Health Chat: February 22, 2016

00:07 Hi Dr. G – Would it be a good idea even after someone gets their heart beating normal again and they are still taking a small amount of valium use the Cell Shield RTQ along with the Cardio FX? Also how often should women get a mamo/ultrasound? Thank you Dr. G!! 

00:08 hello doc my wife is always scared of taking the osteo fx and calcium because she thinks shes going to get calcium deposits in her arteries etc

can you clarify the intake of calcium and calcium deposits 

also if you can also talk a bit about the calcium carbonate and phosphate I believe, I remember you saying the carbonate is not that absorbable but most articles I read say that's not the case,i want to explain this to our customers.

00:12 can glucogel tabs help with muscular dystrophy? 7 yr old on HSP 2.0 taking 50 lb dose and taking a full extra bottle of selenium a month. also on 3 HGH youth at bed, fucoidz, his D levels were 27 added youngevity SOLRD product to help that what is best way to stop muscle loss in additon to what currently doing? Child has extreme difficulty with the liquids mother putting btt powered into capsules and he is swallowing that way plus taking 2 BTT tabs. Is the powder not getting absorbed

as well by putting it in capsules?

is it okay to put the osteo fx in with apple cider vinegar instead of orange juice?

anything else to help with muscular dystrophy?

00:18 I’m 70 years old and weigh 160 pounds. (I’m tall) I was on kidney dialysis, but got off it 25 years ago by completely changing my diet. A year ago I was told I have Acute CLA Lymphoma, I’ve been putting off chemo for a year now and taking canibus oil. But my energy is now getting low and my blood count just came back at 163.5 and my doctor wants me to take chemo now. I’m afraid to take it as I have compromised kidneys which it may affect, but at the same time I’m afraid not to take chemo and I get worse. I know Youngevity doesn’t “treat” cancer, but what products would you recommend for me? Thank you!

00:23 Hi Dr G, you recently diagnosed me as pre-diabetic. I've done what you suggested for 4 weeks so far, doing 9 EFAs and 8 Sweet-Eze (2 x 4 taken at same times of day). Some things have improved greatly like anxiety, irritability, fatigue clarity of thought. However I am getting more bouts of depression/mood swings plus occasional cold hands & feet. Also any carbs like rice can easily push me into depression more so than they used to. It feels like my blood sugar is 'correcting' itself so maybe its just the rocky road on the way to recovery...this make sense? In which case do I continue the protocol or do I adjust it to help with the moods? My moods and previous anger issues are a concern for my girlfriend as she is on the receiving end of them. I feel the regimen is on the right track but she's not convinced as she believes these behaviours require therapy whereas I'm convinced that blood sugar issues are the driver behind the behaviour. Can you comment please? Thanks!!

00:26 Dr, drinking liquids during & between meals, Could this trick the mind to use liquids to shovel the food down allowing us to chew less and swallow sooner? Can this be a key point to optimize chewing & digestion by not drinking liquids during & between meals?

Dr, cell phone radiation,EMF,wifi Bluetooth etc is skyrocketing in our life's. Can this lead to brain cancer? What will you recommend to protect of all this radiation?

00:30 How would I know if I have inflammation in my leg ? 

00:30 My friend Joanne is here with me. 51 year-old female, 5’2” - 140# Recent test results: Estrogen was 515, Progesterone 1.52, Thyroid hormones are TSH, Free T3 and T4 --T3 is hyper at 5.3, T4 is low at 0.6, Takes Ultimate Classic, PDM, Selenium (6-9/day), EFA Plus (3/day). She also takes 2000 mg tumeric, 300 mg Coq10, 2000 mg Aceytl l carnitine, 5000 Vit D. Was taking indole 3 carbinol 400 mg Stopped because liver enzymes (ALT) were slightly elevated at 35. Takes cipro for UTI after sex.

00:32 5.7 / 165 40 years old diagnosed with hashimoto low BP,Low vit D,sinus infection 4 x a year,questions ? how to boost immune system,how much selenium? worry about mercury in fish. question hashimoto vs low thyroid is that the same?

00:38 You use to have a webinar on Lupus which is no longer available so what is the mechanism that causes Lupus and what would you prescribe per 100 lbs. dose.

I have been working with a man who has been going blind over time after his appendix ruptured last year which was not taken care of for a month, he was toxic throughout and had many health issues. He was diagnoses with Macular Degeneration and has been on the program for 8 months and getting worse. He wanted me to ask if you knew anything about possible Retinal Toxicity, what do you think.

00:43 Calcium score 132, PAC's PVC's, Mild Mitral Valve Leak Slightly enlarged Heart Dr pushing Crestor 3 degenerated discs in low back taking Fluoxetine Norco Where should I start with Youngevity? Also...How to reduce calcium score? (atrial fibrillation)

00:46 Dr. G why are eggs fried at low tempratures in butter, over easy .sunny side up or over medium not allowed? Thank you always.

00:47 What's your opinion on the electronic cigarette?

My grandson only has a bowel movement every other day. He is 14 years old. He gets lots of headaches. Could his headaches be caused from his slow transit time? 

My daughter has weird red dots that looks like psoriasis but not flaky. Spots are hot, itch, and just ugly Seems worse when warm. Spots are on shoulders, back, under side of breasts and pubic region. Can you suggest what supplements she may need besides the 90 essential nutrients. Thanks.

What would we support our body with if we had a diagnosis of Huntingtons Cohera Disease.

Have a friend who is only 29 years old and on the list for a liver transplant. Could his liver be healed so he doesn't have to have the transplant?

00:53 57 yr old female 5'2 100 lbs wants to take BTT but her doctors have told her she has two MTHR gene mutations that will not allow her to convert folic acid completely. They tell her not to consume anything with folic acid because of this gene mutation she has nutrient absorption issues. Says she does not have the MTHFR ENZYME required to process folic acid. She is on methyl folate supplements to help absorb b vitamins. She has pain in her neck running all the way to her fingers. advise

00:57 Hey Doc, just want to let you know I have eliminated GERD, I need to ask what is Nux Vomica good for and how should it be used

00:58 Evening Doc, does one HAVE to eat breakfast to get their metabolism going in the morning? I find when I drink my BTT 2.0 first thing that I'm not hungry for a few hours. Thanks 

00:58 Hubby (68yo - 225lbs) has such bad varicose veins having been working on feet for 50 years. What is the cause? Docs need to operate.

01:00 49 year old male. 250 pounds. I have blood pressure problem, 5 years ago I had 2 stents put in., severe burning in my stomach and weight problem.. Current medication (plavix,bystolic,losartan,dexilant,folic acid,aspirin,Crestor ). I need to get off this medicine. 

01:02 Hi. My 27 year old son had a catheter ablation for Wolfe Parkinson's white syndrome in 2009. Two pathways. He continued to have tachycardia induced primarily from exercise. Heart rate gossip rapidly within 2-5 minutes to 200+ BPM during exercise. Worried about a "reentry svt". He went back to cardiologist in 2010 but they did nothing after a stress test that verified his continued tachycardia. Another rig showed no abnormalities. Listened to your AFIB webinar and was encouraged. 

01:03 Why to breast fibroids appear? What can I do to get rid of them? And what causes bumpy veins? Thanks Dr. G!

01:04 Hi Doc! Youngevity can do any good for people with toxoplasmosis? 

01:05 Greetings Dr. Glidden. My fiance' has MTHFR gene. Should she avoid B12, folate, etc? Diet/supplement suggestions? Thanks for helping my friend Charlie (from Chicago) last week via skype consult! :) 

01:06  Can you give an explanation or a link explaining why there should not be a concern with the BTT having lead in it. I understand the difference between organic and inorganic, but my girlfriend thinks I should stop taking because of the lead.  I have had great results with the family pak 2.0 starting at 350lbs and am down 80lbs since July 2015.  I feel great, but my girlfriend just doesn't agree and is worried about getting toxic levels of the minerals.  She has a pharmaceutical background. We also have a 2.5 yr old son that was tested for lead and his level is borderline high and she is concerned about this.

01:08 My mother and Uncle had polio when they were children. Both have scoliosis, Uncle in wheelchair recently. What is a good start to Youngevity products to help them? 

01:08 A co-worker's daughter, 25 y/o 5'7" 110lbs have hep C and took a dose of heroine and went on a coma. Is there anything we can do to help her?