Health Chat: February 15, 2016

Due to technical difficulties, there is only a partial record of the Q&A. 

00:44 Doc G, how are you? Didn't get the chance to ask this last week so this week it is. My son asked dad, why do we fart? As I snickered, I gave the best answer I could think of. So, what is the official answer to the question? Thanks. :-) 

00:45 Why does taking the osteo fx give diarrhea, and in a very short time within minutes? Am I taking too much or need to dilute it with more water?

My 7th month old black lab puppy gets diarrhea when having one scoop of Artherdex* with his canned non gluten dog food. Is it from the dog food or am i giving him too much Artherdex*?  Hes 7 months old and around 45lbs. 

Ive heard you mention "Colloidal Silver".. "swishing it in your mouth". How can I go about purchasing this Silver? 

Also.. besides plant derived minerals and nicoret gum or patches... whats some other ways to help stop smoking? 

If you have severe bloating is root beer belly or Cherry mins alright to take to eliminate the bloating? does it remove the bloating within the day?

If you're a severe heart patient, how do you take the pills when you really cant have many fluids without risk having another heart attack? What to do for constipation?

00:48 Hey Doc, if the body is nutrified enough, do you think it is possible for it to "reignite" it's growth to its genetic potential? So for example someone who is 6'3 could grow to 6'5 if they took all the recommended nutritional supplements. 

00:50 Howdy Doc! Once I'm off of the Hydrocortizone with the swelling in my face go away?

00:51 My mother 83 y/o 150 lbs her blood pressure was 220/110, walk into the hospital was medicated 5 different drugs and dropped to 79/59, she fainted. The doctor recommended o give her salty food!!! According to the neurologist that saw her after my mom was diagnosed with Sundowners syndrome due to poor high blood pressure management from her doctors. Now she is on a wheel chair and we have to do everything for her. What can I do to help her? 

00:52 Hey Dr. My wife's dad, older brother both died of brian tumors,should she be tested for the same condition and would it be heredity?easy on the Irish accent,thanks again Dr. 

00:53 is there a benefit to taking a TSP of Sovereign Silver daily - any issue w/ UNBALANCING any other minerals because of the extra silver? 

00:55 hi, have you heard of heard drop dot com is it a statin ? it is made from herbs and heard about it on gcn. what is your opinion on cell phone use? i heard it is bad. and i use a radio phone in the land line is it ok? i don't have a choice to go back to wired. ty

00:57 No Question, Just a BIG THANK YOU... Brother introduced me to Youngevity and you, Dr G, Back in June. No Bad 12, Healthy Start Pack, upping the OsteoFx and adding Plant Derrived Minerals. Butter, salt, and eggs back in the diet. Now.... NO MORE DEBILITATING PAIN during monthly menstrual cycle. Woooo Hoooo! 30 YEARS pain. GONE! THANK YOU!