Live Health Chat: February 8, 2016

00:06 Hey Dr.G! Question about my dad. His cholesterol is 505 is that an acceptable number or does it need to be brought down. If it needs to be brought down what can he do for it? The Md's want him to start injections, which is mind blowing and unacceptable. We want him to bring it down naturally. He also has a mechanical valve (just extra information). Suggestions? 

00:10 Hi Doc! My mother has wet macular degeneration of both eyes. She receives shots of Eylea (Aflibercept) in both eyes every 8 weeks. She is fearful that if she were to stop treatment that she would go blind. She take HSP 2.0 liquid, selenium, vision FX, 15 gluco gels each day, plant derived minerals and 4 enzymes before each meal. No gallbladder, 175 lbs. What more can she do?

00:12 Dr. G. When you talk about how the body will let us know well in advance if we are taking too many vitamins – my question is….I have had diarrhea since I started the program and only had a few days where the bowels were normal – is that the sort of symptoms you are talking about? What are the symptoms the body shows us when we are taking too much of a supplement – for example I take 6 ounces of calcium per day all spread out to keep my anxiety at bay but in return I have had diarrhea for many months. Thanks Dr. G- glad you are back!!!

00:15 Hello Doc - I feel extreme pain around the outside of my right hand elbow ONLY when I perform specific actions like chin ups or lifting heavy items. I have no pain or discomfort otherwise while doing regular chores. Funny thing is I cannot exactly pin point where the pain is but I know the area. Not sure when and how I hurt it but I think this has been now for almost a month. I’ve stopped all exercises. Somebody said it could be tennis elbow, I’m not sure and I’m hesitant to goto doctors. The pain is on the upper side of the elbow (not inside or the outside). Thank you.

00:17 Hi Doc, could you give me some more advice on how to get more iron into my body on top of using an iron skillet for cooking, eating red meat and organic spinach? Doc, I'm 165 lbs, is 4 bottles a month (half a teaspoon 3 times a day) of the good herbs circulatory support enough to fix the fluid behind my eye or should I be taking more? And does this mean I can't have a risotto when I go out to dinner cause it has oil in it, will it hinder my healing?

Also once the Good Herbs bottle is open, how do we store it, it doesn't say to refridgerate after opening so I just have it on my kitchen bench.

00:20 What's your take on the Projoba products? I know a lot of us are using Pollen Burst. I also heard someone say they had lots of nutrients in them. 

The selenium seems to be making me lose hair...I have cut down to 3 a day and it helped some. What else can I do to make sure I have enough selenium?

00:23 if i get my business off the ground what should i do about obama care? as i would lose my welfare which lets me off of obama care. ty

00:28 Hi Doc, Two things: 1 - Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome - vascular issue in the extremities. 2 - do you have a preference between the new Ultimate Daily Class vs the current Daily and Ultimate Niacin Plus?

00:31 Hello Dr. Glidden, Have a teammate who has nodules on the thyroid. They did ultra sounds and biopsies. The nodule on left side is fine. The one on right side is bigger (12% suspicious and 88% non-cancerous.) Here are the lab #s they put asterisks by to be concerned about: 10:43 Thyroid TSH: <.015* [mcunit/mL; .350-3.600] Thyrgb: 222.7* [ng/mL; 1.3-31.8] 10:43 BasicMetab Creat: .44* [mg/dL; .70-1.50]Gluc: 115* [mg/dL; 70-110]10:43 CBC WBC: 3.8* [x10(3)/mcL; 3.9-10.7] She is 65, 5'2'', 120 lbs. She is doing 1 HSP 2.0 and 2 bottles of Selenium each month . The MD said no nascent iodine and no flucoidan (Zradical) for 30 days and then wants to re-test the numbers.

00:34 Is there such a thing as too much calcium. what is ratio of calcium to magnesium

00:37 Is it ok to eat gluten free/non gmo/organic- steel cut oats, corn, soy and whey protein? 

00:38 Hi Dr. G. being a pretty healthy man of 62 am finding some issues with hearing. The first issue is a significant reduction of frequencies above 3000 hz. The other issue is tinnitus in both ears which coincided with wisdom tooth extraction at different times of my life. I have been on HBSP 2.0 Liquid and Plant derived minerals for a few months. Do you recommend anything else to help with these issues? Thank You so much.

I have a customer with an issue in the palm of her left hand called Dupuytrens Contracture. Fancy name for a thickening of the tendon. MDs have recommended some pretty barbaric treatments and or surgery as a last-ditch effort. Anything she can do on the nitrification front to correct this?

00:45 Hi Dr. Glidden, My 16 year old daughter who weighs 115lbs. was tested for TB cause her classmate was tested positive while in class, thankfully my daughter tested negative, however she needs to be retested in 2 weeks, what would you recommend for her? Thank you

00:48 52 year old Diabetic Male Patient with over 20 years of Diabetes treatment, Recent Heart Problems and three stents, with medication for the High blood pressure, And blood thinner medication. What should he do?

Other patient 48 year old Female without Thyroid due to cancer, The removal of the Thyroid affected the parathyroid glands causing low Calcium levels, Drinking medication Levoxythiroxine, Hair lose problems. Should she continue to take that medication or what should she do?

00:53 Hi Doc, I have a guest here tonight whose father is having several health issues. He's 5'8 and 230 lbs, main problems are with his pancreas, liver, & heart (has had several heart attacks). Also has Diabetes and currently managing his high BP w/medication. He is new to Youngevity and is wondering what supplements you recommend. Thanks! 

00:58 Hi ya Doc. Have a friend that is having serious back problems. The disks are close to non- existent. He has been going to my chiropractor and he is trying but, not much he can do for him. What can my friend do with little money? Gluco gel liquid AND caps?

Have a co-worker that is stopping soda pop. He was taking at least 4 bottles a day. Not sure what size bottles they are. Suggestions for helping with that? He is 250-300 lbs. Thanks Doc!

01:01 Have a SUPER DOOPER GROOVY report! I have Adrenal Insuffency and on Hydrocortizone & Dr. said for life at 40-50 mg. It's been 4 years, also I'm Hypo on Cytomel 25 mg. I've been G/Free, off all 10 bad foods about 1 1/2 yrs. Taking Healthy Start Pak w/Sweet Eze, Cherry Mins and I got my ORAC up usisng BTT Caps. About a month ago "YOU" suggested Good herbs "Hypothalimus" 1/2 tsp. 3 times daily. And BINGO-BONGO-BANGO!!! I'm down to 12.5 mcg. Hydrocortzone and feeling like a "young filly" with super energy daily and not having to go to bed in the middle of the day :( I'm doing AWESOME AND LOVING LIFE!!! THANKS DOC!!!

01:03 My grandmother is an 80 year old female 4ft 10 in 194 lbs experiencing abdominal bloating and lower back pain. 

01:04 Hi Dr. G. my daughter suffered a concussion in hockey a few years ago, was out the whole season, played 2 more years. Is now 19 years old and still experiencing headaches once in a while, stabbing, across front forehead sometimes left or right side. Also suffered neck sprain year before. She has a hard time going to sleep at night, doesn't have energy, painful before periods, moody LOL, doesn't handle stress well. She weighs maybe 120lbs. What do you suggest? 

01:06 Dr.G is it ok to consume Gluten free breads with yeast in them?I heard they are bad for you. Thank You 

01:07 What can be used for a blister on the gum? It is the same spot that had a tooth infection a month ago. Thank you. We missed you last week. Hope you had a great vacation.