Health Q&A: October 26, 2016

Question : You know Dr. G.  I don’t understand why we must sit still when we take our blood pressure.  As soon as we move around it goes up so what would be a true way to test?  Does it matter what arm we test on? Since my last wean of valium a year ago I have had borderline high blood pressure – by the time night rolls around it’s normal after drinking calcium with each tangy all day.  Thanks for your help!!

If a person is unable to control blood pressure after 2 years on the program what would they do?

Question : Dr. G, This is Nickie. 40 yrs old, Weight 105 lbs, Diagnosed with stage 1(B2) cervical cancer June this year. Lost 40 lbs in 2 months.  Hospitalized 3 times for hemorrhaging.  Had 2 weeks of radiation and stopped treatment due to side effects.  What do you recommend to promote and support the body's health and ability to heal itself?

Question : 16 year old girl, 5’ 6”, 138 lbs, irregular skipping periods.  Mild-medium acne.  She eats really well, lots of vegetables.  Avoids dairy, egg, nuts, peanuts because of allergies to them.  Is in strenuous academics, extracurricular so is under stress.  She is not on 90 for Life as they told her they could not say it was dairy free.  She does drink Pollen Burst every day.  What can she take for irregular periods and also for nutrition with her allergies?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, one of my wife's nieces was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome! She is 5 y/o weights 28 pounds, eats all day long but can't seem to keep her body weight! Her fast metabolism burns it all! How can we help her?

My wife spent 2 nights at a local hospital vomiting everything she ate or drank! She told me that she hasn't use the rest room for 2 days, I told her nurse on shift and to my surprise she recommended a colon hydro therapy because she has a part time at a local acupuncturist office. Looking for the address of the place I ran into a website called, did a search on your name and rate you on it! You get a 5 star rating for what you do for all of us!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. My name is Sherine . This is my first time here. I just found you the other day. I love your information. I’m 53 years old I weigh 130 pounds 5’4” my blood pressure spiked the other day. I went to ER to get it down. Dr sent me to cardiologist to find out why blood pressure so high. They ran many tests on me one the treadmill stress test.He  said I didn’t pass and he thinks I have a clogged artery in front of my heart. He’s telling me I’m sick. He said my cholesterol is 220 and is and isway to high. The doctor increased blood pressure medicine, put me on lipitor for cholesterol, and wants to go up my arm with a camera to clean out vein and put a stint in my arm. He says the burning in my chest is angina and I will have a heart attack if I dont’ do the stint This is crazy! What do you think the burning is What supplements should I take. I am a very active person for 53. I feel good otherwise. Thanks

Hi. Dr. Glidden. You help me once. Thank you. I hope you can help me again. My diabetes is very high. Take sweet eze (4-16). For almost 2 months.  No change. I weight 270. I brought a 3 months supply diabetic paks. Cannot lower my sugar levels or lose weight. Fast glucose is around 260 . Could not take more than one dose at a time. terrible headache. Also headache upon waking most mornings. high blood pressure. Using 2 insulins a day 3 times a day. Had gestation diabetes with all 4 children since 20.  Diabetes diagnosis 11 years ago. Believe had all along.

Question : Asking for a 61yr old woman, 145lbs, Fruitarian.  PET scan showed cancer in liver. Asking if castor oil (Gershon Therapy) or the 90 Essentials will add stress to liver. Do you recommend taking castor oil internally, or is it like other oils (oxidized) and not Dr. G approved?   Thank you Dr. G! You're the Best! WAS Fruitarian, now is Paleo

Question : Hello Dr Glidden!  A few months ago, you helped my friend with her head injury that she had sustained 3 years ago while boating. Had received little help from MD’s.  I just learned that she has been avoiding eating protein for quite some time now because she learned aboutChronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE) and equated some aspects with her own brain injury. Statements like “Another aspect of CTE is that some areas of the brain experience an accumulation of “tau Protein”, a substance which serves to stabilize cellular structure in the neurons but which may become defective and subsequently may cause major interference with the function of the neurons”  have caused alarm with her and she’s thinking she should avoid all protein. I told her she needs her protein and the “tau protein” is probably not the same as protein we ingest. Could you please clarify about the protein differences and why she would need protein in injury recuperation? Thank You! 

A question for me…  I have gotten very good at avoiding the bottled oils used on foods and while cooking, as well as all the 12 bad foods. My question is… how concerned should we be about the oxidative stress factor in oils found in products that we use on our skin, like soap and lotions? To me it seems they would be just as damaging, but then I have yet to find a soap or lotion without some sort of oil. Thank You!

Question : Dr. G, which do you recommend, BTT powder or BTT tablets?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  I have a colleague who had a sports injury.  Tore his ACL (could not walk for a while) and torn meniscus disc.  They are operating in early November to reconnect the ACL, and repair the disc.  He wants to know what to take afterwards to get strong and heal quickly so he can go back to playing on his team. He also has high blood pressure in his family and is worried about his own.   I assume Bone and joint protocol for body weight, no bad foods. Any other recommendations?

Dr. G. since this is a light chat may I please ask you how to take the heart support "good herbs"? 1/2 tsp 3 x per day? Also I have not cheated on the diet with the exception of the ONE time I ate raisin bran for a headache.  Thank you.

Question : Dr. Glidden- I just finished the MD Emperor book and just joined the Advocate program yesterday. Thus, first time on today. I am curious about the basic regimen you recommend for everyone. I understand what to and what not to eat. But as far as Youngevity's products, what package do you recommend? I live a very active lifestyle. I have Celiac disease (I plan on researching your content on this). Also, have you had any experience with helping people who struggle with scleroderma (my mother)?

Also, are there any recommendations for topical products to use?  Lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soap, etc... Any particular brand or ingredients to look for/stay away from?

Hi Again, I use fresh carrot juice in place of orange juice in my calcium plus and osteo-fx drinks.  Is this a recommended OJ substitute for those who are diabetic?