Health Q&A: October 24, 2016

Question : Hi Dr. G. The new supplement didn’t work out for a whole host of reasons, but while trying it for 7 days I stopped the Cardio Fx and Cell Shield RTQ.  What I want to know is how long should someone take the Cardio, Cell Shield?  

Since taking the B complex (vital nutrients) it has helped me sleep better and longer which is GREAT!  How does one know if they are taking too much B?  Thanks Dr. G

Question : person with previous anorexia and has significant anxiety issues diabetic but does not take anything for itA1C usually around 6 if ‘eats healthy’ but if not goes up past 7.  on HBSP 2.0 but not for body weight because over 200 lbs and not doing sweeteze   on Keto Bars and Shakes and losing weight nicely.  Should she add sweeteze?  told osteoarthritic knee although no MRI or test done.  goes to PT and the therapist has her doing squats and her knee kills her afterwards.

Christine Crockett from Toronto.  My health has improved tenfold in the last year thanks to Youngevity!!!  Since I was a kid, I had leg cramps, bells palsy in my early 20’s, chronic back pain, sciatica twice & progressively brittle hair.  Evidently low in calcium, I’ve been on 2 scoops of the Beyond Osteo powder for almost a year @ 170 lbs.  I’ve since tried to increase my dose but it creates soft stools & more importantly my kidneys have been acting up for several years.  I’ve tried virtually every remedy including the Good herbs kidney support and Super KB for several months.  When I stop the KB, the kidneys act up again.  I believe the Osteo could be triggering the kidney flare ups.  If so, how long could it take for any calcification to dissolve 100% and based on my long history do you feel this could be the reason for the kidney issues?  I’ve had candida too and wonder if a calcium deficiency could also play a role in that?

Question : hello doctor.  i have been having muscle pain which i believe in irritating my nerve because the pain is going from my neck to my feet and more so on the right side of my body.  i am currently in physical therapy.  they dont me not to go to chiro because i am in too much pain to have manipulation.  do you suggest that i do or take anything to help my problem?

Question : When will we be able to see The Big Secret Movie?

Question : Hi Doc, I had my Thyroid checked a few months ago, I rang back to get the results and they said it was fine. After hearing someone else tell you their results, that were ok, I compared mine and they're very different. I don't understand all what's written on the paper copy so here it is: Thyroid Function Tests

Date              24/06/11    10/08/11       21/07/16

Time F-Fast  0900 F        1540          0910

Lab Id.            583397717584535004   623197412    Units       Reference

Free T4          16.3                                12.0                 pmol       (9.0-19.0)

Free T3            4.9                                  3.9                 pmol       (2.6-6.0)

TSH                0.03 L           2.6              1.8                 mIU/L     (0.3-3.5)

Comments on Collection 21/07/16   0910: Euthyroid I take Alex Jones Nacent Iodine now and then (3 drops), and I've ordered Youngevity's Ocean's Gold but haven't taken any yet, should I be taking it?

Question : I have a friend, male, who has to get up 3-4 times a night to urinate.  Is this always a problems with the prostate? This man is in his 60's. What tests do you recommend for a yearly checkup.  I am 62.

Question : G'Day Doc G! Selenium questions: 1.) Heard that -selenomethionine is the premier type of this mineral -can you address that assertion? 2.) Is there a concern about either 6 caps of Ulktimate Selenium {600mcg} being too muchOR continuous selenium use affecting other minerals in a negative way?   FINALLY: 3.) Does having my blood analyzed for mineral levels make sense for general information or is that a waste of money? THANK YOU!

Question : Hey Doc! I'm sitting here with Rick who needs your help. I'll try to make it short and sweet. He was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. They want to cut out 12 inches of intestines (NOT something we are considering). He's also Type 2 Diabetic. As of this morning, his blood sugar reading was 276. Still has a lot of abdominal pain. I have him on Maqui Plus, CM tabs, Healthy Start Pack 2.0, Flora FX, derived minerals, selenium and the Omega 3 supplement. He's 57 and weighs 263 pounds. Help! TY He's also taking Sweet Eze, 3-3-3/day. Also, he has 2 hernias if you have any comment on that. Thanks again!! he's been staying away from the 12 bads for 6 months and does no sugar, 2 weeks ago he was 140 blood sugar. a1c was 6 last blood test.

Question : I've had issues with dry mouth for years. What could be the cause of this? Thanks Dr. G

Question : I believe I have heard you mention before that people with cancer should stop taking calcium.   What does a person with chronic high blood pressure do in this case.

Hi dr g does glucogel make u gain weight. My wife wants to know if it normal to feel cold from inside out of the body she feel her bones are freezing is there anything she could do

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  I got information on my Hemoglobin numbers going low being a possible result of consumption of Metformin over time.  I have replaced it with 1500 Mg of Berberine.  Along with the Youngevity protocol for blood sugar I am still in good control of the blood sugar, and my hemoglobin numbers are going back up.  I just wanted your thoughts on my consumption of Berberine.  Thx.

Question : Hey, Doc!  I only just recently heard about the class action lawsuit regarding acid-lowering meds like Prilosec and Nexium due to their link to a 96% increased risk in developing kidney failure (HOLY CRAP!); and a 28% increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease.  How do acid lowering meds affect kidneys?  Thanks!

Question : Client has haetus hernia, severe acid reflux - She takes Alka-seltzer 4 times a day, prevacid . She has high blood pressure, taking avipro . She cant eat anything and isnt losing any weight. The reflux started after surgery for cervix cancer, complete hysterectomy in 1993. Will setting her up with Youngevity help? suggestions? She is 75 years young . Thanks Dr. P.G!

Hi Dr. Glidden,  Do you know of any herbs / minerals / vitamins that can help down regulate progesterone, just after ovulation, OR up regulate natural estrogen during that period in order to bring the balance between the two closer together? This is the time frame when most of us feel the standard symptoms.. Breast tenderness, bloating, water retention, fatigue, constipation and general discomfort (no wonder we get a little moody!).   Many supplements for PMS contain substances that seem to increase estrogen by containing “estrogen like” substances (like black cohash etc).. rather than substances that encourage increased production of your natural estrogen.  Is there anything extra (aside from the HSP + EFA and plantmins, all organic foods and filtered water) that could be taken during those few days after ovulation where progesterone is at its highest, to help even the balance out a bit?

Question : what is best and quickest way to become a salesman for youngevity? what is your take on joint restoration using your own stems cells? have you heard of bone broth protein, by ancient nutrition, and if so , what do you think of it?

Question : Been on Youngevity for over 6 months off of 12 bad foods. During this time got rid of GERD and HBPressure. Now getting a slight pain on the right side for 2 weeks and burping with anything eat/drink. 2 selenium 3 times day, projoba omega 1 4 times day, RTQ, Killer biotic, Maybe gall bladder. Started 1oz beets again. Ordered bottles of Circulation for mom and she can't use now. Could I use Circulation instead of Projoba Hepal?

Question : Yo Dr. G!  Can you recommend a good book to start with to get a handle on which Homeopathic remedy would be indicated for specific conditions?

Question : Is there any way to balance the Omega 6 in egg yolks with another food or supplement?