Live Health Chat: January 28, 2016

Hey Dr,can you commend on MS a bit? My wifes uncle was dioanosed with early signs of it

Dr. Glidden saw you on the Leon Fontaine show. What did you say to use for someone that is under a lot of stress?

My Dad (60 years old) thinks he may have an enlarged prostate. He said he has been waking up a lot in his sleep to urinate. What is the best way to support the prostate and help him? Is this reversable? Thank you  

Hey Doc i have a question I have been ask to do health talk at a retirement community what video of yours would you suggest to use? 

Is the smoke itself from grilling and smoking meats harmful beside the heterocyclic amines? 

Dr, G-Dawg! Would you recommend ingesting powder fruit pits (peach, avocado, etc.) for the ORAC. Is there such a thing as too much ORAC. Great to talk too you

Dr. G, My friend is on Lisinipril 25 mg, 1x/day And consuming Osteo FX/1oz in a glass of water a day. Her BP has dipped to 107/66 But as long as systolic is above 100 that is ok, right?  

Dr. G which is better for renal failure to unclog the kidneys.  ultimate Daily or good herbs circulation support.  Thanks for all you do. 

Hi Doc, I would like to help a female 5'7" 294 lbs with schizophrenia, bipolar, maniac depression, anxiety disorder, type 2 diabetes, glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, acid reflux and HIV positive!