Health Q&A: December 12, 2016

Question : Dr G, is it true that your body only heals during sleep?  If this is true, does that mean that supplements taken before bed are more effective?  Also, I've heard you talk about that your body heals itself from the inside out and from top to bottom, does this mean that if you have a large cut on your toes that would, in theory, heal the slowest?

Question : What can we do to help a50 year old femalewho has a hiatal hernia and has been struggling with giardia for about 6 weeks so far.

Question : female, 26 yrs 200 lbsdiagnosed with ADD at 3 yrs old7th-12th grade on medsstopped taking bc hated how made feel. started taking Ritalin after getting fired from job for not remembering things/focus. 18 mg Ritalin as needed and takes 5 mg if need to get through last part of long day.  on BTT 2.0 and Projoba Omegas.  Began with Basic 90 pak (liquid Tangy and EFAs)  Has watched the mental health and ADD/ADHD webinars.  using Keto Bars/Shakes.  Interested in Sweet Eze. is off 12 Bad FoodsWants to stop taking meds of course but worried will get fired from new job working with Autistic children if she does

33 yr old male with Fat Bump in left side of abdomen.  Had checked out years ago and was told just fat bump…  very fit, low body fat person.  bump is about 2x3 inches.  is this normal?

Question : Hi Dr. PG:  Hope your birthday was spectacular!! Two things, #1 the periodontist wants me to do a full mouth deep clean and they want to do shots - should I do it?  It appears that the thing that was on my gum is less and I don’t want those damn shots. #2 I spray copper on my face while in bed before sleeping, I just close my eyes and spray away – is this good practice and can I hurt my eyes?  My skin is looking AWESOME!  Thanks

Question : Would drinking a lot of fluid during a meal affect digestion by diluting stomach acid?

Question : Hi Doctor. I sent an email to brenda of my blood results and a question about the sweet eze. Did you get a chance to look at it? When i started the sweet eze, I started having this naseua and migraine. Is it from the sweet eze or you think something else was causing that? I just got in the sepia. You me to take solid and liquid form correct?

My dad has sleep apenia or norcolepsy. He sleeps funny, breaths funny, and during the day he can just fall asleep out of nowhere for a few seconds. What do you recommend for him? He does take alot of medication for his thyroid, heart, pain killers, and anti depressant

Question : So Dr. G. You didn't really say if I should do the deep clean or not.  The gum that was a problem has gotten better so I was wondering do you think I really need to do a whole mouth deep clean (I understand it's hard for you to tell w/o seeing me), but ...what would you do.

Question : A relativehas a 10 y.o. daughter with very rare Vanishing White Matter, a Leukodystrophy. Using walker, 'buggy', and getting Botox injections for muscle flexibility. Is there any way I can help this family? Thank you!

Question : also is there any minerals or herbs that you should give it a break and not take all the time

Question : Hello Dr G... I wanted to ask if boiled well done meat ...such as in stew... ok? I also wanted to mention that I could not find the webinar on the gallbladder and liver on this sight.   I wanted to find out how to get rid of gall stones... Thanks

Question : Howdy Dr.G! Can you recommendhomeopathic kits to keep in our "bug out" bags and the ones for general first aid to have on hand at home? Thanks!

Question : Have a friend ( 72 ) he has drop foot and has been told it can't be cured. Is there any nutritional help or solution

Question : Christine Crockett here.  As much as my health has improved leaps and bounds since starting Youngevity a year ago, I just haven’t been able to shake the candida.  It was lab tested & I have a heavy white coating on my tongue.   I’ve tried tonnes of colloidal silver, did 6 tablets of the killer biotic a day for 3 weeks straight, been off the bad foods for over 9 months and yet to kick it to the curb.  I even tried a bottle of kefir home made by my fiend only to wake up this morning with what felt like severe die off symtoms from itchy ears, brain fog and extreme fatigue.  That said, do you think I should continue with the kefir water?  I’m willing to try anything(-;  Thank ya!!!!! I also just started taking several drops of lemon and frankinsence oil (ingesting) a day. Would you recommend Rife therapy to rid the candida?  I know of a Dr. here that does it.  I tried it before starting Youngevity but didn't recover then perhaps as I was under nutrified.  Now might be a different story.

Question : Hellodoc!!   Been using the healthy body start pack for 3 months, I am down 20-25 pounds.   Yeah Youngevity!!    Enough about me already.    Have a friend with a 60 pound child that has bed wetting issues.   What do you recommend?

Question : Dr. G, if a supplement says take with or without food, which would be preferable?  Also, is a supplement says take once per day, which would be better, morning or night? Thanks Dr. G, have you found an egg yoke replacement for cholesterol intake?

Question : Mike Hefner here, Hi Doc, one of the other things I'm dealing with it toe nail fungus---toes are very thick and grey---they have lightened up some since starting the program in June---but they are still very thick and hard to trim. Thanks for having this Q&A.

Question : I have read that there are foods such as beets and spinach that can hinder calcium absorption.  Are you aware of other foods that do the same?  How would you handle this situation to optimize the absorption of calcium when eating these foods?  Thanks and Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas of the Lord Jesus Christ to you! What amount of Chia or Flax seeds should be eaten daily to be the equivalent of the recommended EFA's?  Can't do the EFA's (fish oils).

Question : Friend has non-hodgkins lymphoma it is in the bones and lymph nodes. 4th stage.  She did start chemo this last week.  Anything to help? she is 140 lbs.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, thank you for the epsom salt recommendation! after the chiropractors adjustments my soul was hurting for a couple of days. I feel brand new again! What is your opinion about the ginko biloba sold on Chinese shops?

Question : Hello, Youngevity sells a lot of supplements for women's.  Can you tell me what specifically works for hot flashe/menopause please?  I've also read that Iodine is a supplement most are deficient in and is good for breast heath (Iodoral).  Is this true?  

Separately, my sister had all of her thyroid removed last June and is now on Synthroid.  Her question is does she have to take that medicine for the rest of her life?  Her MD says yes!  I don't believe him Thanks, CeriseIs spelt good to eat?

Hi.  Sister's thyroid was removed due to exposure to radiation in Japan after the earthquake.  She works for Nasa and was sent there or work.

Question : any specific nutrients that could help a 15 year old male with alpha 1 antitrypsin defeciency.  This was dx in infancy when his bilirubin would not go down.   This is effecting liver, lungs.  He is having problems taking a deep breath (sometimes), chest pain, low energy, hurts all over.   The MD's say the only fix is someday he will have to have a liver transplant.    They have tried many other supplements with no help, only continually getting worse.  He weighs about 150 Thanks

Question : 58 year old woman. optometrist referred her to ophthalmologist for LPI Laser Pheripheral Iridotomy to prevent acute angle closure for Glaucoma.

Question : My Mom 70 years old, is interested in weight loss, has high blood pressure, no gallbladder, had hysterectomy.  She took a Youngevity questionnaire and her results said she needed:

  • bone & joint pak
  • blood sugar pak
  • brain & heart pak
  • body digestion pak

Can you give her a Dr. Glidden plan?  Thank you. ♥ PS.  Happy Birthday!!!

Question : 2 months ago had a very stressful family situation, ended up later in ER chest pains, did heart workup said ok, started getting anxiety, put on lorazapam and also 5-htp, trying to get off of lorazapam is horrible, another doc suggested busiprone, was on healthy body start pak since April, also see chiro, started me on stomach for h-pilori, things have gone down hill. Want off of Lorazapam and doing it. Any other suggestions? Thanks for all you do.

Question : Dr, a lymphatic , liver , kidney and colon detox all in one a good idea to clean out all the garbage/ toxins 1st and then start the 90 for life.? If so what herbs or spices should you recommend for a all in one detox?

Question : 9 1/2 cm cyst on left ovary 17 yoa female 9 1/2 cm cyst on left ovary.  Pls what would you take to disolve cyst.  Dr wants to operate. Also tumor bewteen the large & small intestine.  Dr want to biopsy w/ MRI or Cat Scan w/ contrast. Hi Dr. G, the tumor in intestines is for 58 yoa woman.  Concerned about 2 things:  the dye and the piercing the tumor.  1st time on w/ you.  Thank you!