Health Q&A: October 5, 2016

Question : Good night doc. I experienced a sharp pain when I had gotten blood extracted from my arm for a diabetes test (the A1C test). Afterwards I experienced a throbbing sensation at the site of the blood test in my arm. The throbbing sensation goes away sometimes but comes back when I do exercises such as push ups. What should I do about this? I have been using a mixture of coconut oil with baking soda & arrowroot powder as a deodorant. It has worked for a while but recently I have have developed a rash under my arms from this mixture. What deodorant should I use as a replacement? What causes dandruff in the ears and the hair and how do you get rid of it? How can I purchase youngevity products on a budget? Many thanks for your advice. Your steadfast advocate.

Question : Dr. G with the new information about eggs yokes. can I fry my eggs in butter and cut out the yellow part and eat the white part?

Question : Dr. G, what do you think about using Xylitol gum or mints for oral health? Do believe it helps prevent plaque buildup and promote positive oral health?

Question : If sickle cell was genetic wouldn't it have kill everyone with it long ago so that it would not be present today? What percentage of the blood would consist of sickle cells and does that increase over time?

Question : Hey Doc, is the Projoba Omega caps manufactured by using nitrogen?

Question : My husbands gallbladder was inflamed last week and his white blood cells were slightly elevated. Is there a natural way to cure this?

Question : Are the tests on the eggs, farm fresh eggs or store bought eggs? There likely will be a great difference because of what the chickens are fed.

Question : My wife had all systems of bladder infection, cloudy urine, fowl smelling urine, urinate and then walk to next room and have to go again. she got a urine test it showed no infection what could it be.