Health Q&A: November 2, 2016

Question : Hi Dr. G. Took a long ride and boat trip this weekend caught a bug and now on killer biotic/colloidal silver – can you take both along with other supplements including Cardio, Cell Shield and Sweeteze?   Throat feels like sand (sand feeling is switching from side to side), no head congestion yet - I have been taking them all together, but just wanted to check with you.  Oh and how about a few beers?  I have been abstaining for now, but does it matter? Just proves again to me - we must get out with the germs to avoid getting sick.  Thanks Dr. G. If you have time….doyou have an opinion on Isagenix?

Question : A friend of mine has recurring sinus infections. She is not on YGY products and has not used colloidal silver. She is scheduled for septoplasty at the end of December. Best protocol? Any opinions on the septoplasty procedure?

Question : what would you recommend to regain a permanent loss of smell from sinus surgeries? also I have a 10 year old friend who has pain around his fingertips which are blue/black. he has been to many m.d but they have no idea why ? any idea ? also whenever it gets a little cold/windy my hands get patches of orange and blue, cold and numb more than usual.

Question : Hello, Dr. G-Dawg! What is the protocol for concussions? Do you have archived content on concussions? Also, Like to occasionally mention: Long term ginseng use protocols. not meaning to pester, Know this could take some time for you to get to.  Thanks So much

Question : Have you heard about   They can test intolerance to 600 items for about $105.  There hair sample test is examining changes at a cellular level because the latest science shows that up to 43% of allergies are in fact a reaction in T cells.  100% money back is on their website.

Question : Experienced an extreme allergic reaction to food(?). Rashes developed on both legs with some bumps bubbling near the right ankle. Any ideas?

Question : My husband has esophageal cancer over 30 years ago and was treated with radiation. This resulted in significant scarring and diminished voice. His doctor did a vocal cord injection a little over a month ago (his second, first one was great). New research and many years of treating patients they have found that injecting a steroid into the vocal cords has improved voice quality. His docs are at Mass Eye and Ear.Theyassured us that the only potential side effect was no improvement. Wrong. He developed a serious infection in the area of injection and was hospitalized for 5 days! Now his voice is much, much worse than it was before he began. I know it's a long shot but Dr. Glidden has always "fixed" my family. I wondered if there were any homeopathic remedies for this? Thanks in advance. Donna

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden I have a friend who is 27, about 270 lb female, has a family of thyroid cancer her blood pressure is really low she has gained 70 lbs in the past 3 months supposedly due to high cortisol levels. Cortisol levels are over 170, low vitamin D, gets sick often, had strep 7 times in the last year, fever 103.5 on average gets sick often, muscle aches in feet, dry skin, constipation, pee a lot and number 2 very little and lastly this all seemed to be triggered by a huge stress event where she hit someone on drugs with her car ended up going through the court system with pending criminal charges.(very stressful time).

Question : Hey Doc, I have large dry red patches on my upper arms, I was thinking it might be Psoriasis, the MD said it looked like Eczema however she also said Psoriasis is only on your joints I'm thinking that's not true? What are your thoughts? What can I do for this, it doesn't itch?