Health Q&A: October 10, 2016

Question : I'm 34 and have Dysautomnia, POTS and EDS Do you have any advice or help for me please. It started about 4 years ago…..?

Question : Is this a normal thyroid?  TSH is 2.73 ulU (.35-4.94)  Free T4 1.0ng/dL (.07-1.5) Free T3 2.7pg.mL(2.2-4.))  Doctor wants me on Naturthroid.  Want me to be optimal.  Thanks

Question : Hey Dr. Glidden, could you discuss when to drink alkaline water and if you can please list the names of some good alkaline water? Thanks

Question : hi Doc, I have 2 questions. 1. does wheatgrass have gluten? 2. Can Rebound Fx be used the same as Plant derived Minerals?

Question : My 18-year-old son has two lumps, each the size of a small thumb under his right jawbone. (lymph?) Tender to touch. His lower right molar is erupting. No fever. He doesn't want to see an MD and be prescribed Rx meds like antibiotics. He's taking the healthy bone and joint pack. 6' 1" and 205 lbs.   What could the lumps be, and how can we deal with them? Should he be taking colloidal silver? Extra B vitamins? This is a new one for me... Thanks so much! Sorry, I meant his lower right WISDOM tooth. Oy.  :D

Question : Hey doc. Love everything you are doing. I am pre-diabetic and I mentioned to you before that my fingers are usually numb after waking on mornings, especially the last 2 fingers on each hand. This morning all fingers were numb but it subsided shortly afterwards. My A1C haemoglobin test result was 5.4 back in February. I have been taking the Sweet Eze for the past month or so and I have excluded sugar and carbohydrates (except for sweet potatoes) from my diet. But I still get the numbness. I also have slight irritationand tension (sometimes slight pain) in the left shoulder muscle caused by working and sitting for long hours at a desk and maybe from bad posture while sitting. I have had it for a number years and I have gotten massages off and on and also been to a chiropractor. I have not been to any other specialist for it. What treatment do you suggest? What causes anxiety & depression and how can you remedy it? Is treatment by a psychologist necessary for this? Thanks doc for your good work.

Question : Hey Dr.P.G! Dad got his MUGA results back, after approx 9 months on youngevity , Heart went from 23% to 30% . Left ventricle still showing lots of swelling, any suggestions? also, sore bones - should we switch from Gluco-Gel caps to the liquid? Watched EFA webinar , safe to say we should switch from EFA plus to the Projoba omega 3? Thanks for all you do, be well! :D oops, one more thing....he goes for some meeting with the 'heart specialist" next week, worried they are going to try and force a defibrillator on him, your thoughts? They already said he's wasting his time with this....yet here we are with proof of improvment.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I grew up believing that anemia was caused by lack of iron in the blood? Is all anemia related to sickle cell or is it caused by different conditions?

Question : Doc: My 66 yo male friend is 270 lbs, was 180 in his 30's in the Marines. He gets laid up regularly, like right now, with BACK SPASMS. He's amenable to coaching - has reduced his calories/trying to walk more/uses Tangy Tangerine powder and tabs for body weight.....but he's bummed not seeing any weight drop off, back hurting........where does the man BEGIN?

Question : Hi Dr. G, it was great to see you in SLC!  My son, 28 year old male in Colorado, suffering for about 4 MONTHS now with sinus inflammation, excessive mucus, sensitivity around the nose, periodic sinus headaches, inability to breathe through the nose, reoccurring nose bleeds (may be from blowing nose a lot).  Has tried prescription Flonaise, Zyrtec and a course of antibiotics with no relief.  No fever just the bad congestionPeppermint oil brings temporary breathing relief.  Is on the Healthy Body

Jennie- My daughter21 year old female in college in Georgia, diagnosed about a month ago with double ear infection and sinus infection.  Been taking Dayquil and Nyquil and took Augmentin for 10 days, feeling better but still had bad cough and some sinus congestion, especially dripping down the back of throat, sinus headaches and lots of pressure in face by eyes and forehead, but after 4 days started relapsing so took 5 days of Azithromycin antibiotic finished today .  Still coughing a lot, but not keeping her up at night.  No fever.  Mucus is sometimes clear and sometimes yellow.  Ears looked not bad.  She takes HBP,  2 Selenium, 1 Cell Shield (for allergies), 2 Killer Biotic (for acne), and just started taking the Immu Support on the Go Pak.

Question : Crockett from Toronto.  I know someone who just announced his wife is expecting twins.  She’s been on antidepressants and has been for quite some time.  I don’t know what the doctor’s recommendations are for now and I didn’t want to probe.  That said, what would you recommend as far as a holistic perspective is concerned?    Also, aside from your Medical Myth busting video and dead doctors don’t lie, what can I send him to open his mind to medical nutrition?

Question : My friend has been diagnosed with pleural mesotheoloma. He was exposed to asbestos ~ 50 years ago when he worded in a paper/pulp mill. Started chemo in June (once/month). Do you have any experience with this and is there possibility for recovery?

Question : hi doc, in your experience with youngevity, which product will works better forcirculation issues like kidney problems and glaucoma. your advice is priceless, thanks doc. good herbs or ultimate daily classic.

Question : I am asking for young woman 27 years old 130 pound,my understanding is she had a UTI which turned into a kidney infection and then double E. coliwas in the hospital five days doctors told her she was going to need a kidney transplant in a year to year and a half. I heard you speak previously with the person with previcid and L-glutamine. As you may remember I was on protonix for 9 years and been doing the 90 for 6 months and off 12 bad foods. Been taking ultimate enzymes 15 minutes before meals and salting. Wife tells me the salt is elevating my blood pressure. Ideas? more calicum

Question : Dr. G-Dawg! CPAP machine advertisements are everywhere. Is this like the peptic ulcer craze of a bygone age? Is there ever a use or need for those machines?Thanks much!!

Question : Let's say you have a carbonated drink OR some sort of phytates.  How long before or after will it be alright to take vitamins, etc.? OH YEAh. Would a vinegar help speed up the process?