Health Q&A: October 3, 2016

Question : I have thyroid problems. I have been taking synthroid for 2.5 years . Prior to the thyroid meds I had extreme fatigiue.  My numbers have gone down from 16 to 2.4-2.8 I have been taking the 90 essential for 6 months and then addedselenium and good herbs hypothalmus support four months ago. I have avoided the 12 bad foods.  You mentioned to Add the good herbs for 90 days. Since adding the good herbs and selenium my numbers have gone up a little. Overall I have more energy, and no joint which I used to have. I would like to get off of the medication. My doctor says I will be on these meds for life. I have heard Dr Wallach mention Oceans Gold. Should I take that. I also eat a of cruciferous vegetables. Should I stop those. Any other recommendations. I go back for blood work in 3 months. Thanks

Question : mentioned im 24yrs 62kg CF & testicular cancer, been on Ipecacuahana 30C for 3days, noticed a slight difference on the first couple hours of day1 but cough reoccured for day2 & 3. shortness of breathe was still present. Cough begins roughly 10mins after i wake up. worse if i stay lying down. sometimes sitting up helps & sometimes its worse. but still coughing alot of mucous until i get light headed, hot flushes, bad body aches,fatigue and drain all my energy by 11a.m or so. then slow coughs and short of breathe until bed time and reoccurs again when lying down. my lung fuction FEV1 used to be 78% is now 54%. 3weeks ago my cf clinic demanded me to stay for a 2weeks iv treatment but refused. i have post-nasal drip from my polyp surgery which lead to a constant runny nose, swollen nose & permanently loss of smell. also other than dstress what can i do for rosacea and a weak face which leads to bruising/instant color change in cold or hot weather.same  with hands which go blue. when i excercise or even stretching gets me sore for the next 7days.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden! I would like to know if you are highly confident with the new research that regards the Omega 3 and Omega 6. There is always so much conflicting information, scientists being paid for to create fake studies, and so on, so I just want to be sure this new info is coming from a reliable source and that you are confident in the science. Thank you.

Question : Colic infant fed enfamil formula; baby seems to choke on saliva also What to do for person that bruises easily that is a vegan.  Could the ASAP program have messed up menstrual cycle. Was late 2 weeks for the first time in over a year after losing 8 lbs in 3 weeks on the program…Linus Pauling institute says quote about every sickness traced to minerals was never said by Linus and there is no proof of such. People upset when mentioned in webinars/videos by you bc of lack of proof. I absolutely love all your presentations but have to walk around some of them and not send to people bc of that major detail.

Question : Hello, my friend Dr.G! Heard you say you're okay with long term use of ginseng. What is it used for and how does one dose it? Brand? Also, I'd like to purchase a Dr. Glidden Advocate T-shirt and Ball Cap. Whatta ya think? Thanks much!!!

Question :  I heard Wallach say that a nutrified body doesn't need as much sleep as someone who is not nutrified.  Do you agree with this?  If one can't seem to fall to sleep easily does that mean that their body does not need really need the sleep?

Question : Hi Dr. G. Do you have an opinion on Garcinia Cambogia?  Also I am taking the milk thistle – just 1 per day 200 mg, want to know if I should take more and if it’s okay to take other supplements at the same time like cardio, sweet eze and cell shield or anything else?  I noticed I am a bit more tired while taking the milk thistle – maybe it’s a sign it’s working and detoxing the liver?  Thanks!

Question : What are your thoughts on cholecalciferol as the active ingredient in rat poison and msds sheets say it is toxic to ingest?

Question : Howdy Dr.G! Thanks so much for being there for so many! Black Mold is lurking in our house and we are showing signs and symptoms of the effects. We went on vacation for 2 weeks to the coast of California, had great fresh air for 2 weeks. On day 4 I felt wonderful, energetic and my brain was sharp and quick. After coming home less than 48 hours I feel fluy and sick, our dogs are ichy and larthargic also. Our house will be confirmed this week weather it is truly black mold or not (but it is).

Question : If a pulse is in the mid 40's is this normal?  I always thought it was supposed to be 70 - 80.  Thanks.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden, What do you think of retinA to combat wrinkles?

Question : I've been told that I have an enlarged thyroid and the doctor wants me to see a a doctor because my T3/T4 levels are a little below normal. How can I manage through this? Also, how can I manage severe pain in my knee? The doctor said that he wants to give me a shot and take an MRI - I said no...and ran home to email you. What can I do? I currently take 3 ounces of liquid gluco-gel plus daily along with the 90for life...3 selenium...2 cell shield...what else can i take for inflammation?

Question : daughter's md suggests she get a cat scan to see if she has pneumonia or not. any other suggestions on how to diagnose and treat? can too much selenium, such as 400 mcg day, be associated with increase risk of diabetes? I currently take 900 per day. where did recent stats on high omega 6 in meats and nuts, come from? is alpha lipoic acid the same as alpha linoleic acid ? if not how do they differ.

Question : After one year on a blood test...big improvement on my cholesterol and monocyte count from a year ago that were out of range...and now are in range...very awesome..  But. My b 12 is way too 1413... Normal is 150..,. Wondering if its the supplements or my liver or a defective mthfr gene.. Do I need menthylated folate?. Is the folic acid in youngevity building up in me because I can't absorb it? And causing my b 12 to be through the roof?  Or is my liver bad?... I feel super healthy.. But I'm impotent?..I need help to solve this.  My alopecia is slowly reversing....but b12 is way too high

Question : Am I still too low in copper affecting my liver?   I got bags under my eyes that would indicate a copper deficiency.   So this relates maybe to my liver.   I recently started adding chlorophyll liquid supplement for the copper and upped my zinc...wondering if I have defective Mthfr gene that requires me to have menthylated b vitamins.. Need advice Thanks

Question : Howdy Dr. G working with 3 clients taking the 90 for life. They are all complaining of still being tired. They are trying to avoid the 12 bad foods. All two of them have been on the 90 for 10 weeks the other has been about 6 weeks. Is there something they're missing? Thank you again, Dr. G

Question : Hi Doc, want to convey my sincere thanks. You’re now 3 for 3. My wife, 53 y.o., had recent diverticulitis flare up, approx. 4 weeks ago. She’s been on your recommended (1st mth.) protocol of Oxybody CB, Root Beer Belly, Ult. Mineral Caps, BTT 2.0 tabs, and Ult. EFA plus for 3 weeks now with good results. Recommendations going forward please?

Question : hi doctor! I feel like i have pre diabetes. Im always hungry, frequent urination, and of course weight gain. Remember i had the hypothyroid issue, but now its in normal limits. What should i do? Also im 175 pounds how much selenium should i be taking and efa? and the tangy tangerine tablets how much should i be taking ?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, the essential fatti acid webinar was awesome, I loved it, learned a lot from it! Are you planning to do a webinar on amino acids? I heard there are about 20 of them but we only recommend 12 of them on the Healthy Start Packs!!! Something to ponder on my Master Jedi!

Question : Good night doc. I have fibrocystic breasts. How can I remedy that? Also you diagnosed me as a pre diabetic and I have realized for quite a while that I have a white film on my tongue and it keeps coming back although I scrape it off with a tongue scraper. It also has a slight odour. Is this related to the diabetes? What do you recommend? Also as pre-diabetic I have found that my fingers become very numb very quickly when I lay down on my hands. Especially the last two fingers on both hands. Is this related to artery insufficiency caused the diabetes? Also how do I get these youngevity products on a budget? Thanks.

Question : Dr. G, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP with a new customer please. She’s a 69-year old 4’ 11”, 172 lb. upbeat preschool teacher, Type O blood, has acid reflux, high BP, out-of-control Type 2 diabetes, ADD/ADHD, allergy-induced asthma (dust, mold, kiwi, MSG) and also has DIASTASIS RECTI which adds to her heartburn, and she has an UMBILICAL HERNIA. Both are in the middle of her stomach. She says she noticed the diastasis recti after having the last 2 of her 3 children (ages 40, 35, 34). It looks like an “alien bump” coming out of her stomach when she does sit ups. Her “six pack is not on top of each other; the bottom is further apart and something is pushing through “(???). It’s very firm like muscle, not squishy like fat. Her hernia adds to the “bumpage”. The doctor who diagnosed the diastasis recti had a four-year old with the same condition, and he said nothing could help… and if it started hurting to come back for another Dr. visit. (Because, you know, the definition of INSANITY…) She’s been taking the Healthy Blood Sugar Pack 2.0 powder and Plant Based Minerals for about a week. Stopped taking her reflux meds, but recently, the BTT/Osteo drink gives her heartburn. I suggested salting her food to taste and taking Betaine HCL & Pepsin. She HASN’T been checking her blood sugar numbers because she said nothing has helped, and it’s frustrating to see the numbers up. Her A1C was 6.5 last time she went to the MD last month. What can be done about: 1. Heartburn/reflux – Continue Betaine or switch to Healthy Digestion Pack & add Sweet Eze? 2. The diastasis recti – Rehab? Avoid ab exercise?  3. The umbilical hernia – Can it be manually put back into place by a chiropractor?  She would love to get off ALL Rx meds and avoid surgery (and MDs).  Thanks a bunch! You rock!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, I'm 52 Years Old, I normally no health or sickness issues. I take Youngevity and I’m Glidden Advocate.  I recently took a trip from California to Chicago and back. I thought I caught a cold from changing climates/environments However about a week and a half into this thing I’m not better but rather worse. I am trying to assess where to go from here. Symptoms: Severe cough a lot of mucus and phlegm this has subsided a little, but it is still prominent. Half way through this week and a half I was having severe headaches, but this has subsided. I am having severe back pain all over the lower back. The back pain is severe for about an hour and then it starts to subside. Today I had severe pain on the lower left (sharp pain for like 30 minutes) I am also having shortness of breath. I have been treating this with oregano oil capsules and I have added taking cayenne pepper capsules to combat the cough / phlegm / mucus. I started researching out my symptoms and thought possibly with the lower back pain that I could possibly have a kidney infection so I started taking Cell Shield RTQ and cranberry juice. I was wondering if you knew of an independent lab that I could possibly use to get my blood and urine tested to get an idea of what was going on.

Also what would you recommend me testing or looking for?

Question : I have never been on to sweat, even when I use to work out. How important is it? Does it mean something is wrong? How important is it to remove toxins? If so any suggestions? (Besides working out extremely hard).

Question : Hi Doc!  I believe I asked about G6PD Deficiency my first time Live (a couple of weeks ago), but my WiFi went down and I couldn't find if you commented.  Any suggestions for the deficiency?  My son now almost 21 had gallbladder removed.  Been avoiding legumes with a pod (not just fava beans) and sulfonamides and it has seemed to help him.  His deficiency is worse than mine.  Thanks.

Question : hi Dr G, here in the islands we have lots of dried and fresh coconuts. is it ok to use the freshly squeezed coconut milk in food or raw as it is delicious and has lots of oil as you know.

Question : One of our downline has been on the 90 for 6 months. Still has issues with toe nail fungus? Another of our downline has bladder cancer been on the 90 plus two bottles of selenium for 18 months had surgery for tumor removal in May 2015 no Chemo or radiation. Already boosting immune system with glucogel, Fucoidan, Z Radical, PDM, Cell Shield, Oceans Gold, Hope, Super KB, Beta500 (2 bottles a month) and stay Restored. What is the most effective program for invasive Bladder Cancer urgency and light spotting are evident.

Question : Hi Dr. G, Trevor here from Winnipeg Canada. I was one of your drivers for the Leon Show. I have a friend with Type 2 diabetes, major vision problems, no sight in left eye with Glaucoma. On High blood pressure, high cholesterol meds (preventative), had leg amputated. What supplements should he take? he is 71 yrs old, 200 lbs.

Question : hello doc. can one do all these healthy start paks at the same time bone and joint blood sugar and brain and heart paks? i think i need them all. 

Question : How can you bring up consistently low blood pressure with lethargy and lack of concentration?   I have increased salt and water but it is not working.  Taking BTT2.0, Selenium and EFAs.

Question : I cannot tolerate temperatures lower than 78 degrees I experience acute pain and my limbs do not work well.

Question : HI Doc! So is 14 too out of whack for THS? My T3 & T4 are normal.

Question : Knowing my history who would you direct me to see regarding chest pain? Piercing stabbing pain. Reaching across chest and BAM! Pretty scary considering my symptoms. On a lighter note... HOW BOUT THAT RYDER CUP?!!!! DID YOU GO? Will taking sweet eze affect/effect the Hemoglobin A1 C test?