Health Q&A Marathon: December 14, 2016 PART 3

Question : I asked a question Monday regarding a woman with Giardia and you recommended Killer Biotics. I forgot to ask if that interferes with flora or enzymes.  Should she also do a detox or cleanse and increase flora to get her gut back in health?

Question : Hello Doc,  Hope you're holding up from the long day of Livestreaming! I use cleanses from the Global Healing Center.  Your opinion of thissite would be appreciated.  Separately, if we eliminate oat, wheat, barley and rye (which I have), how can we eat gluten free breads?   Thanks.

Question : when you say 1 oz of calcium...are you talking about the liquid and not the powder osteo fx. and for the beginning of arthritis, in my hand, should I switch from the powder osteo to the liquid?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden!  You doing a 6 hour webinar is such a testament to Youngevity!!!  Can't say I've seen any other doctor do that!!!  I've had chronic kidney issues & finally got an ultrasound with no abnormalities.  That said, I tried the Ultimate Daily Classic as Wallach says sometimes the renal valves carrying dirty blood into the kidneys can get clogged.  By the 3rd day, I felt very jittery & had to stop.  I started again a few days later and with each passing day it got better.  I took it for a week & my adrenals seemed to flair up big time.  Once again I stopped.  Why would I have such a reaction?  Thank YOU!!! I also had major flushing and burning cheeks.

Question : Would Milk of Magnesium work for constipation?

Question : My neighbor has lime disease and is becoming more and more disabled. What can you recommend that would help her?

Question : Dr G, generally speaking, how rare are negative interactions from drugs and herbs?  Is there a specific class of drug and herbs that cause the most problems?  Also, what is your opinion on Oscillococcinum homeopathic flu remedy?

Question : My 66 yr. old husband has numerous medical issues.  For GERD he takes Omeprazole (for approx. 25 yrs); High blood pressure (Atenolol), high cholesterol (Atorvastatin), prostate problems (in June/16 his PSA levels were high and he has an appointment next week to see if levels have gone down); Psoriasis (Salicycylic Acid); He has now been diagnosed with COPD.  What do you recommend to get him off of some or all of these medications?

Can you advise on my high blood pressure caused by taking hydrocortisone for my adrenals? I had to stop taking Cal Tody due to diarrhea first thing in the morning. I do taking extra magnesium 200 mg. at night with my OsteoFx. Thank Doc ! The winter scene behind reminds me to ask, need something for the "winter blues". No. Idahocan give you that so I'm taking 100 mg. 5HTP 3 times daily in addtion to my Youngevity protocol. SUPER AWESOME JOB DOC!

Question : I struggled with chronic staph infection for 4 years before I discovered monolaurin.  I haven't had staph for nearly three years, but I recently got a large/deep cut on my hand.  I am showing signs that my staph is coming back near the wound (small red bumps).  I am doubling up on my monolaurin andam on the healthy body pack.  I just ordered the killer biotic that will be here tomorrow.  Do you have any other recommendations to help kick it?  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!! Also, I have been using Youngevity products and I am interested in seeing if there is any way I can pay for the products via a health savings account or flex spending account.  From what I am reading, you can purchase vitamins and minerals only if they are being prescribed by an MD for a particular illness.  Have you heard of anyone using these accounts to purchase Youngevity products?

Question : I just looked at my bottle of ultimate daily classic and there is niacin.  That said, could the flushing and jitterness be from a niacin deficiency?  Should I stay on it?  How long would it normally take to clean out the renal valves? I've tried the super KB and was on it for months but when I stopped the symptoms reoccured.

Question : Earlier you recommended no citrus (due to the ulcers) What should I mix the liquid calcium in?   I take tangy Tangerine caps.   Is this going to archived?

Question : should we be taking gluco gel liquid and the gluco gel caps for joint issues? Thanks. Also the projoba omega has totally cleared up my dryness on my feet and heels...(that I've had for YEARS) an amazing difference. Thank you for all you do to help us! I had been taking the EFA's and the EFA plus and the Projoba Omega cleared up my problem within a month!!!

Hi again,Global Healing Center?  I've done colon, kidney, liver and parasite cleanses.  Products are vegan, koser, organic.  Your thoughts? Thanks. look good for 58.  Really...I thought you were like 45! ;o)

My wife, 53 yo, has a partial hysterectomy (1 ovary left).  Suffers with menopause..... low libido, hot flashes and insomnia.  Your help is much appreciated.

Dr. G, where can Doc's actual research paper on CF be found? Favorite GF bread brand: Little Northern Bakehouse

Missed a few things for Candida.  Pure works foam cleanser and spray. And Colloidal silver alternate every couple hours all day and before bed. Killer biotic 2 caps ?  12 sweet eze for 14 days.  no carbs. Please repeat so I have it right. Thanks. how long for Killer biotic?

Question : Glutino is very good, bread and english muffins. I found some gluten free sugar cookies online---they are GREAT! Betty Crocker has a gluten free choc cake. sugar cookie recipe, that is. This has been great, thanks SO MUCH!

What's your recommendation for a 51 year old female, 150lbs,, suffering from vaginal dryness. She says that's her only menopausal symptom. She's on the healthy start pack 2.0

Here is a gluten free product fors yas. "Jennies" Brand Coconut Macaroons are fantastic! They are non-GMA and certified gluten free. One of my favorites. Check 'em out!

Question : Freschetta Cheese Pizza ...but I sprinkle Italian herbs and Cayenne over the pizza. Made me warm and fuzzy! Improvise to your heart's content. Cup4Cup Gluten free flour. I've made gluten free corn bread. And I made my first gluten free pie, blueberry. With left over dough, let it sit for a few days then made an apple pie. I liked the crust of the second pie better. Let the dough rest 24 hours or more. Both pies were delicious to me!

Hi there, Linda Loder from Canada made me aware of Youngevity years ago, and I love her for it.  I'm just wondering besides the healthy start 2.0, what can women take to help prevent breast, cervical, ovarian cancers and all that scary stuff?

Question : My husband had a heart attack Nov 20th. Diagnosed CHF, Artial Fib, and clogged arteries.  Got 4 stents. Now on Clopidogrel,  how do we get him off?  Major panic attacks no matter how much Osteo liquid up to 6ozs day.  Cant sleep more than 30 mins. They scare you into bypass, heart transplant.  I said no way.

66 yrs old, 172 lbs, 5ft9, gray hair.  GF and off bad foods and on the 90 for over 2 yrs. What does he take while we work on getting a consult with you? If it helps, my husband, Andy, is the one who gave you the Star Trek postage stamps at convention.

Question : Merry Christmas to you and Brenda sir! May 2017 be your best yet - 77 on the Biltmore Golf Course last week Mr. G - mix that in your Tangy and drink it - hope you visit soon :  Cells throughout the body have receptors for hormones (insulin, thyroid, etc.) and other elements.  These receptors provide a means for the various “doorways” into the cell to be opened to allow nutrients, etc. to enter or exit or cell processes to activate.  If this is the case, why are there no receptors in the intestinal villi (come one, come all)?  Or are there?

Thank you Corey and Andrea for all your hard work this evening. I have learned plenty... Happy Holidays!

I am off the bad foods.  Was taking full ninety for several months.  Female, age 58 with osteoporosis due to parathyroid tumor surgically removed.  Current weight never obese.  Had episode of bell's palsy.  Was told by neuro doc that my vitamin b6 level was 100 times normal.  (high).  This can hurt the nerves, so he says.  Have some insomnia now that I did not previously.  How to avoid b6?

Question : Hi Dr. G, Are you able to give some insight into LACHESIS MUTUS homeopathic. You prescribed it for my sister who gets red flaky skin on her chin and around her nose. Thanks

Hi my name is Alex and I am a 23 year old female and weigh 240 pounds. When I was 15 I began to grow facial hair on my face and it progressively has gotten worse. I now have coarse hair that grows on my face, back, stomach, and on the back of my legs. I just started birth control pills will this make it worse? Also which products do I need ? Thanks! You saved my dads life with blood clots ! My family loves you. Thanks!

OK ty, what about the adrenal exhaustion? the liver? the excess weight? what does the good doc recommend doing to attempt to ward off any flu-like up and coming viruses?

Just wanted to share, this winter I'll taking online courses essential oils and will be certified in Aromatics,distillations and Hydrosoles. I'm doing to "oil of the month" and that's a great intro to oil. Our property has nearly 30 healing herbs and various Fungi (amoung I)I share this as I would LOVE to help others and our Youngevity family. PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR PEPS!

Thanks Doctor G. We are so blessed to have you helping us. You and Brenda have a wonderful Christmas. Many thanks to Corey and Andrea and hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Doesn't seem like 6 hrs. You keep it so interesting and informative.

Hello again, i was wondering if there is something I can do to prevent my fingers on the joint under my finger nails from being miss formed.  I pull on them to straighten them out .  It is only happened to the little finger... ring finger and now my middle finger. It does hurt. is there anything I should be doing to prevent this from happening?  Thanks where do i buy foaming cleanser? so the liver detox is a different ball game than the 6 day cleanse, you recommend, with soup and liquids and no food

Question : Merry Christmas Dr G. and Brenda and your entire healing army!!!