 year old black male. Last year he had what we thought was allergy flare up. Went to doc and was given prednisone, antibiotics and inhaler. week later was only slightly better. Went to ER. He had normal EKG and stress test. Heart echo showed ejection fraction of 38. We were told its probably virus that attacked heart. Also had triponin levels slightly above normal. Your thoughts and treatment? 

00:45 Hi again Doc. Can you advise me on a friend who is suffering with Chickungunya. He has been suffering on and off for over a year now. One symptom is extremely painful, swollen leg. Thank you again

00:48 Have a friend with type II diabetes, is on the healthy blood sugar pak and is getting incredible results. Will he always need to be on the sweet eze

00:51 A friend's 8 yr old son is being tested for aplastic anemia or leukaemia.  I searched and didn't find any info on medical nutrition for these conditions. Is there a protocol? 

00:52 Customer has receding gums on two of his bottom molars on the same side. What could be going on and what to do? Thanks

00:54 Hey Dr.did you ever have something yourself years ago that using the Youngevity products was able to fix you and feel better,thanks Dr. 

00:58 What kind of Chiro do I need for my skull?

00:58 My husband says he has an enlarged Prostate... ? what you said to take for it...thanks