Live Health Chat: January 25, 2016

Hi Dr. G. – Without overlooking the obvious isn’t there a chance that since I switched from Levothyroxine to Armour April 2015 and my thyroid is still not right - could my jolts (extreme muscle twitching) and uneasiness be a symptom of an unbalanced thyroid?  

I was at .100 levothyroxine and now at 1 grain armour – did try the myrrh the smell is tough to take.   Could it be possible (in your best judgment) could I be the rare person and the Armour isn’t the better choice for me? 

7 yr old boy 45lbsnever crawled late walking can’t run or do stairs well   family has been gluten free, grain free, dairy free for years.  has eliminated added sugars from their diet.  No sodas or juices.   been suggested to them that they do Muscular dystrophy testing.  been working with nutritionist and kinesiologist   they watched interview with you/wallach and todd harrison   Just ordered products and got friday. healthy start pak, hgh complex, selenium, zradical   having trouble w/ taste for 71 yr old female with severe osteoporosis unable to walk without caneis glucogel liquid or tabs better or use both.  Is the CM soft gels or CM liquid a good option(the cetylmyrlstoleate?

what for 71 yr old with hernia who wears hernia belt?

80 year old lady in church has macular degeneration.  Little over 100 pounds.  Calculation from Eye Health Webinar supplement information shows minimum supplement cost with tax and free shipping to be $306 per month which significantly more than available each month.  This is the case for most of the members of this inner city church.  Is there a limited budget option for this lady’s problem? 

What's the best response when someone asks me if Youngevity is "pharmaceutical grade"? 

65 YO female, 150#.  Several months ago I asked about protocol for essential tremors.  I am taking 1 HBSP, i PDM, 8 Ult EFA/day, 6 EFA plus/day, & 9 Selenium/day.  This has really helped but still have occasional shaking.  Should I up my intake of these supplements or add something else?

Hi Doc, I received my Good Herbs Circulatory Support from the US for the fluid behind my eye. I just need to know the daily dosage. I'm 75kg / 165lbs 45 years old. And is it possible to give me an estimate how long I will need to be taking the good herbs to fix my eye. 

Doc, I went to the MD yesterday, she wanted to discuss my low iron level, it is 7, she said to take iron supplements for 6 months. I said I spoke to you and you suggested I buy an iron skillet (which I did) and eat spinach (I have a big handful in my nutribullet once or twice a day), and I've been eating more red meat, it's helped a lot, no more light headedness throughout my body. I decreased my selenium from 8 to 4 a day (is 4 enough cause I workout 5 to 6 days a week for 30 to 50 mins?) And I drink Rebound fx (love it). 

Haven't found the copper levels for Australian soils yet (I do have some spider veins so I wouldn't think my copper levels are to high. You said not to take iron supplements, which I'm not, but I was wondering why and so did the MD.

My blood test shows my Blood Sugar, Thyroid and Kidneys are all good (except for the low iron level) so I'm still at a loss why I have had cold toes for the last 15 years or so. Any more suggestions?

Doc, I thought I would get you to check if my Pre-workout is safe enough to use, here's the supplement facts per scoop, but I take only 1/3 of a scoop: Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)  20mg Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)  2mg Vitamin B9400mcg Vitamin B121200mcg Creapure Creatine Monohydrate5g Camosyn Beta Alanine3.2g AgmaPure (Agmatine Sulfate) 1.5g L-Camitine L-Tartrate1.5g N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine500mg Caffeine Anhydrous250mg HigenamineHCI20mgOther Ingredients: Citric Acid,natural & artificial flavoring, silica, sucralose, FD&C Red #40 Lake.

Hello Dr. G.,  Can you fill us in on the Detox that was / is going to start in January?  I search the website and click on the info. and it just brings me to Effile Health.  Can you tell us how to take the supplements please?  Thank you. 

0:28 Hi Dr. Glidden! I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago and am hot all the time. I have hypertension, IBS with constipation and allergies. I am taking Toprol, Amitiza, and Zyrtec. Some of this sweating may be from anxiety lately. What can I do to cool down, get off these drugs and be healthier? Thanks for anxwering my question! BTW thank you for helping my son last year. A near retina detachment was discovered during an annual eye exam. He followed your advise and his retina is back to normal!! 

00:32 Is it ok to take both Good Herbs Circulatory and Good Herbs Heart together at the same time? Been taking Circulatory for legs and feet swelling and now that problem is gone, but now want to add Heart to lower my blood pressure. 

00:33 I'm getting my wife going on the healthy body start pack, but because of all the medications she used to have to drink while she was going through some surgery early in her life, she absolutely can not get down the beyond osteo-fx. I got her some of the tangy tangerine in the tabs but didn't know what to do for the beyond osteo-fx. Do you have any suggestions? 

00:36 Hello Dr. G. My wife was wondering if the new tangy 2.0 tablets are just as good as the powered. She doesnt like the taste of the powder and would like an alternative. If the pills are less effective how much would she need to make up the difference?

00:37 Hi Doc, I have a rash that is still at 80% better and clearing, but it has exploded on my left arm only. Same elbow i believe it started on years ago. It is on the inside on my elbow and is running down my arm. Is this a sign it is leaving my body?? Thank you

00:38 Hi again Doc, I have woken, from a deep sleep, a few times lately shaking all over. I feel like I am freezing, even my teeth chatter. Is this a circulation thing... Off cigarettes 4 days now and been taking Bupropion for 3 weeks, could this be the cause? Thank you again

00:39 Do you have any experience with the Pro-line products of Youngevity ? Synaptiv, Ultimate Daily Classic, XeraTest™ Hormonal Support for Men

00:41 You've changed the course of my family's life. Your book was eye opening-thank you! My daughter just turned 5 and she still is only pooping every other day on average. This is progress as she was only going 1 every 3 days. We just started eliminating the 12 bad foods this week (just learning). What supplement protocol for both her digestive issues and general health would you recommend for her? I also had 2 meniscus & 1 microfrac surgery on the same knee. 37 yrs, 230lbs- what should I do? Thanks

00:47 I have an issue with cracking and peeling of skin on my fingers and deformed and separating fingernails on my right hand. What is the problem and what can I do? Thanks in advance. 

00:51 #1 What do you say to people that don’t want to take BBT because they don’t want to over dose on vitamins or minerals.

#2 Also 200lb male need to take 6 EFA/ day or can they take 3EFA?

#3 Is there lithium in the BTT or Plant derived minerals? cant find. Suppose to be good for depression.

00:54 Doc, I have a co-worker who wants to check her cholesterol level w/o going to her MD. Is there a test she can order online, like from Direct Labs, that she can order to check her lab values?

00:55 Hey Dr. G. - I am only asking about possibly taking more Armour because my t3 was low and when I first switched from Levo to Armour I did feel better! But I have been experiencing extreme jolts since Halloween and it's been several months since April when I first went on the Armour - I need you to tell me if taking another 1/2 pill would be okay. The local nd wants me to take 2 armour in AM and levo at night - which I won't do. Thanks!

00:56 Doc what can we do for 81 year old female. Cervicle cancer suspected from PAP smear. Not yet confirmed. 170 pounds. 

00:57 16 year old girl with anorexia, dances since 3 yrs old She ended up in Marshfield to get nutrition. What should she take to overcome the food problem and the mind. 

01:00 What can a person with Pancreatic Cancer do to extend her life? When you speak about in-taking salt, what kind of salt are you referring to? what about alkaline water and keeping our body at a higher PH level, due to cancer cell liking an acidic environment. 

01:03  hey Doc. wouldn't fucoidz be good for thyroid work