Health Q&A: December 26, 2016

Question : Seasons greetings Doc, you mentioned the good herbs heart support for circulation below the neck and good herbs circulation support for above the neck, whats the difference in the way they work and why, thanks Doc, what would you suggest for someone on a tight budget that has just starteddialysis and how do you suggest they go about taking what you suggest thanks.

Question : My father's Mitral Valve is regurgitating causing CHF, AFIB, Shortness of Breath, Rapid Heart Rate above 100 in a resting position, and Low BP around 80-90's over 50-60's. He's on Rx meds. His heart is pumping at 25-30% strength.  I recently gave him the 90 nutrients and cut out ALL of the bad foods, however, his liver became "injured" with AST and ALT #'s at 1300 each! Is it possible that some of the supplements could've caused his Liver to go haywire directly/indirectly? Where to go from here?

Question : Hi Dr. PG!! Why is it when you eat whole corn it comes out whole?  So this means we don’t digest it?  I already asked you about this last week, but I compared labels on the TT2.0 OTG and the container and it’s the exact same ingredients – it says no sugar in either.  How do you take the OTG?  Each package of the TT – OTG must be equal to 2 scoops right?  And the powder calcium OTG one package is one ounce of calcium right?  I would have returned it but the re-stocking fee isn’t worth it to return. Ideas please – THANKS!

Question : From Vinny   Dr.G What are your thoughts about air fryers with no oil"? Thank yo

Question : Ho, ho, ho Dr. Glidden. "Happy Holidays:  My question is, I am taking Nat Mur 1m, 2 pellets every 5 days. I notice my skin feels pretty good the day I take the pellets and not so good the 4 days in between. Should I change something up??  Thank you Love the mask.. Is that a suntan you have or windburn :)

Question : Hi Doc, Mike Hefner here. Sometimes if I stand up too quickly I get lighted headed and my knees buckle and I almost go down. It happened Saturday night. It passes quickly but is it anything to be concerned about? It's alarming to others that see it happen. Thanks.

Question : Hey Doc, can you see me now?  lol.  What is your take on coffee enemas and hydrocolonics?

Question : Hello Dr. G. hope your Christmas was great. When taking Youngevity's Xeratest. Do you take it per 100 lbs of body weight?

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, I hope Santa got you all the gifts you wanted! Have you ever heard about Dr. John Bergman? He is a chiropractor with the same wholistic ideology as you and Dr. Wallach, not with Youngevity vitamins but with natural ways for the body to heal itself working with the central nervous system. I think it would be a great interview with you! Is it safe to buy the colon hydro therapy kit to do it at the house?

Question : One of my downline had breast cancer.  She had chemo and radiation.  Suppose to be ok now.  Should she be on something besides the Healthy Body Pak?  100 lbs.  Thanks and Happy New Year. She also has lymphedema in her arm from the lymph nodes being taken out.

Question : Hi Doc, Im 66 yo, and have been on the mighty 90 for over a year and a half with great results, Latley though I have had a coupleof problems, I've developed itchy skin on my back which is something that happened 15 years ago when I was taking New Vision's minerals. Additionaly I have started having episodes of a flushing feeling accompanied by a weakness that comes and goes quickly, not a big problem but it is worrysome. whatdo you think?

Question : Testimonial! Hi If you remember you recommended doing the Allergy Therapy NAET for my food allergies (feeling tired after eating, depression, weakness). The NAET therapy works by unblocking the meridian channels in the CNS that cause allergic symptoms, a bit like acupuncture but is a permanent fix. It can get very specific & complex as they say anything can be an allergen. I’ve done about 30 sessions and my symptoms have nearly gone! I can eat the rice, sugar, Tangy Tangerine, Rebound FX, eggs, dairy that were giving me issues. So happy, I’ve had these symptoms all my life (I’m 45) and they’re gone thanks to Youngevity and NAET. I also had pre-diabetes..NO symptoms! I feel so energetic, happy, amazing…these have all gone: brain fog, anxiety, anger issues, irritability, chronic fatigue, bad memory, peripheral neuropathy, depression. It’s great not having to deal with any of these things that I’ve endured for decades. I’d recommend NAET for anyone even if they don’t have classical allergies (nuts, pollen etc) and it can also help absorption of nutrients. Thanks, you are the best!! Nice to talk to some sane people for a change (!), I'm surrounded by sick people who dont' listen and keep going back to the doc, who can't help them. Tip: if anyone ever gets a bout of depression use berberine or korean ginseng, they sort it in about 20mins.

Question : Howdy Doc! Can you help me understand why I'm getting this sharp stabbing pain in my finger nails. I don't ware fake nails. Thanks! Also, when I hear myself on video I always should like a have a cold but I don't. What is that all about and is there anything I can do to sound "normal". Would it be safe for folks taking steroids take colonics? As most often steroids thin the colon.

Question : Question : Dr, A change is always good right? Enough is enough with MD Doctors miss guiding us. Would you consider a new start for 2017 with a new Revival making a Summit/webinars for MD'S introducing them to the real healing of wholistic health, in a nicely manner. They just know what they been taught in medical school ,they need to hear it from the knowledgeable like your self. Byyou sowing a seed into there hearts with the truth we will fetch those fish that where waiting to be rescued. One at a time.

Dr, imagine If you new you where going to be gone for months in the middle of a desert and not allowed to take water or food , what three products from your supplement list & medicine cabinet would you take with you & why would you choose these three items? 

Question : cesium chloride is killing the cancer BUT it has many side effects that are not healthy.  What are the side effects of the false placenta (tryptin) treatment?

Question : Hey Doc!  Hope you and yours had a great Christmas.  My daughter, 28, suffers with what we think is anxiety.  Rapid heart rate, chest tightness, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc.  Not really connected to a specific type of event.  What do you recommend?

Question : Question to follow. Happy Boxing Day Dr. Glidden!  After watching your webinar on EFA's this fall, I've been suggesting to most people to buy the Prohoba Omega alongside the BTT & Beyond Osteo FX.  That said, is Youngevity considering integrating the Prohoba Omega into it's packages?  It would be nice to have & easier to explain & sell.  Also, I wanted to tell you that I'm using your Ambassador subscription & it's amazing at conveying so much more about holistic healing & Youngevity than I ever could.  I recently sent a few of your webinars to some friends & they urgently wanted me to place them an order.  Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh & please keep placing your short educational clips on facebook.  I’m surprised by the number of friends who are sick & starting to talk about it prompted by your videos. Also, what would cause my eyelid to twitch?  It's been a few weeks. What's your take on "safe Chemotherapy"?

Question : I’m 68, weigh 189 and I keep myself in great shape and keep myself off the 10 bad foods. I started on Youngevity 7+ months ago because I have an enlarged prostate and it’s chocking off my urethra tube so I now have a catheter. I really want to prove this stuff can shrink my prostate and get me off this catheter which I change myself. My blood pressure did come down from 160/80 to now 120/70 in this time which was great! I take:…

2 – HBSP, 2 bottles Prost Fx, 1 bottle Selenium & added 1 bottle XeraTest about 4 months ago. The first month I did take 3 - ZRadical as well, but stopped due to budget. I’m spending about $400/month which is pretty much my limit per month. Is there a better program I could be on for this price? Thank you Doc!

Question : Quick question Doc. With all the festivities, when having alcohol beverages, does that effect taking our supps.?

Question : What is your favorite pass time?