Health Q&A: December 21, 2016

Question : Christmas Greetings Dr. G, When normal bowel evacuations occur within one half hour after a meal is eaten, is this enough time for essential vitamins and minerals to be absorbed and used by the body?  Also, what do you recommend for a person who has a severe case of laryngitis? Thanks

Question : kidney disease leading to high blood pressure and hemorrhaging behind eyes causing detached retinas in eyes of 12 yr old dog.  I know Wallach handles dogs the same as people basically. TodayVet wanted to put on Calcium Channel Blocker and of course I said NO!  giving cell shield, fucoidZ, selenium, arthrydex (mineral powder for pets), projoba, btt tabs for ORAC, daily classic for circulation support.  Completely gluten free pet.  BP down 23 points from 225 to 202 from last appt 3 weeks ago and told inflammation in eye is better.  Is Good Herbs product a possible addition here? What else Dr. G?? THANK YOU!

Question : Hi Dr. G – bought some OTG Tangy 2.0 and ultimate Osteo (going on a trip to TEXAS for 5 days) – where is the weird taste coming from.  I always mix my calcium and tangy together but when you do the powders together it tastes like burnt hair.  I thought it was the calcium – dumped it out and tried the OTG tangy with liquid calcium and it still tastes weird – I thought the tangy 2.0 was the same product just put in packages.  I noticed the tangy in the OTG packages is a darker orange - I get the calcium is a tad different but what could that horrible taste be?   So each package of the calcium is like one ounce of the liquid right?  I do 4-5 ounces of liquid calcium per day now, Oh and…does a person need glucco gel forever?  Thanks Merry Christmas Dr. G.!!!

Question : Merry Christmas, Dr. Glidden.  I've heard you tell how Dr. Wallach discovered that most kidney failure is caused by plugged tiny blood vessels (the electron microscope story). Please repeat this for me.  Could inflammation and cholesterol plaque be one cause for blockage?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden!  Merry Christmas to you & your family!!!   If I am experiencing flushing & the jitters from the Ultimate daily classic, what does it mean?  Could it be from the FREEZING COLD CANADIAN AIR???  (-;  Just kidding.   Anyhow, there’s 20 mg of niacin in 3 tablets(daily suggestion) & I’m only managing to take 1/3rd of a tablet a day with these symptoms.  I will say they’ve gradually lessened over the last few weeks but still feel a little nervous & jumpy for several hours after taking it.  I’ve tried every single Youngevity product for kidney support but nothing turned my symptoms around as I was hoping.  My kidneys appear normal according to the ultrasound so my belief is that the renal kidney valves need help.  What do you think?

Question : Hi doc, Merry Christmas to you and Brenda, My son is home from Ft Benning.........Yay!  He was telling me that he can expect to get emphysema in the years to come because of exposure to burn pits in Iraq and Afgh. What do I suggest for his better health.

Question : Dr. G! like the other gentleman in the Q&A marathon, I would like to put in to be one of the trial subjects for your hair supplement formula. How do I go about that? Really looking forward to the research arm of your coming endeavor in the new year. Thanks Much!

Question : Hello Dr. G. does plant derived minerals have to be refrigerated for use as a deodorant, or spray on the body?

Question : Merry Christmas Doc! My family just got over a bout of the stomach flu.  Took about a week.  Now my 16 yo son has turned right around and began a struggle with hay fever symptoms.  Runny nose, 99-100 temp, headache and sore throat.  Mucous is now green.  Just wondering what to do to help him out.  Many thanks!

Hi Again!  Why do you recommend soaking flax seeds before grinding them. Wouldn't it be easier to grind seeds first?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden:  New customer who has complex pain syndrome which first started in her Achilles heel and now the pain is all over her body. What protocol would you recommend for her. She's 160 lbs, 45 years old and 5'7'.  Thank you

Question : Hey doc i posted the question in the wrong area. I have had gallstone issues in the past, I did the flush and everything was good. last week i was i the hospital with severe stomach pain. They said that they needed to do a ct scan to rule out a blockage. After the scan they stated that they didnt know what was wrong with me but I had dilation of the intestines. Then i found out that they were giving me a protonpumpinhibitor without telling me. Turns out whengot homefigured out I had a blockage. I ordered, 3 calcium, 2 digestive enzymes, 2 minerals, efa's and selenium. I also got the gall bladder and liver formula. is there anything else that you think I need? I cant swallow tablets I have to break them up into apple sauce. I think I have the beginning of Barrets, but ive always had problems with the functioning of my esophagus

Oh Dr. G. since it's a light Chat - Just so you know I haven't had a jolt in months - Not sure which homeopathic remedy did the trick but OMG after 20 years I am EXCITED about the new me.

Question : Hi there doc. I am pre- diabetic. I noticed that my third toe on my left foot is slightly swollen and have a small water filled bump. My toe was like this for a while but it doesn't hurt. There is also another toe where the nail is lifting slightly. How do I get rid of this? Are these related to the blood sugar problem?

Also I do not eat any starches or sugar so as to control my blood sugar. My question is what do I eat to give my body energy if i am not eating starches or sugar? Also my daughter gets big pimples on both sides of her face in exactly the same spot on both sides. This happens around her menstruation period and sometimes at other times. Any thoughts on this?

Question : Dr. G, when your body generates a fever, what specifically generates the heat? I know it's an immune function, but I was curious about what actually produces the heat? Also, I sent you a birthday gift via USPS to your office that was delivered on your birthday and was wondering if you received it or if I should follow up with the post office.

Question : heal my eye macular dit have a accidentfell down the stairs on my backthanks.