Live Health Chat: January 4, 2016

00:12 Hi Dr. G – What are your thoughts on taking a little extra valium (if needed) before my two upcoming appointments? (Periodontal cleaning and ND for blood work) The holidays were cancelled since my anxiety/withdrawals were so intense. I really don’t want to back slide but need to take care of business. Thank you. 

00:14 Male73,185 lbs, suffers from chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL),diabetes,sleep problems,constipation.Takes Nexium, Avodart, Tamsulosin Metformin. He would like to try Youngevity. What would You recommend Dr G?Thank You!

00:18 I have a 51 year old male who complains of a pins and needle feeling in his left leg upon standing he's a 180 pound 5 foot 2

00:21 Hi Doc! It's a new year and I want to start exercising when I get up in the mornings. Always wondered which is best...breakfast and supplements first or supplements, exercise, then breakfast? Been nutrified for 10 months and I plan on taking Rebound as well. Thanks! 

00:25 I have a customer on the HBSP for 3 months -- now experiencing swollen glands in neck, hair loss and some dizzy spells. A friend is considering the essential 90 but won't give up smoking. Is there still value?

00:32 Happy New Year Doc! I'm really enjoying the look and features of your new website. Great visuals as usual. After years of no milk, but eating cheese, I made my all-time favourite food, eggnog, and had immediate tightness and discomfort in my stomach (upper chest) which later moved to my gut. I plan to do the elimination diet, but wonder if this could just be a problem with lactose, or should I suspect all dairy? Clarified butter's okay isn't it (on elimination diet)? Whey? 

00:35 Rumour has it that allergies to egg whites can be tested by putting whites on wrists before bed and seeing if there's redness in the morning. Is this true? If egg allergies are identified, are the yolks okay or do they also have problematic proteins?

00:40 Monique Collins needs help with Fibroids. I'm lost on this one. Thanks Dr. G! 

00:44 Hi Dr. G Nice to see you in the new year. I am going to see an old friend tomorrow who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease from agent orange in Vietnam. I hear he is in pretty bad shape. Is it possible someone can get on the other side of this?? Thanks

00:45 Just got my supplements in from Youngevity for psoriasis that you recommended. I'm just curious if you may know an estimated recovery time? 

00:50 I'm confused about the Ultimate Daily? So they changed the formula and now have come back with Ultimate Daily Classic? But there's fewer pills? Which one do we recommend? Thank you

00:54 I'm taking T3 (Cytomel) about 32 mcg. daily. I want to get off it but need it for my thyroid and adrenals. What can I take for my thyroid to get raved up again. Also I emailed you and asked it you've heard of T3 Protocol for Adrenals to kick in and that has been working and I'm down to 15 mg, of hydrocortisone and lowering by 2.5 mg. every 2-3 weeks and I'm not crashing :) THANKS!

00:58 Friend 30's Female 120 lbs, sustained multiple head injuries/concussion while boating 30 months ago. Her symptoms include vertigo, cognitive changes, memory loss, Tests then diagnosis of asymetric cerebellar tonsil and mildly prominent cerebrospinal fluid spaces. No MD has helped. 24 months Acupuncture has helped somewhat. Days on YGY Healthy Start Pak 2.0 has helped greatly. Bumped head again and lost headway, but after a few days is feeling better again. Any suggestions. She's celiac too?

01:00 hey doc i just wanted to say my sister who suffers with chronic fatigue i finally got her to take sweet eze with plant derived minerals off staten drugs she has lost 25 lbs and she is starting to get her energy back thanks for all you do. your advocate always James

01:02 Evenin' Doc, are you a Fred Van Liew fan? (YGY/Harmony Health) He gave me his #, we talked in length and his products sound amazing and I can't wait to receive them. Fighting dehydration and he explained why and recommended Quanta water and Harmony drops for efficient cell function. 

01:03 My 32 yr old daughter in law just passed away Christmas. I feel it may have been avoided if she would have received the proper medical care. They said her problems was caused by a disease called ACTA2. have you heard of it and if so what are your thoughts, to me it sounds like a simple mineral deficiency. Thank you for all you do.