Health Q&A: March 28, 2016

Aloha Dr. G! I am inquiring for distributor who has a 49 year-old friend who had a hysterectomy and bladder suspension surgery 10 weeks ago. Her urine flow is very narrow and splayed. Twice she has had to go to the ER and get catheterized. And she cannot have sex without bleeding a lot. Anything we can recommend now that's it's after the fact? 

I’m getting my ducks in a row to do your 6-day therapeutic fast being totally nutrified by the end of April (if I’m not now already). I’m feeling good, Doc! I will follow it precisely. Has anything changed since you’ve done your webinar (I’m confirming that the 3 colonics are to be back-to-back because the place prefers a day between them). Also, my 80-yr-‘young’ girlfriend (who is in house for the first time tonight) is having issues w/her legs swelling.

Is there a time one would use a product over the other choosing from CleansFX, SlenderFX fiber, or Ult ColonFX? Do you think Nutri Energetics Systems health tests are accurate?

please help me witn my insomnia ,hard time to follow sleep because my mind is working 24/7 even when I do follow sleep then when I wake up I already solving a problem or a though,taking calcium magnesium before bed then in the morning have to rush to the bathroom ... what is the best from youngevity to take to boost immune system? I was taking synaptive 2 bottles ,did not see any difference in my mood or my sleep

Hi Doc, 27yo female 77kgs/169lbs has Hyperthyroidism and Grave's Disease. She is taking Carbimazole. Her MD wants to take out her thyroid. What's the best recovery protocol for her? She is on a budget.

Doc, 17yo female 45kgs/99lbs, seems to have allergies to nearly everything, she suffers from seizures and has a seizure if she eats gluten, dairy, yeast, tomatoes, herbs, spices, sauces, onions, shallots, legumes, nuts, sugar & green tea. Things they have tested her she can eat are lamb, chicken, eggs, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, fresh beetroot, lettuce, celery, beans, bananas, capsicums/bell peppers, carrots & rice. What on earth could we do for her?

Doc, for Celiac, IBS, Ulcerative Colitus and Crohn's disease, do we suggest the Healthy Digestion Pak or is there more we need to add? I couldn't find the webinar I needed that you use to have on your old website.

How do I know that my tank is full? Also, are there any tests that can tell me if I am lacking a particular vitamin/ mineral. Thanks! 

Is there any correlation between O RH negative blood types and hypothyroidism? 

Hi Dr. G – Is there a homeopathic remedy for “nervous shocks”? Where the head or body has strong twitches that can pull your back out? Thanks

Doc – Asked you couple weeks ago RE low blood sugar. Info I didn’t give you then is I’ve been diagnosed with Insulinoma based on a sonogram showing a 1.6 x 1.9 cm growth at the head of my pancreas. They want to do CT scan and surgery. I want to be rid of the growth but not their way. What more do I need to fix my pancreas. Current program: HSBSP, Sweet-Eze, extra minerals, Selenium, Ult. Daily, Oceans, Gluco Gel, Imortalium, Rebound. Wonder if I’m not absorbing. 

22 year old schizophrenia?

Have a 50 year old friend diagnosed with interstitial lung disease, on oxygen tank and told he has 5 years to live. Can Youngevity cure this and what does he need to take. He weighs 200 #. Thank you so much. 

a family member had an electrodermal screening test and it indicated she many parasites. She detoxed and improved her foot and ankle pain by 50%. However still has some pain and xray showed enlarged achillies and bone spur. How should she treat? 

A friend has a blood problem, but the doctors have not given it a name. Her body produces too much blood, and periodically her body swells up and becomes very painful because of it, and the doctors have to draw off quite a bit of her blood. I think they have to draw off a fairly large amount about very 6 to 8 weeks. What can I do to help her out, and would you have any idea what this would be called? 

i had to go to the physicians assistant for Sinus and ear infections, the ear tubes and sinuses are swelled and blocked and would not drain so she prescribed Amoxicillin and zillions of side effects, i have been using collodial silver in the past but it got worse, head feels like it is on fire, pressure, etc; any suggestions and hard to breathe through sinues, she also suggestes flonese, etc with steriods to help reduce swelling; 

i do not have funds to buy all of the products i need like good herbs, etc, i am limited and now have to hire a lawn care service, the winter was rough on my body so i have to figure out how to find help for snow plow too; i can't afford the local chiropractor who has a full size spinal decompression machine, very expensive and wants me there 3 times per week in the beginning, i am in desperate need of realignment of jaws, neck, spine, hips, etc nerve and disc compression, i have not yet tried the Argenten 23 collodial silver,

Hi Dr. Glidden, my 17 year old daughter who is 128lbs.has tonsillitis with a fever, what would you recommend for her? Thank you so much :):):) 

My questions is will the colloidal silver/selenium paste work with cherry angiomas? The paste worked wonders on a stubborn wart I had for years and without scars. Awesome. Thank you for all you do! 

Hi Dr. Glidden, just wanted to get your input/confirmation on a few different patients that I'm working with. One is an 81-year-old, very vibrant female who has been working full-time up in tall an injury at work call center have a ruptured disc and a fracture of one of her L3 facets. Next a 42-year-old female who has intermittent autonomic dysfunction with syncopal ASP episodes.

And lastly a gentleman who has chronic back problems from a fall. He currently has spinal stenosis with a lot of art

What is your take on a Ionizer Water PH machine?

Is gluten a problem for everyone, even though they may not have an actual gluten intolerance.

HI Doc, your skin is magnificent.. what do you use?! 

my daughter was 3 years old when she had her tonsils removed ,she was sick a lot and dr said would help her out. now when she is older she has one sinus infections after aother .when I read the book of Dr. Norman Walker he is saying it is due to the tonsilitis.I ordered Argentine 23 nose spray,can be use that every day to prevent infection or only as needed?thank you,anyway I love the buttons on your fancy shirt

I started on the HBSP paks 4.5 months ago thinking I was the healthiest person I know, but wanting to do my best for me and help others. Wow, after 4.5 months I have resolved or am in process of resolving 13 issues in me. Happy to say that a Mitral Valve Prolapse scary palpitation, skipped beats situation diagnosed in the 80's (never took the drugs they suggested) that had got REALLY concerning, is 98% GONE. GONE! You cannot imagine the relief I am feeling! Thnx You, Dr W no 12 Bad Foods. 

65 year-old woman just started dialysis. What does she look for to see when kidneys are functioning better? She is on HBSP, Ult. Classic Daily and selenium.

Just discovered youngevity and am looking fwd to starting the supplements. My concern is, I have Graves' disease and I had a hair mineral analysis done that shows that I have copper overload and also very high calcium. How will this impact the supplements? I'm on the paleo diet, which is helping. I have thyroid eye disease and am hopeful my eyes will self correct. 

Friend has a swollen dried out itchy nipple. any idea what that might be? 

My daughter-in-law has spinal stenosis. I tried to get her on healthy bone and joint pack , but it hurt her stomach so much she could not handle it. I gad her start on our enzymes to see if that would help, but I don't think it has helped much yet. What would your suggestion be?