Health Q&A Marathon: December 14, 2016 PART 1

Question : God Bless you Dr. Glidden. I continue to keep you in my prayers daily. God knows that I thank Him for the good work that you do. I wanted to hear your thoughts on the concept of gluten components being passed on from a mother to her child via breastmilk. Is there truth to this? If so, would this also apply to non-grass fed animals being fed gluten? Also, I was curious as to what you like to eat for an on-the go snack? Take care!

Question : hope your well dr g, a few weeks ago I asked you about my wifes toe fungus, she has been doing the pure works and colloidal silver her blood sugar has always been normal but I got her on the sweeteze, doesn't seem to be getting better, any other suggestions on toe fungus  also my father in law has Parkinson’s and I have him on the program for 2 months I guess hes skeptical about this whole thing, any words of encouragement for him or any success stories you know about over coming parkinsons.

Question : Dr. G-Dawg! I'm preparing for the zombie apocalypse by trying to find 12-bad foods free long term storage food. Not going well. I have found some gluten free emergency storage food, often still has other bad stuff in it. Are you familiar with a company that has what we need? Thanks so much for the epic marathon!

Question : My sister is on YGY supplements. She will be taking a vacation on a cruise ship in January. Just to be prepared, she plans on packing some killerbiotic and colloidal silver for prn use. She does not know if sea sickness will be a problem for her and asked me if there are any products or recommendations for that.

Question : A few years ago, I was watching the news with an interview with a doctor & she said there was a study done where it showed a VERY high increase in prostate cancer (around 85%) for men taking a supplement with Omega 3-6-9 all together in one pill. Taking just 3 was fine & she told us to replace it with that which I’ve done ever since. I seemed to notice a lot of companies took their 3-6-9 off the shelves. Krill (the red ones) were coming out & were fine & replaced our fish oils later on... since they were even better for you anyway. So my question… what are your thoughts on taking Youngevity EFA’s with all 3? Thank you!

Question : Dr. G, have u found a replacement for eggs to get our cholesterol needs?

Question : Greetings and Merry Christmas Dr. Glidden.... I asked this question once before ut I have more inforamtion now. My daughter has been diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis a solid grade or level 3 and being enocuraged to have surgery before it moves to grade 4. Was most likely do to an injury from competitive cheerleading in highschool...she is not almost 40. Can this be corrected with medical nutrition for sure? What would you suggest. thank you She now has had a CT and an ultrasound to establish the above diagnosis.

Question : Howdy Dr.G! thanks for doing this. OK, I'm your hypothyroid & adrenal insuffiency person. In the mornings I have such bad swollen/super puffy eyes both top lids and under eye. OOPS! I hit the enter button! ***CONTINUED*** the swelling on the top lid are from the center to the corner of the inside and can't see due to extreme swelling. Is this from the thyroid issue of adrenals or something else? I u sed coldcompress and a cosmetic gel for the swelling but nothing works that well. What can I use for this issue? Thanks! P.S. Has Bob in the your office talked to you yet about me? Haven't heard back from him yet. Thank you :)

Question : Do Allopathic Dr.'s have any tests to measure Inflammation and if so, are they accurate? If not, do you have any other method that's better?

Question : nutrition absorption for pancreatic insufficiency (pancreatic acinar dysfunction) and bone marrow failure ( Shwachman diamond syndrome genetically confirmed ). My daughter is now taking enzymes from pigs (Creon), acid reducers, vitamins for cystic fibrosis (ADEKS) but no nutritional advice at any level!

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, is it a good idea to add ginko biloba to the 90 for life to help hair regrowth? Merry Christmas!

This comment is to MO! Last summer I went on a cruise and the couple that share the dinner table with us got sick, I ask for a piece of ginger from the kitchen, cut a small pill size and I also gave them 5 drops of peppermint oil in a few ounces of warm water and that worked like a champ for them! We party together the rest of the night. I always bring the peppermint oil because my wife gets sea sick and that works for her!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden.  I would firstly like to express my thanks to Brenda from your office.  Brenda put in an effort which was above and beyond.  She was able to help get me hooked up with someone so that I can once again order my Youngevity products.   I had to recently cancel my account.  The company will not let me sign back up for 6months.  Secondly I just want your opinion on a product which isOmega 7 Palmitoleic Acid.  When it turns rancid it converts to Palmitic Acid. Part 2 - However, a fresh well sourced Palmitoleic Acid has some significant benefits.  It is a fatty acid.  I am not sure that it would be considered essential.  Perhaps it should be.

Dr. G! several decades ago I took ginseng over a long period of time. It made me feel fantastic, very energized. It was in liquid form that came in little vials, think they called it "red" panax ginseng. A few months ago, I requested some detailed info on long term ginseng use such as types to use, dosage, etc in form of webinar, podcast,or blog entry. Wanted to see if that is still on your radar. Thanks.

Question : Hey Dr. G:  Per our appt. you prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 1M. My pellets stopped Dec. 5th. I still have some liquid left, that I am doing every 3 days. I noticed my rash drying up somewhat, while doing the pellets. I can't call your office from here, so I would like to contact you as to what I should do next with Nat Mur?? I understand if you can't answer that question now. Just wanted to touch base... Thanks a bunch... I am being told not to mix fruit and veggies together in my smoothies? Can you tell me what the story is with that? Should mention my rash is acting up again...

Question : Do you have any info on The Intolerance Testing Group?  My 16 year old daughter just reported to me that she recommends it.  We removed everything on her reports and she feels great.  No more tummy troubles.  She has been through a lot of health issues in her short life and has learned to know what her body is telling her.  She has reported to me in the past that she didn't feel well after eating many of the foods that showed on her reports.

On my report, it showed I have an intolerance to mackerel.  That is an ingredient in ProJoba Omega.  What would you recommend for an EFA?

I tried the recipe you gave me Monday night for my Mom.  Mixing all the BTT 2.0 power and the Beyond Osteo-fx together in a blender with ice, water and fruit.  WOW!!!  It's awesome.  I didn't know you could mix everything together.  Today I added grape Pollen Burst plus, and rebound, it's even better.  Do we need to worry about some of these nutrients not being absorbed?

I've had the Spooky 2 Rife Machine come across my desk many times this week.  I take that as a sign.  I'm very interested in clearing my body of Epstein–Barr virus (EBV).  I have no symptoms right now, but I've had bad symptoms twice in my life and never want it to come to surface ever again.  If the Rife machine will kill it. I'm very interested in getting the machine.  Thank you for all your work.  Merry Christmas!!!

Sorry, I keep thinking of more questions. I ordered 50 lbs. of red beets from the farmers market so I could do the liver treatment with my children and myself.  Is it okay for the kids, 16 and 11-year-old to start with 1 oz?  Would it be a good idea to also take Herbal Rainforest?  Thank you again.