Health Q&A: November 7, 2016

An Amish woman, 65 years was having frequent seizures for the last 30 years since an earlier pregnancy. You had given your recommendation of the Healthy Brain & Heart Pack, Extra EFA's, and Plant Minerals.  She has been taking the above along with HGH Youth Complex, SMART FX, and Stemtech's Stem Enhance.  She has also improved her diet.  She did her own A1C Hemoglobin test and the result was 5.8.  Despite being on the program for the last 5 months she is still continuing to have the same severe seizures every 6 weeks.  She has a severe seizure on 3 consecutive days, every 6 weeks just like clock work. She is very desperate and loosing faith as she has tried everything to stop the occurrence of these seizures.  Is there something wrong with the program or does something need to be tweaked?  Is there anything else that she can do, homeopathy or otherwise?  She really needs help. As you are an independent practitioner are you familiar with the nutritional company Stemtech and there stem cell product Stem Enhance S3?  If so, how does this product compare to Youngevity's stem cell product Imortalium?  Can you elaborate on these two products and advise which is better? Can you do a detailed webinar on Seizures and related... causes and cures.

Question : Hey Dr G! Sometime ago I asked you a question about my digestive problems and the heap of youngevity products I was taking to help this with little to no luck of improvements and over 3 dozen food intolerance. You recommend some colonics and also a Complete Digestive Stool Analysis. Since then I have done both but not sure on what to do regarding the results I have received. The things that stood out from my results was the cultures in my gut. The conclusion was a Dysbiosis factor rating 4 and that probiotic therapy is highly recommended. It all makes sense to me I suppose but as for the reflux that I am feeling in my chest area which wasn’t deemed acid reflux. Is there anything amongst those statistics that stands out to you that might be causing me this constant non-acidic reflux feeling. Cheers Dr G E.coli=  4+ Strep/Enterococci = Nil Lactobacilli = Nil Bifidobacterium sp. = 2+ Other organisms: Org 1: 1+ Candida krusei

Question : My family just started seeing an ND in our area (that actually graduated from Bastyr too!). He looked at all the Youngevity ingredients in our current plan and noted the following:

1. BTT has B9- Folate (as folic acid) which is the synthetic form known to cause cancer. 500mcg/125% per serving. Are there any alternatives (e.g., capsules, etc.)?

2. Beyond Osteo-Fx Liquid has sodium benzoate (preservative known to cause cancer). Are there any alternatives (e.g., capsules, etc.)?

3. Gluco-Gel Plus also has sodium benzoate (preservative known to cause cancer). Are there any alternatives (e.g., Ultimate Gluco-Gel capsules, etc.)? *Side question: What is the dosing on the Ultimate Gluco-Gel capsules? good evening Doc,I did an enema a few days a go and from the next day I have been wanting to urinate like every 30 minutes. Is this normal and if so can you help me to understand whats going on with this.Thanks.

Question : Dr. PG:  I had a white head thing on my gum for about a month. Went for my quarterly periodontal cleaning they told me they saw no debris in the x-ray but it was an infection and our bodies form these to rid toxins.  They wanted to put me on antibiotics but I said no for now since I thought my sore throat was from the boat trip, but now thinking it’s because of the tooth.  Which incidentally had gum replacement next to that tooth 2 years ago (every couple of years I have a problem). I took killer biotic for 7 days and no more sore throat but they want me to do another deep clean & the hygienist I am familiar with isn’t available until Jan.  So I am going in next week to have just the quadrant deep scaled with a hygienist I never met – every time I go in I am scared & don’t sleep well the night before – what are your thoughts of doing nitrous?  I am still taking a small amount of valium and never did nitrous.  If the deep scaling doesn’t alleviate the problem they want to go in and surgically remove whatever debris is causing it near the root!  Don’t understand these people and how something got up there to begin with unless it happened with the last surgery. Oh and when the do the cleaning they want me to do shots. So frustrated ….thanks  for your help (sorry so long..)

Question : Hi Doc, how should I dose Plant Derived Minerals for toddlers?  Is there risk of overdose?

Question : What to do for endometrial hyperplasia?  Thanks.

Question : A lady has a son, 2 years 7months old, 24lbs. He has Truncus Arteriosus Type B (Wikipedia says it's a rare form of Congenital Heart Disease that presents at birth) He has a mosaic, which the MD's say is a chromosome problem and they say this is what's causing the delay in him walking and talking. Is there anything that can help him, and to get him walking and talking? Thanks for your help.

Question : Last wk, I asked about a 30 y.o. fe w/ sinus infections – is scheduled for septoplasty. You advised to get started on NasoPure, silver + YGY. Her recent CT scan shows a physical block of the sinuses, the sinuses are an S shape+ she is getting only 40% of the air thru her nose. She can’t work out w/o becoming beet red. Was told sinus infections are caused by the blockage. She lives in a southern state +suffers from seasonal allergies. I wondered what your thoughts are regarding the CT results.

Question : Is organic decaf coffee ok for pregnant women? and also I am having difficulty finding a milk alternative that isn't packed full of "gums" . Are these a must to avoid? This is in relation to the folic acid question... Dr. Glidden, Steve Wallach explained that they are required to label as folic acid even though they begin with Folate and feed it to the plants they are required to list as such. Ignorance is bliss huh!!

Question : We have a very high incidence of transgendered babies being born lately among our Atlantic First Nations. For example, partial genitalia both male and female and they are just sent home from the hospital the 3rd day after birth with the confused mother.  Is there anything you suggest for me to help them besides pastoral care in terms of nutritional prevention and support?

Question : Hey Doc! I have a very dear friend who wants your help! He contracted Hepatitis C 25-30 years ago when he was in the Air Force. He thinks he got it when they were reusing needles during vaccinations. Anyway, he's been doing fine until he was recently prescribed Olysio and Sovaldi. The Olysio is supposed to "kill the virus" because his Hep C virus "load had increased." The reason for the Sovaldi is that it needs to be taken with the other drug (go figure). Since he started the prescription 2 months ago, he's been suffering from extreme fatigue and blisters from any exposure to the sun. Side note: he participated in an 18 month study for Harvone--turns out he was part of the 3% of the population that the drug didn't work for. He's 61, 188 lbs, diagnosed with Celiac 3 years ago so has been GF since then, only other complaint is arthritis. What are your thoughts?

Question : I enjoyed being able to see you this past weekend Dr. G. I have upgraded to an ambassador and am looking forward to more aggressively sharing this life-changing info with people. Proud to be on your team. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. Maria Monaghanfrom Ireland.I have tightens in my chest coming on and off for last year and most days have stone like feeling in my chest. I had a bad cold November last year with bad cough and since that time I had this issue with my chest. I also have been getting colds very often. I have been prescribed steroid inhaler3 times. Also I have dry cough for a very long time now.I also have a lump on my breast. Not sure if lump have something to do with my chest. Please help.

Question : Follow up question from several weeks ago: my son, 28 yr old male. Recent series (several months) of sinus infections often resulting in nose bleeds, treated with assorted antibiotics, netty pot rinsing and avoiding cow's milk. Most recent diagnosis Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener's), autoimmune disease of blood vessels in the sinuses. confirmed with blood antibody test. MD treating with steroids. He has been on the Healthy Body Pak.  What do you suggest? Sister has dry eye and cataracts in early stage.  Dry eye they recommend a procedure that opens up the duct to allow more tears.  Is this something necessary or are there nutritional options?

Question : I couldn't find the talk about sugar---it isn't available anymore.  Also, I have a basal cell spot next to my right nostril----had it removed years ago and it has slowly grown back---small pea size. I have been on HBSP, selenium, Plant Derived for about 6 mos.

Question : I have a few things going on. I was diagnosed this weekend with esophagitis and there is a tender spot above my navel - feels like a bulge. The ER said that I don't have a hernia and there was prominence on my kidney as if I passed a stone. Also, how long does it take for an enlarged thyroid to decrease and do you recommend taking ocean's gold in addition to take selenium and rubbing MYRR oil on it daily.

Dr. is what I'm taking...3 scoops of BTT with 2 ounces of plant derived minerals, 6 selenium per day...1 octutiv for good eye health, 2 flora capsules for priobiotic, 2 cell shields, 2 hair and nails, and 3 EFA...and 2 ounces of calcium per day. I have back and knee pain..and I use the CR Cream religiously. Should I add Ocean's Gold for the Thyroid? And there is a cyst on my ovary...and I'm making 6 ounces of gluco-gel plus on a daily basis. I just don't know why there is a bulge on top of my navel...

Question : Hey Doc!  Hope this finds you doing well.  In explaining to my dad (74) the success I’ve had in getting off of Prevacid with your help, and NO HEARTBURN, he became persuaded to get off of his PPI (Omeprazole).  He now claims to have watched all of your videos :) and he’s excited about this new found knowledge.  He wants to know what to do about the Pravastatin (40mg) that he’s on for cholesterol.  Again, thanks so much for all you do.

Question : Hi Doctor Glidden.  Good to hear from you tonight.  I have 2 questions: 1.  Do you buy the Ocutiv product by body weight.  While the eyes are specifically targeted with this product, and human eyes are more or less the same size, you might think otherwise.  However the product does have to go through the body. 2. How did it go with your meeting with the manufacturerof you Nutritional Hair Supplement?  Can we expect something soon?

Question : No questions tonight. Just wanted to say thanks for spending time at our table with us. It's great learning from you and you did an awesome presentation. Finally figured out the "SHARE" feature and I'm lovin it. Thanks so much for your Self Help Recovery site, it's a great tool for all of us.

Question : 46 y.o. female with pituitary tumor. She took 1/4 strength HBSP 2.0 for about a month and was very disappointed that her next prolactin level reading was up. She has stopped using the nutrition until she hears why the prolactin would have risen while on nutrition. Thank you! She's 100 lbs

Question : One of our people has Hidradenitis Sweat Glands and COPD is trying to take the Start Pak 2.0 and when she does her feet swell up a lot. What do you think might be going on and what would you add to the 90 more EFA’s?

Question : My friend is 89 years old, male and has been diagnosed with a leaky valve and MDs recommend transcatheter-aortic-valve-replacement. What could we do alternatively or should we proceed with the procedure?

Question : HI YA DOC!  Have a friend that knows that she needs to get healthy, however, she hasn't pulled the trigger to get started.  Any suggestions?  For me it seems like this happens more times than I like.  I don't want to keep bugging the heck out of the people I have shared Dr. Wallach's info with.  I realize that they don't know what they don't know. Wish there was a way to UN hypnotize them of the 100 or so years of "DOCTORS ORDERS". What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on Youngevity'sHerbal Rainforest as far as amounts?  Dr. Wallach says you can take as much as you want or as little as you want, depending on how fast you would like to cleanse. Thanks man.

Question : My father would like to feel better & get better health. He has heart disease & hypothroidism, and macular.degeneration  - one eye dry macular & one eye wet macular. He's eliminating the 12 Bad Foods. Doctor put in a pacemaker. My father, 68 yrs old, takes Diovan 320mg, Norvasc 5mg, Bystolic 5mg, Eliquist 5mg x 2 per day, Synthroid. I'm struggling with pain in the ball of my foot which my chiropractor treats and diagnosed as Metatarsalgia. I'm wearing shoes with an orthaheel. Also, I've degenerative disc disease and hypothyrodism. I'm taking liquid calcium and plantminerals. What else should I take to get better health? A friend has allergies that start in the eyes - get itchy, watery, burn and sting. Later the allergies affect their sinus, throat and ears. What can they take to help with pain and burning in the eyes and to help eliminate the allergies?

Question : My friend has an rare illness that effects her skin and causes infections internal and external.  She often has boils that also grow on her head especially.   Docs just tell her its very rare and she thinks its called LCH and says its a mutation/ autoimmune.  Docs always give her antibiotics and steroids.  She once had an operation to stitch up internal sores.

Question : 36 years old male weighing150. He has metastatic colon cancer, he's undergone four surgeries. they recently found some growth with the lymph nodes in the abdominal area and upper back my question is in addition to chem would it benefit him to take supplements such as youngevity as the oncologist said he should not take any vitamin E nor any supplements as it can counteract the chemo. The chemotherapy he is on right now is fulfury.  He is on a strict diet of no gluten no meat no sugar. Interested in alternative medicine. Recomendation

Question : Dr G With the new information about omega 6 in egg yokes. What about the possibility of frying eggs in butter and cutting out the yokes and eating the white part only? 2nd question I am a62 year old male, 175 lbs. what can I take for prostate support and thyroid support. I have high pressure and a type 2 diabeticsDr. GMy mother has dry skin.  She has Alzheimer's and does not drink a lot of water and I know this is what cause the dry skin.  Is there something that I can use topical to help the dry

Question : Hi! Is there any problem with taking 3 enzymes prior to each meal,  since one seems to be ineffective?  Also, is there an alternative to cell shield?  Thanks

Question : My cousin is in her 50s but is breaking bones, has a knee replacement, and has bones of a 70 year old.  She is recommended to take bio-identical hormones.  We have so much for hormones.  What all should she take for support for this situation?