Health Q&A Marathon: December 14, 2016 PART 2

Question : Hey there Doc, do you have a Tx protocol for a people that suffers apparently from liver issues, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and maybe more? A complete program with meals, supplements, etc. And how does one sign up? gonna have to run out for a while should be back in 1 hr...many thanks

Question : I have lymphoma and a lot of swelling in the neck area.  I have a chronic cough and while eating I seem to breath in something and start choking frequently.   Is there anything I can do for the cough?  I'm in Minneapolis.  Do you take patients?

Question : Hello Doc Glidden, a friend just had a colonoscopy, polyps were found and removed. He was advised by md to take Metamucil every day to increase fiber intake. He would like to know if there is any other product that he take instead. Thank you for your time and Happy Holiday to you and yours.

Question : "The Old Timer."  I am still here with you. I had a stroke in Nov. 2015 my energy still lags a bit.

Question : Is there supplements that can be helpful for someone who is in remission with breast cancer?

Question : What could be causing this Dr. G? I don't know if u see the photo, but it's a discoloration of the skin on the knee.

Question : Merry Christmas Doc, Is there anyway I can reduce the amount of supplements I am taking around 50 a day or I'm trying to take them.  I take these for Psoriasis, glaucoma and painful digestive issues from time to time. My problem is getting the supplements down with the digestive issues.  I'm falling apart bit by bit!  :( Also forgot to tell you I seem to be losing balance while walking?

Question : Here's what I observed and didn't add this, sometimes when I get up 3-4-5 am I've noticed not swelling in the eyes. But the later I sleep the more swelling in the eyes, crazy but true! Also 21 yr old male, is GF for the most part as he still lives at home and is somewhat a vegan because of he's parents. He just had some blood work and he's Labs showed extremely low Iron. Poor guys has fallen a sleep in the middle of the day for 2-3 hours and his parents could not wake him up, they almost called 911. We need to get on the other side of this but how and why is his Iron so low? Thanks!

Question : Is there a way to help someone who suffers from a serious case of Ichthyosis using Naturopathic medicines? Clinical medicines give no remedy. I want to believe that the body is reacting to something that it is lacking such as a specific vitamin or a balanced diet or to something harmful that it is ingesting. They suffer greatly and is in need of some kind of Remedy. Thank you for your time in this matter.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden! huge fan, I’m 24 years old 163 pends, 5’8 , i had bad acne as kid and i have lots of scars left on my back is there anything i can do to help that go?  Also having some hair loss in a specific location on top of my head, what should i take?

Question : Hi Dr G.... In listening to you, I notice that you recommend the Projoba omega 3 instead of Youngevity EFAs .  I am sure there is a reason.  Should I switch to Projoba?  Thanks Hello again... Would you mind answering me after 8:30 Eastern Time.... Thanks, I will be back by then

If it’s ok, story here. I have had my Medical Insurance for probable 18 years here. Have called numerous times to see exactly what I am covered for. End up frustrated with confusing answers and I believe the agents purposely act like they don’t understand my English. My friend has the exact same Insurance and had a Hip Replacement. They told her she had to pay$8,000 for the actual hip. They gave her a break and charged her $6,000. I was on the phone again with them last week and asked them this simple question, if I need a hip replacement, do I have to pay for my new hip. The agent wanted the exact case# for my friend and Dr’s name. I told him I did not know, and it dosn’t matter. I want to know if I need a hip replacement, do I have to buy my own hip. Next thing I heard was a dial tone. He hung up on me. Nice huh?? Merry Christmas to you also Doctor Glidden...Love ya

Question : Dr G! Reading info on foods from the ocean. Seems to be concern about radioactivity in pacific fish as well as other toxins. Love seafood, but am cutting way back. My main concern is EFAs. Since the EFA source is fish (in Projoba) any grounds for the concern of cesium, mercury, Etc. Perhaps we'll have to lean on Flax seed since it is a land-based source. Many Thanks!

Question : I got in on the tail end of you talking about skin tags one time, don't know which chat. Can you discuss the cause and what to do to keep these from coming and how to get rid of them? They are mostly on my chest and neck areas. Thanks!

Question : seasons greetings Doc, since doing doing coffee enamas for couple of weeks now , I have been to my surprise, passing what looks like rope worms and lots of slimy stuff. How long should I continue to do the enemas do you think. by the way im using my healthy pack plus plant minerals, thanks again and seasons greetings.

Question : Dr.G can you please discuss the causes of kidney stones and treatment please. Thanks

Question : Do you plan to sell the Rife Machine?  I would rather support you than anyone else.

Question : I've come to find out about Dr Glidden and his work, in a kind of round about fashion. I've been reading the Epigentics book by Joel Wallach, and in investigating/learning more about him have found you. The question that I have is with regard to macular degeneration. My favorite uncle has experienced early onset (mid 50's) and over the past 10 years has been progressively going blind. He has macular degeneration wet in one eye (and doing injections at a pace of every 4 weeks) and dry in the other eye... the wet eye is blind, the other is getting worse. In Epigenetics Wallach talks about his work with antioxidants and supplements that can help, and I was hoping to learn from you what supplements, what frequency, and if you recommend an in person consultation or how we can best help him.

Question : At 71, I had an ablation about 2.5 years ago (had 40% blockage when the ablation was performed), workout regularly, and on no meds   Luckily, I’m doing very well.  I started YGY this past Feb & have been off the 12 bad foods since then.  My A1C is now 5.6, sed rate is 1, and liver enzymes are w/in range.  My heart doc is begging me to take a daily baby aspirin.  Are there any side effects w/doing that? Eye doc is watching my glaucoma where my pressure is staying elevated at 24.  If this doesn’t change by end of Feb, he will be putting me on Travatan.  Is there anything I can do to help my eye pressure?  Blood pressure, etc., is all good. I just heard you replying to someone w/glaucoma and I have just started taking the Good Herbs Circulatory formula these past couple weeks.  Took Ocutive for 1 month.  Guess the damage has been done?  I can't imagine being able to get on the other side of glaucoma?

Question : Hey doc me again, a good friend was just diagnosed with diabetes, can you tell him what he needs to do. hes 6,1 250 lbs, also doc what would you do for someone with high cholestorol

Question : Hi doc. I had a panoramic xray done of my teeth. Afterwards I felt a tingling in my lower jaw on both sides for about 30 minutes. I took the xray to my dentist 2 days later and she said I needed a root canal done on one of my teeth. I really didn't want that but she insisted that it had to be done. While she was in the process of completing the root canal she said she needed to do an xray on the tooth to make sure the root canal was done properly. I was very surprised and upset by this. Nevertheless I got the xray done. My question is why did I fee My questions are why did I feel the tingling in my jaw after the panoramic xray? Was it dangerous to have had the second xray after the first one? Are there any side effects from a root canal? I am somewhat depressed because of this experience. Also the dentist prescribed the Amoxil antibiotic for me to take after having gotten the root canal. Thanks doc I have heard of that modified citrus pectin is good for radiation. What Please advise me on the use of modified citrus pectin. Thanks again.

Question : My grandsons (ages 3 and 5) are on YGY healthy start pack. They can swallow the EFAs.  Are there any YGY products that pediatrics may not take?  Their mother is interested in knowing if they can have one BTT tab (or 1/2 tab) in addition to BTT liquid.

Question : Dr. Glidden...I just wanted to say thanks for the great Christmas present by having this marathon. Merry Christmas!

Question : Hi Doc, so great to see you!  I've had an MRI for appendicitis which turned out to be negative. My follow-up appt. was pointing to a possible ileocecal valve syndrome because it is very close to the appendix. I was sent home with directions to rest and eat a soft diet.  Well, I still have pain in the lower right abdomen, but not as severe.  I would be very grateful for your recommendations.  Thank you!

Question : Dr G-Dawg! I don't think your webinar on Bach flower remedies made it over from the old site. My search turned up nothing. Could you please post that. That was a good one. Thanks much!

Question : I am suffering from TMJ.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Question : Hi again Doc.  I’ve been a label reader for years. More confused than ever now. For example: If you buy organic, non GMO corn chips, or organic non GMO pasta with corn, does that mean the corn is Organic? Also, I am frustrated with teas especially,  green teas. I thought I was drinking an organic loose tea, from China, and I read an article that this tea has 21 or sodangerous chemicals.  I would love if you could do a webinar, if you have not already, on labels, or lead me in the right direction on where I caninform myself on these matters.  Also, no organic apples here, I soak my fruits and veggies in vinegar water. Does this help??

Question : A friend is quitting smoking. A Youtube presenter said those that are quitting need to have these vitamins: Tryrosine, L-Dopa and Phenylaline. What do you suggest for a 31-year old female who wants to stop smoking? My sister-in-law was just diagnosed with Kidney cancer (in one kidney). She is having the kidney removed on January 13th. She has been on the basic Healthy Body Pack for 18 months. What else should she be taking: selenium, Zradical, cell shield ??? Thank you so much!

Question : Is there a specific study done explaining why olive oil is bad for you..... I believe what you and Doc Wallach say but my son says he needs proof since his wife cooks with olive oil in a bottle constantly...

Question : my 16 old daughter gets strep throatmore than once a yearthe dr. are recommending she get her adnoids out and touncils .  she also has low iron levels   what would you recommend for her?   thanks for your advise!

Question : Hi, I have a little boy that's 5 years old. Has gluten issues. We him off it 90% of the time, until the grandparents sneak treats. Which is what happened a couple days ago. Now he is super constipated, pain, and his BM are massive. 

Question : I've heard Milk of magnesium is helpful. And I've tried a couple different essential oils on his tummy. We're on day 3 now with him now going. What can I do? Thank you!

Question : Hi doc. Me again. I have heard about mini fasting to help improve blood sugar levels for diabetes type 2. This mini fasting involves exercising each morning and have nothing to eat until midday for about 7 days. What do you think? Thanks again. about this?

Question : Hubby at 69 1/2 is experiencing more knee pain especially when taking steps.  He's on the Prohoba Omegas and Gulco Gel and YGY and have him off the 12 bad foods.  Any suggestions?

Question : My brother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Told he has only 4 months to live unless he does chemo.  Can you please tell me what products to buy him on??  I have him on zradical.  He hasn't started the healthy start pak yet.  Thank you.

Question : I think it is a Candida (yeast) breakout.  Started under one armpit and now under the other.  Small patch on side under bra area.  Little bit in top of leg.  Started out using Trinity Lotion.  Now using Zeasorb which kinda controls it.  What can I do to get rid of it.  Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Question : You have mentioned previously that a blood test with a high range calcium reading really indicates that the person is calcium deficient.  Are there other blood test readings that when a high range reading means there is a deficiency or when a low range reading means an excess?

Question : Merry Christmas Dr. G.!!!  I have a 3 yr old grandson that came down with an ear infection.  104 temp.  The doc put him on amoxicillin.  He broke out in a rash all over with diarrhea after 7 days.  Doc said probably allergic to penicillin and to discontinue meds.  It's been a week now.  Rash has decreased but diarrhea continues.  Your advice?  And thanks so much.

Question : Thank you so much Dr. G.  Your advice to me to get a black light and look at the skin on my problem foot did reveal a fungus. The tinactin took away my 20-year problem. You are wonderful!  We so appreciate you. Thank you so very, very much! We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Quickly how about Japanese or Indian tea. Which tea's would you recommend?? Thank you and last question for the night... Oops one more question, I asked this the other night, what are those concrete pillar things on the left on your picture, in the Harbor. I have been to Nantucket a few times by boat, and don't remember seeing them..