Health Q&A: October 17, 2016

Question : What do you think about Dr. Pickerings’ food combining suggestions?  Is it in the best interest for our body to avoid eating certain foods together so that optimal digestion is possible?

Are you familiar with Fulvic Ionic Minerals?   What is a multidirectional antioxidant?

They’ve found that fermenting the dough of bread, as is done with sourdough, degrades the gluten.  Are you aware of this and would this make eating sourdough bread okay? 

Question : and want desperately to get off. In the pas I stopped and my hair started to fall out and I would have extreme fatigue.

 Please tell me the procedure for Good Herbs Hypothalamus support. I started taking twice a day on a empty stomach , but not sleeping much since I started, doestincture make one tired ?  So much appreciated.

Hey doc , I'm currently taking ,synthroid , thyroid , 75 mlgrams I think medication and want desperately to get off. Please tell me procedure in doing so using the good herbs , hypothalamus support. I started taking twice a day on a empty stomach , but not sleeping much since I started, doestincture make one tired ?                                                         Just need to know procedure and amount and what else to take with it and how long ? So much appreciated.

Question : Dr G, if recent research has indicated that high intake of ORAC may not be as beneficial as once thought, does that mean one should decrease antioxidant stimulating minerals such as Selenium, COQ10, Alpha-lipoic acid, etc?

Question : Dr. G, 11yr old daughter, 150 lbs. Off 12 bad foods over 1yr. Learned she is Type 1, 1mo ago. Steroid shot sugar over 600 (into ketoacidosis). A1C at hospital arrival was 15. On insulin injections. On sugar pac 2 wks (per 100lbs), u recom. in H. Sugar webinar. Is dosage same for child? Sugar range better 140 to 200. Is there a Sweet Eze limit per day? Recom. dose of plant derived minerals? Last 4 nights not sleeping much. Maybe her cells are taking in more sugar now = more energy?

Question : Hi Dr. G. Can you explain the benefits of the Hypothalamus support herbal formula for our customer who is on the Youngevity kidney protocol. Thanks, you are the best.

My friend has two young boys, age 6 and 9.  Both have eczema, asthma and have been diagnosed with ADHD.  One also suffers from hayfever and has a peanut and tree nut allergy, the other has an allergy to Bananas.  Another interesting thing to note - one of the children refuses to eat any meat.  Both parents eat meat and seafood and there are no vegans/vegetarian influencing this.. 

What would you recommend for these kids and specifically the dosages for 65lbs and under?

Question : 30 year old male was exposed to flooded sewer water a few weeks back. He developed symptoms of Giardia and was treated with Flagyl. Diarrhea resolved but he continues with cramping. Has been on the 90. Is adding Nighly Essence.  Best regimen?

Question : Dr. G, Thanks for all you and your staff do ! You guys are untouchable! For my Periodontal Gum disease, You advised me to take Tangy 2.0, bottles of Beyond Ostero-fx, Plant DerivedMinerals, Projoba Omega, and Selenium. I visited a Optometry and discovered I have a cataract and decrease vision in my right eye along with both eyes are always blood shot red. What do yourecommend that I add to the supplements I'm already taking? Thanks !!!

Question : Client has two children with LEBER CONGENITAL AMOURSIS. Retinal degenerative disease characterized by severe loss of vision at birth. They have started the 90 for life about 4 weeks ago. Is there anything else they can take that may help? Doctors are suggesting stem cell implants what do you know about that suggestion.

Question : My friend does jiu jitsu and has cauliflower ears. Is there anything that can be done for it? thanks

Question : Oral surgeon blew out half of the kidneys.  Bun 24Creatinine .80 and EGFR 76Is there anything to do to keep kidneys from going down anymore?  Thanks

Question : i watched a live avent which said adding colloidal silver to a nebuliser gets rid of pseudomonas and MRSA in staff. been on it for 1day also using it for sinus rinse to help my excessive cough but I need more time to see any improvement. my cough has gotten a lot worse and i my chest hurts from coughing. md said my next option is 2weeks iv treatment with the antibiotics tobramycin and vancamycin. I'm on the digestive pack and additional supplemets. should I stay on them while as a inpatient? i heard burdoch root tea helps wiith lung problems but that needs 4 to 6weeks to work do u have any last advice in easing the cystic fibrosis problem ? i tried ippacac 30 aswell but no herbs support as they contain alcohol the m.ds  said they can find me a bed at the end of the week. so i take the offer ? also last week a gluten free tablet was announced by a clinical trial in Melbourne The tablet, GluteGuard, contains an enzyme from the papaya fruit, and it believes it will help to guard sufferers against gluten. also roby Mitchell suggested a rise in hydrochloric acid in a supplement prevents acne rosacea and every time of skin condition in the live event hosted by ty bollinger


Question : I have 2 questions, we have a friend who has a low functioning thyroid and would like to know how to get off her medication. 

We have a grandson who is in his 20's and about a month ago had an emergency appendectomy, the appendix had ruptured. Later he required another surgery where they removed his ascending colon to get back to healthy tissue to reconnect. What can we help him do to prevent further problems from these surgeries?

Question : Good night doc. When my son was about 3 years old his lower jaw started to grow forward and become pronounced. This was strange to me so I took him to an orthodontist who applied treatment and the growth has slowed and his jaw normalized. Note we don't have anyone in the family who has a pronounced jaw. He is now 15 years old and about a year ago he yawned really wide and stretched really hard and he felt intense pain under his chin. Then he said he felt like a piece flesh released or dropped down. The pain went away about a couple of days later. Shortly after we have observed that his chin looked different, as though he has a double chin which he never had before. When I touch that area it feels soft but it is not painful now. I took him to two different Ear Nose & Throat doctors who prescribed an Xray and ultrasound. Both tests came back negative and the ENT doctor said everything looks fine according to the tests. What do you think this is? It seems really odd to me. Thanks for any advice doc. Also what causes anxiety & depression and how can you treat it? Is treatment by a psychologist or psychiatrist necessary for this?

Question : Question from a friend that couldn’t be on with us tonight.  

What would cause an increase in diastolic bp?  Here is the 1st reading 175/107. The systolic is now down to 125 but the diastolic is still around 100.

You helped my sister one year ago this week with gall stones.  She had been doing great with the protocol you put her on.  Then she wanted to get a colonoscopy to make sure things were okay.  Feel free to educate her on that.  

One week before colonoscopy, she stopped taking enzymes,

selenium, etc.  For prep, she took three bottles of magnesium citrate.  Procedure was fine, had propofol.  That night, had Worcestershire sauce with wheat in it, didn’t know that at the time.  Next night, had same sauce.  Next night, was in excruciating pain – inflamed gall bladder she thinks because it was the same pain as before.  Two days in pain, today started BTT, beyond osteo-FX, calcium, selenium, fibrenza, EFAs, liver and gall bladder herbal, ultimate enzymes.  What should she be taking for supplements and what foods should she eat that won’t inflame?  She knows to stay off the twelve bad foods and eggs, and will read labels from now on.  The pain is so bad she wants to remove her gall bladder.  She already had her appendix out as a child.  Thanks Dr. G.

Question : you put me on 2 smoothies a day, with 17 glucogel, & 10 seliuem, btt&  a friut, iused pineapple& spinach, My gut rumbled & my intestines, 2 oz of cacium a nite b4 bed, my issue is swollen feet, a bad knee , i went back to just taking them in capsule, my skin has gotten dry after being so nice.  should i take 3 Efa plus& maybe 2 of the johoba.  originally i was taking 2 or 3 of the omega xL, they were in olive oil so i stopped. the choirpractor that does K? cantell me the issue with my knee.

Question : Hello, Dr. G!! I've chatted with you before about the long term protocol for ginseng use. just want to request a webinar or podcast about ginseng when you get a chance. Thanks so much!

Question : Howdy Dr.G! 26 yr old male, 6 ft., 155 lbs. has dx with Graves about 5 yrs ago and very bad headaches. He takes no medication or supplements for now. MD’s are talking about radiation for his Graves, I told him to hang on until I talk to you. Just last Tuesday he went to the ER with chest and back flank (Kidney area) pains. MD’s found electrolytes were on the high side. As of today no other test results came back and he is not doing a whole lot better but is able to work today. Please advise! Thanks

Question : Good evening D G, I havw notices that after some people begin to take the ultimate enzymes< they complain of excessive gas, why is this and what do you suggest they do to get on the other side of it. Thanks much.

Question : Hey Doc.  Hope you're doing well.  What causes "eye floaters"?

Question : My dad's MD just told him to discontinue YGY products because they were "messing with his thyroid."  He was low thyroid but the only number I can pull off of his records is TSH at .03.  MD told him to start using Ensure and prescibed Lerothyroxine at .125 mg. I'm outraged -- YGY has kept my dad off of dialysis for over a year.  Dad is 92 and tends to comply with MD.  I'm hoping he will be listening in tonight! So the question can I convince my dad that his MD is flat out wrong?

Question : My 5 year old grandson requires that thickener be added to liquids because of a swallowing disorder. He does drink BTT for body weight but would like to know if the thickener decreases absorbability. the ingredients are

: xanthan gum, sodium acid sulfate, potassium sorbate.  Thank you.

Question : Yo Doc! White or brown rice? What are your thoughts on long grain, medium grain, and short grain rice? Thanks!

Question : Crockett from Toronto.  I have a friend with breast cancer.  Besides the 90 for life, what would you suggest to “support” her body?  She’s 159lbs.  I ordered her 2 bottles of Selenium & and 4 bottles of Z-Radical a month.  Is that enough?  Also, she’s had a clot in her right arm and wonder if this could be related?  What could cause a clot to appear in your arm?  Thank YOU!!!

Question : Dear Dr. Glidden,   last time you've suggested "Liquid Calcium" and "Liquid Gluco-Gel Plus" products for my brother's Parkinson(whole body shaking+dizziness+left hand spasm,stiffness,nerve pinches and can't close its fingers). But still I've 2 Questions: 

Q#####11111. How much (the dose) should my brother take of "Liquid Calcium"?

Q#####22222. I searched for "Liquid Calcium" and "Liquid Gluco-Gel Plus" products on Youngevity's website products store , but I didn't find any product with the above exact names, i.e., "Liquid Calcium" and "Liquid Gluco Gel Plus." Are there any alternative names for the above 2 products, and could you please refer me to a website that has those products in order to ship them to my brother in Australia?  Thank you dear Doctor and God bless you.

Question : for Lupus, in addition to the Basic Healthy Start 2.0 with the Vegetarian EFAs for specific individual, would the CELL SHIELD RTQ be better for the Quercetin or would the BTT 2.0 Tabs be better for the 160,000 ORAC?  Is the Good Herbs Liver and Gallbladder support safe to take with blood pressure medication? One more thing, there are some issues with sending some people some links with me being an Ambassador requiring the recipient to log in??  I assume all the links are being worked on so we can send them...

Question : My son used to take steroids and now his testosterone is low.  Any suggestions?  He's off steroids for a while now but still having issues.

I don’t know if you had a chance to look up the data on the eggs and their omega 3 / 6 ratio but I got some different numbers than yours.  According to this site the total Omega 3 of one extra large egg is 41.4 mg to Omega 3 is 643. sorry...that 41.4 O3 and 643 O6

Dr G, Shrimp is high in cholesterol, that could be an option. oral surgerycaused pain when injecting novacaine caused malignant hypertension200s over 100sended up 3 weeks later in ERvertical double visionkidneys down to 61then doctor adds Lisinopril then down to 53 then I eventually found out what happened.  Did get it back up to 79even 85 when Lisinopril was stopped.  Now it is 76.