Health Q&A: November 14, 2016

Hi Dr Glidden. My daughter is 3.5 year old and is stuttering for last 6 months. One day she started to stutter while talking and is still stuttering. Is there anything I can do to help her to stop the stuttering and to talk normal as she used to?

Question : Hi Dr. G.   Last chat I asked you about the deep scaling on a tooth where there’s a white head and you explained I could wait until January.  I just wanted to confirm with you that when I see the periodontist quarterly it’s for a cleaning not a deep clean.  I am going to wait but I was referred to the periodontist 2 years ago because my gums are not maintaining even with quarterly cleaning treatments.  Now 2 years later they want me to do another deep scaling for the whole mouth and especially the area with the white thing.  If the deep scaling doesn’t fix it they want to go in surgically and remove whatever is causing it.  I use dental picks, brush my teeth and don’t smoke anymore per se…… Dr. G. 2 weeks on killer biotic and my poop is small and skinny again, I have been doing essential cultures (probiotic) for a year.  If I stop taking the probiotic poop is small now on killer biotic poop is small and skinny.  So is it safe to rinse and swallow with the argentine 23 every morning? And By the Way just tried Dr. Ed Groups’ Nascent Iodine and WOW the energy in just a few days – amazing!! Thanks for all y

Question : Dr G, My father is out of the hospital from the bypass surgery.  While in the hospital, I wore my Dr. Glidden hoodie and felt like I had a target on my back the entire time! I think we should build a naturopathic hospital that focuses on medical nutrition pre/post surgery.  Intravenous plant mineral drips, colloidal silver showers, gluten-free cafeteria food, etc.  We can start up a Gofund me campaign.. hahaha.

Question : Best protocol to aid in hunger for weightloss while on the HBP 2.0 and keto bars/shake.  65 yr old senior female;  been on 90 for life for 2 years;  recently fully eliminated bad foods and has lost 36 lbs following Youngevity protocol.  recent bloodwork looked great except Doctor concerned about a couple things.  Said these are too high... Potassium 5.5; Cholesterol 233 (HDL 66 and LDL 155) triglycerides 62.  

Question : 3.5 years ago Cholesterol was 186 (HDL 53 and LDL 116) triglycerides 84. Thoughts?

Question : What is deal with bunions and concept of it being genetic?  Clearly I know it is not but how to handle subject with someone.

Question : Crockett from Toronto.  A friend of mine has a long history of confirmed Candida albicans (tested in a lab) & she’s recently gotten pertussis on a finger nail which she feels is related.  She’s also told me that she has a light green discharge which she’s had for years but the MD’s have yet to diagnose it as anything beyond Candida.  She’s been on the 90 and off the 12 bad foods for a while.  I was going to suggest she consume plenty of Sovereign silver & to take it as a suppository as well.  In addition, the killer biotic, 2 drops a day (internally) of lavender, clove & lemongrass oil (Therapeutic grade) & then apply topically & mixed with the CM cream on the abdomen & feet. What are your thoughts on this recommendation and what dosage would you suggest to hit it hard and fast?   She wants it gone.  Thank you so much!!!!  You’re the best(-: Also, what do you suggest for her finger nail?  She's been applying the silver, Trinity lotion and lavender oil but it hasn't really improved. everything I need in regards to our appt. last week. I need to double check that the Sweet Eze and Ultimate Enzymes are minerals and that I need to watch my phytate intake, yes??  Also, you recommend 4 hours to drink down my morning smoothie. Can that be continued after lunch? Drink some in the am and then some in the afternoon?? I hope this makes sense and it was nice to meet you.  Thank you and I will keep you up to date on my progress…

Question : Hello, Dr. Glidden! BIG Fan of yours and highly respect your opinion. My husband currently has a bosniak IV mass on his left kidney. It is 2.2cm and appears to be a solid mass, not a cyst. Drs only suggest surgery.  5months ago it was 1.5cm. He has done Dr.Groups  9-step body cleanse during these past 4-months. But it still grew. Can we cure him without surgery following your recommendations? He is 30yrs old and 135lbs. That is our greatest HOPE! Thank you!

Question : 57 year old male went for ultrasound due to pain, found 1 stone in gallbladder, changed eating to a very low fat diet which has eliminated bouts of pain, does not want surgery. Do you have a regimen that will pass or dissolve the stone?

Question : Good evening Doc, upgrading my subscription tomorrow to share your info better but for now I have to ask for a 57 yr. old woman who has Chronic Pancreatitis and has developed scarring on the pancreas, also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia has Pitting Edema on her lower legs and Neuropathy in her feet most likely from the Bulging Disk’s she has. Is there hope for this combination? What’s your advice?

Question : hi Dr. G. whatdo you think of the Ketogenic Diet?

Question : Not Kathy--her brother Mike Hefner.  I caught a cold while I was in Vermont for the month of Sept. I've had a bad cough since then, really deep racking cough. I'm on a program under your care. Would really like to shake this cough. Got any suggestions? Thanks doc, really appreciate your advocacy.

Question : My son is 28 and 125 lbs. He is taking sulindac for ankylosing spondylitis and his doctor is recommending cosentyx. We just ordered cm cream, btt 2.0, gluco gel tabs and liquid gluco gel, plant derived minerals, immortalium, selenium and efa's. Is there anything we've missed and what would his dosage be. Thanks. is popcorn considered one of the 12 bad foods now that we've added corn to the bad food list??

Question : God bless you Dr. Glidden, I hope you are well. Dr. Wallach in one of his books discusses how the oxygen levels have dropped on our planet over time. With that being said, would you recommend food grade hydrogen peroxide such as what is found in oxybody cherry berry for anyone interested in increasing oxygen levels within the body? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Question : Howdy Dr.G! Hubby is dealing with a bladder infection and finished a course of generic Bactrim. After finishing the antibiotics within a week all symptoms are back. He's taking Arthritis Pak, off the 12 bad foods and is now taking D-Mannose three caps 3 times daily, Killer Biotic FX 1 3 times daily and a urinary allergenic to help with pain. What do we do to get on the other side of this? Also this could be a bladder stone because he said he felt a kidney stone on the move about 2 month ago. 

Question : hi dr Gim currently following your recommendations for bone health and now im experiencing fasting blood sugar of 117upon waking , 2 yrs ago it was 80 and last yr it was 88  i ordered sweet eze  what foods will help and what should i avoid to get it under control? thanks

Question : Friend has acne on his face. What would be best to tell him to do?  Thanks.

Question : Dr. G Thanks for the information you give us!  My mother has Alzheimer and I am trying to get her to eat a diet high in cholesterol.  Which part of the eggs has the highest cholesterol, the yoke or the white part.  Besides butter and eggs are there other foods high in cholesterol?  I see egg whites sold by the quart.  However, the label says 0 cholesterol.  IS this stuff any good

Question : Hi again Doc. quick question. I really don't do breakfast or lunch. Would toast and cheese be considered a meal. Not sure what is considered a meal.. Thanks again

Question : My cousin had bad back problems and decided to go the surgical route. . . . fast forward 2 years and the doctor says "so sorry", but I've done everything I can and you will just never be able to walk again. You'll have to get used to a walker. . . . so her muscles are getting weaker and weaker. This is happening to one of the most physically fit and active people I have ever met. I'm thinking the mighty 90's (of course) plus extra Osteo FX + liquid gluco gel + gluco gel plus might assist her?