Health Q&A: December 7, 2016

Question : My Friend In 2 Weeks Having 2 toes removed and possible 1/2 of his foot230 lbs

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Jelly Blood
  • Pseudo cyst on Pancreas had 1/2 removed
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Triglycerides

He has a pick line getting Infusions every day for InfectionOsteomyelitis , 700mgDaptomycin , Please help

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden;  My apologies to you if I upset you the other night with my question about being on the program for 17 months blah, blah.. Yes, you are right, I have NOT been doing ityour way, and it is a marathon not a sprint. I will try and be more patient. 

Question:  I do not eat breakfast or lunch, I sip on my smoothie with all it’s magic mixed in. Can I take my enzyme before starting my smoothie, and then another one for dinner? Thanks again and appreciate your help young man… :)

Question : Hi Dr. G. –Want to wish you Happy Birthday for Friday! On last chat you said “yeah, that’s a problem” (talking about liver enzymes).  My question is how much of a problem and why would they elevate now after weaning from all the Krapp?  Less nicotine, less valium, less alcohol, No grains, No bad food – so what could make this happen?  I have never had elevated enzymes in the liver and was on 8 times more valium plus the other stuff – been getting blood tested entire adult lifeIt’s a little scary and want to keep everything in perspective. Watched video for the 50th time – so I guess I need to keep taking the cell shield RTQ ( I stopped a few weeks back)? Oh…I may have/had gum infection would that change enzymes? Thank you!

Question : Good evening Doctor Glidden, Happy Holidays! While at work lifting heavy boxes I pinched a nerve on the back of my neck but the pain and tingling sensation radiates to my lower right flank. I went to a local chiropractor and now everything hurts! What do you suggest for the pain?

Question : Howdy Dr.G! I noticed that parts of my messages do not come through the chat and get cut off. How many characters are we limited to? I do "cut and paste" from a word document. Thanks! THIS IS WHAT GOT CUT OFF MONDAY:Hubby is thinking it’s time for a cystoscopy to verify bladder stones or not. He has arthritis and passes stones about every 3-5 years with not too many issues other than discomfort. Stones don’t seem to move past his bladder this time. So do you have any advice to get them to move past the bladder?                                                      Just 1 more thing, how long do I continue Licorice Root and Holy Basil Tea for my adrenals/low cortisol issues and have to take Hydrocortisone daily. I really enjoy the tea 3 times daily and feel it helps.

Question : Howdy Dr. G, Is there a way for us laymen to determine when the use of a homeopathic remedy may be beneficial, and is there a website that would assist us in easily researching various symptoms and their respective homeopathic remedies?   Thanks

Question : Hi Doc, if frying potatoes in a pan with lard ok?   And can I treat seborrhoeic keratoses with the selenium / Sovereign Silver combo? Thanks!

Question : Hello Doc, So my breast discomfort went away the next day.  My husband believes it was due to stress over a situation at work that was resolved that night after the call.  I'm still going to find a place that does thermograms but I have yet to locate one.  In any event, is selenium good for breast health? Thanks. One more thing, going for blood work.  What tests should I ask for?

you know of any more interviews like that one where minerals are broken down scientifically? It was a shame to hear that Dr. Schrauzer died in 2014 of complications from surgery after all of his work with researching minerals. 

Question : Can someone ask Dr. Glidden how many beets would it take to get 1 oz. of juice? I still have no orange box. Thank you.

Question : I have a client with urethra caruncles and don't know how to help her. What would you suggest?

Question : Hi again Doc.. Confusion on my part with gluten free pasta. I use rich pasta and don't care for it much. Other pasta's have corn flour, along with other flours plus Mono and Diglycerides? Can you clear this up for me. Thanks again

Question : Can a person like me get a copy of a physicians reference book?

Question : Happy Birthday Doc, You're just a babe in the woods!  See you in Dallas, if not before that!

Question : I have kidney problems and I have watched the Kidney webinar that suggest taking Ultimate Daily....I take the TT tablets 2.0 should I take the Ultimate daily in addition or instead of the TT tabs 2.0

Question : Hiya Doc.  It's Kristi from Toronto, a friend of Christine Crockett!  I have numerous large marble like varicose veins all over both legs.  and am in my sixties.  Have had them since I was a teenager although I was very athletic and fit most of my life. Have had them stripped a few times and now laser surgery is recommended cuz they are so large and painful in summer. Any homeopathic recommendations to eliminate or reduce them?

Question : One more question - my Dad is asking whether fermented sour dough breads made with einkorn are okay?  Is the idea behind sourdough that most of the gluten is taken away?

Question : Happy Be-lated too! That million dollars is on the way. Can Hubby ever get off of Celebrax?

Question : What's your take on cyanocobalamin in Vitamin B12 vs. methylcobalamin?  Is it really cyinide? It's in several of the Youngevity products.  Also I've always had bags under my eyes :( I've been on Youngevity for two years now, stopped the 10 bad foods and still no change. What else do I need in addition to the Healthy Start Pak, selenium, and cherimins?

Question : Dr G. What EFA's do you prefer for Lung Health?

Question : I been told that I have small gall stones that take up about 1/3 of the gall bladder.  Is there anything that I could take to get rid of them? Is this effecting my body in anyway... I really appreciate allyour advice, thanks

Question : Are hemp seeds and chiaseeds healthy to eat?  What can be done about an essential tremor that has no obvious known cause?

Question : suspected stomach ulcer, neg. h. pylori,  MD upper g. i. track scope.. asked for stomach pictures to verify in my mind whats what. pictures of asophagus only , stating is redder than normal. still experiencingpain in area jus below left rib cage. want me on presrciption that reluctant to take. your direction please

Question : The enzyme Lysozyme found in egg white showed on my allergy report.  I'm happy to share my families allergy reports with you.