Health Q&A: November 16, 2016

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden! You are a rockstar!  My 14-month old son has had eczema since he was five months old.  We have tried a couple of remedies sulfur and phosphorus. I did an elimination diet. These did not seem to help. We got blood work done a month ago and it showed he was highly allergic to dairy and dog dander. I became vegan and we set up boundaries in our house for the dog and clean often.  He takes cod fish efa, probiotic, vitamin D,  daily. I breastfeed still and I'm on the lone bellow

Question : Dear dr Glidden: 1) You recommended that I take Enzymes for my small gall stones, revealed by Ultra Sound. How much a day? For how long period? (143lbs) 

2) Anything to take for somewhat reduced hearing – being 70? (Per day I take 4 scoops TT powder, 1 scoop Osteo, 2 TT tablets, Plant Derived Minerals, 4 Imortality,  9 EFA. 9 Selenium). 

3) My wife has painful bladder syndrome. She has a feeling that it gets worse when taking TT, Osteo and PDMinerals. (It seems not to be affected by Selenium and Sweet Eze). Could that be understandable?. What to take for this syndrome?

4)My friend Bjornar could not stay up now in the middle of the night, so I give you his question:. He says: I have palindromic arthritis and use your recommended treatment. I have been slowly improving for a year, but recently there has been more stiffness and pain. Does this happen in cycles even with Youngevity treatment? I also in periods have challenges with acne, cystic. Any connection between acne and arthritis? Recommended products? Male, 41.

Question : Hi Dr. G. I have scoliosis and lately have been having some leg and toe cramps throughout the night. I'm on the 90 plus taking Beyond Osteo. Am wondering if it's possible to be out of balance re: Calcium to Magnesium. Is Magnesium more for muscles and if so, should I be taking in more of it either by taking Cal Toddy or the Osteo Mag supplement which would add 200 mg's of magnesium. Many thanks for all your help,

Question : Hello Doc!  My 66 yo auntie was losing weight last year, MD's finally diagnosed Graves Disease&prescribed methimazole.  Her weight loss stabilized but she hasn't gained much and her hands are shaky.  Will Grave's disease respond to medical nutrition INSTEAD of the pharma?   If so, does she have to be WEANED off the drug and plz describe the Youngevity formula for more vibrant health!  TY!

Question : Thanks for having another Q&A doc, much appreciated.   I was wondering why I cough when eating come carbs? Sometimes but not always, gluten free toast, potatoes, hot cereal. It's weird. There is sort of a tightness in my chest and then I cough. I love my carbs---please don't tell me I can't have them anymore :-)

Question : Friend has continuous sinus problems.  How to help?  Thanks. Oh what a pretty pic behind you.

Question : Hey Doc!  What can be done for carpal tunnel syndrome?  Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Question : Have you had a chance to look more into the allergy testing yet?  Thanks. What do we have for bladder health?  Family member went to the doctor and they said her bladder is falling.

Question : Dr. G.  I have been taking mess copper for a while now for a splenic artery aneurysm.  I only take one teaspoon a day now, after taking it 3x a day for about six months.  Should i continue or cut it out now? My friend's feet are painful and the veins pop out.  She takes medication for heart palpitations.  Should she be concerned with arthritis or heart disease?

Question : Crockett from Toronto(-:  What is a good holistic remedy for menstrual cramps? Every time menstruation starts I'm slammed with fatigue, brain fog & stomach cramps for a day or two.  I've been off the bad foods and 90 for a long time.

Question : Hi Dr. G.. I'm 46 years old and weight 165.. I had a CT scanrecently andthe doctor said that my pituitary gland is abnormally large.. I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus .. what would you recommend?

Question : Hello Doc, I purchased the Healthy Body Start, Ultimate Selenium, Plant Derived Minerals, OmegaTM, Ultimate Bio Calcium and have been taking them for a month.  I don't feel any different.  My joints are still sore when I work out.  What am I not doing?  I eat organically and only consume chicken, turkey and fish in terms of meat.  I took the 12 bad foods out of my diet but...I don't know.  I guess I'm looking for that "Ahhhhh" feeling?  LOL

Question : Would you ever see a necessity for oral surgery, such as in the case of a severe overbite or underbite? Or when there are issues with the way the upper and lower teeth fit together? Thanks much!

Question : Oh! I have a friend how is 36, pregnant and reluctant to start the program because she read that there are ingredients in the 90 for life that could cause a miscarriage. She is a big gal---260lbs and about 5'7". Really want to help her.

Question : calcium is my downfall, not taking enough, why, it makes me tired, what do i do?

Question : What do we have for bladder health?  Family member went to the doctor and they said her bladder is falling. Are you seeing my other question?

Question : Hello Doc, My brother in law is passing a stone, in great deal of pain! What can he do?

Question : Dr G! I'm fighting off a flu. One symptom is headache. I'm taking aspirin. Is that okay. I need an explanation of the uses and differences between acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin.  I use exclusively aspirin. Your Thoughts? am doing the 90 and sovereign silver.

Question : Is taking colloidal silver good for a sinus infection?

Question : Have you hear of Strophantin/Ouabin and its use for balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems and resolving heart issues?  It was used in Germany for many years. Ouabin is a natural cardiac glysoside produced in the adrenals.

Question : DR G elderly male burning pain top of head. auto accident 30 years ago. MRI, CT scan all negative.  Comes and go getting worse with age. Yes DR. G thanks for all your help. Enjoy your vacation.

Question : Hi it's Cerise again.  What is the liquid calcium called?  I can't seem to find it!  Also, I noticed my hot flashes came back within the last month, which is when I started the supplements. ???

Question : Hi Doc... I found a small pea size hard bump on the side of my neck. I also have one on my stomach. What could this be. Happy Vacation and Thanksgiving to you and Brenda.   Thank you