Health Q&A: October 31, 2016

Question : potential customer with cartilage fragments in knees that are removed regularly(9 Knee Surgeries)  shattered legs in motorcross additionallylooking at HSP 2.0 but Substituting Projoba omegas for the EFAs, and also adding glucogel thoughts on vasectomy/tubes tied and dangers with health in the future? appendicitis emergency surgery? baby that chokes on saliva at night- using root beer belly and has helped with digestion discomfort but concerned about this issue impending surgery for wisdom toot impaction and is there another option other than surgery? you had a webinar on sports nutrition and working out without supplementation and it is no longer in archives

Question : Hi, I have a small planters wart on the bottom of my foot I've had for years. I've gone the MD route with liquid nitrogen. Painful and obviously didn't work. Suggestions? Thanks Doc!

Also what do you think about all the hype of the cambogia garcinia weight loss supplement? I've heard so many great success stories. Just wondering if it's propaganda or truth.

Question : Dr. G, my father is in the hospital after having a heart attack that did not cause any permanent heart damage. He was told he has 4 clogged major arteries, 3 are 60% clogged and 1 is 100%. They want to do a bypass, what are your thoughts on this? Is it possible to have the blockage removed without surgery? Thank you

Question : I can have the horribly painful Pace Maker removed locally if I can get my heart beat more dependable.  Since 6/15/16, my heart goes down to 48 beats per minute and sometimes does not beat for a few seconds.  I follow the program you gave me last in January 2016 very closely.  What else should I be doing? The data showed a rate of 48 beats per minute about 4 times per day.  The Pace Maker has been turned way down to 30 beats per minute.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden, this is Marilyn. I sent you an email earlier this week hoping you could answer it. One of the my questions on the email had to do with my blood count. It is below eight. The doctors are really pushing me to have the shots which you were not in favor of. My kidney doctor also wants me to take the shots that they are pushing or to do the home-remedy that you gave me last time. You did not want me to take the home remedy again because you wanted me to do it through nutrition. Nutrition has not helped my numbers. I believe the home-remedy was Bryonia alba. I'm having chest pains and some blood in my urine this morning. What can I do to get my blood count up?

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden... I have a friend here, a massage therapist, she has had to have her knee drained 2x in the past 2 months. Is there something I can suggest that may help her?  Thank you

Question : For Jonathan,

Hi Dr. G. What is your opinion onionized alkaline water? A water system is around 2k. Are they worth the money? Thanks

Question : Hi Dr. G.  If I decide to start donating blood to get my ferritin levels down, can you recommend on frequency – once a month?  I have a feeling you will say NEVER, but until my body fixes itself I don’t know how harmful high ferritin for a few years is to my body (my ferritin was at 400 – scale less than 150) – thanks for your help! oops....scale is 11-307

Question : Our friend was just diagnosed with Empty Sella Syndrome (ESS). It's a rare disorder characterized by malformation of a structure in the head known as the sella turcica. It's a saddle-shaped depression located in the bone at the base of the skull in which resides the pituitary gland. Can you suggest a protocol for her. She's 35 years old and weighs 115 lbs. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you in Indiana this weekend. 

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  I was just wondering.  Several months ago you mentioned that you were working on a nutritional product for hair health.  You mentioned that you were targeting Halloween. Are you on target?

Question : Question to follow. You answered my question on Monday re: the strong possibility of passing kidney stones from years of being calcium deficient & I’ve been diligently taking the Beyond Osteo-Fx.  I’m pretty sure that’s the case.  I have been taking the Super KB but I don’t want to take it for an extended period of time.  Last week you mentioned an herbal & homeopathic remedy which would help alleviate the passing of the stones.  What are they?  Dr. Glidden, I will try to ask my doctor for an ultrasound but in the meantime, I’d love to know what these suggestions are.  As for Youngevity, I feel a million times better than a year ago and can’t wait to see how much better I’ll feel in the future.  Thank you so much for all your help!!!!!!

Question : What do you recommend for pain rather than Tylenol or Ibruprofen. Thanks

Question : good evening dr G, I think I will be coming anambassador soon. Can you explain whyabsorption improves after colon cleansing, thought absorption happens in the small intestine. Hey doc whats the dosage for the good herbs heart support?

Question : 42 year old female, Chinese relative, chronic throat clearing which she attributes to chronic throat tickling for many years.  Otherwise healthy.  No other symptoms other than tickling her throat and making that clearing your throat noise.  110 lbs

Good friend who is fellow distributor, has had bright red bleeding in stool for last 5 days.  Dr. checked her out and said not hemorhoids, or fissures so they want to do Colonoscopy on Wed. to see what is causing the bleeding.  They did bloodwork as well.  Is this the next step to have this colonoscopy? husband bruising alot probably from taking too much ibuprofen and aspirin for arthritis pain.  Cm cream is not cutting it with Birch oil.  Any suggestions.  Hip arthritis.  Pain is like glowing coals. hot but not intense hot. He is on HB Bone and Joint pack with extra PDM and liquid gluco gel, Immortalium, 6 Selenium, 160 lbs plus 14 gluco gel a day

Question : Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains is it ok to eat? If I eat phytates how long should I wait to take my supplements? Ezekiel bread is made with sprouted grains is it ok to eat? If I eat foods with Phytates how long should I wait to take my supplements?

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. Tracey from Australia and the Dingo definitely did not eat my baby. :)) I have a lady who is AB negative. Her Doctors have told her she's one of a kind because she has an extremely rare blood type and they cannot diagnose what's wrong with her. She has esophageal obstruction so cannot eat, does not absorb iron, was diagnosed with IBS and Chrons Disease, has had most of the large intestine removed, etc. etc. etc. what protocol would u recommend?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, Are you planning to do another webinar on homeopathy? My wife starts her hydro colon therapy this week and the doctor told her that because she is compacted, she might get sick of her stomach, vomiting and dizziness! Which homeopathic remedy would you recommend for it?

Question : Wife took Hulda Clark process to remove Gall Stones as she has done for several years. 2 mo. ago she got a stone out as big as my thumb. also several smaller ones.Never  a problem before. this time her Liver is hurt real bad. she will NOT have surgery but she will take what you say. P.S. mostly she is glutin free as I can get her. I Love ya Dr. Glidden

Question : I've heard you mention some things on and off about Collidial Silver! Can it be ingested?

Question : Happy Halloween! I spoke with my mom about your regimen for scleroderma. I was in for a big surprise when she told me that her Mayo clinic diagnosis of over 20 years was now considered eosinophilic fasciitis as of last week.  It is a rare disease that leads to inflammation and thickening of the skin and fascia underneath. Patients with eosinophilic fasciitis, the involved fascia is inflamed with the eosinophil type of white blood cells. Do you have any recommendations for this? Based on your MD Emperor book, it seems as though every time we get sick, such as a common cold, there may be a different stressor that may be causing it.  However, for the common cold, what would be recommended?  Is there a generic remedy?

Question : A friend is scheduled for gallbladder removal. She has not changed her diet and has not started on any YGY products. She wants to know long term effects of giving up the gallbladder.

Question : What kind of Halloween candy do you eat?  I made home made candy today.  Yum!!!