Health Chat: March 3, 2016

00:08 Part ll Male 48yrs 180lbs Dr G Last Q&A you asked the reference range of my calcium score of 132. 0-100 mild atherosclerotic plaque burden, 101-400 MODERATE, 401+ extensive. I saw 2 different cardiologists and asked them both if I could reverse the plaque. One said no and the other said there have been proven studies that show the statin drug Crestor can. He gave me samples and also said to take a baby aspirin for the rest of my life. I’ve seen firsthand what statins have done to my mom and uncle and refuse to go down that road. (Besides I already have a prescription dependency I want to shake).  I asked this doctor “Isn’t there any other way?”... “change my diet, quit my stressful job, exercise every day, sleep better, yoga,  anything?”...He said, “no, sorry only statin drugs”.   I asked him 4 times, basically pleading to give me an out and to tell me the secret alternative to drugs.  He wrote the prescription and sent me on my way.

 You suggested the following for me to take and I have already made the purchase: 2 healthy body start pack 2.0 liquid, 2 plant minerals, 4 selenium, 2 gluco gel 240ct(3 disc degeneration in low back, torn acl). My question is: Can plaque/calcium buildup in our arteries be reduced and if so what would be the protocol? I would absolutely love to go back to both these cardiologists, with a new lower score and PROVE to them there is an alternative!

Taking 10mg Prozac, & 7.5/325 Norco 2x day. Any direction on coming off these? Thank you for all you do and if this all works I will personally come shine your shoes and kiss your feet!!!!

00:16 Hello Dr. G – I have finally turned the corner and am feeling mostly normal in this valium wean process. But just before feeling better I pulled my back and neck out from having jolts or nervous shocks. Chiropractor worked his magic but it took a few visits, but my heart still beats irregular. My last wean was October and I am not eager to try again. Will I still be able to heal even while on a small amount of valium especially my darn gut? I have done everything you told me to do don’t have daily diarrhea but my bowel movements are skinny and I am gassy (doing probiotics at night and RB belly during day). By the way the ginger bath is AMAZING!!! Something else I wanted to mention I am tired a lot, I am waking up tired and not a lot of energy during the day like before. So what do you think? thanks Dr. G!

00:19 hello doc, wife has pulmonary hypertension and the specialist doctor told her to limit her water intake to 1 1\2 litres per day and to stay away from salt because they say if she does she will get fluid build up in the heart and lungs, what is your take on them telling her to not eat salt or lots of water ???

2nd question, can you talk about the common cold, I used to get it all the time but since taking the youngevity products I have been good, is the common cold unavoidable or is it all about your immune system ??

00:22 I have been on B.T.T Digestive Pack over a year now, and some other of your products,Enzymes Sweet Eze cherry Min, Efa ultimate. I absolutely love them, the issues I am having now is blurry vision, numbness in the toes and itching. So stopped the Supplements, the Btt, the Cal toddy and The Beyond Fx for a week or so then the symptoms mentioned above ceased. Then as I returned to them the symptoms returned. I also have Ringing in the Ear,Glaucoma, and Border line Diabetic.I really need your Help.

 Another ,Q-- Is, my husband Has had B cell Lymphoma, he had Rounds of Chemo( his own) Cells Transplant, He now has another lump in His mouth, and the Cancer is back, We need your, help Doc. Please let me know what is the cost your Personal consultation fees, and how do I proceed to get an appointment, if it's affordable for us. 

00:27 TSH 26.43 Free T 3 normal Free T4 normal dead tired

00:29 Hi Dr. G! This is so embarrassing! Even though I am sweating less (Thanks to your recommendations) a Dermatologist prescribed an antibiotic for me for Bromhidrosis. Why would I have too much bacteria on my skin causing this? Do you have any recommendations to help me with this? My husband smells sweatier than he used to also which makes me wonder if its a problem in our diets. Thanks! 

00:33 Thanks for your recommendation for my friend who wants to prevent getting a liver transplant. Sent him to them via Advocate 2 day access. He was working with a Naturopath and he added something to clear the high amounts of copper from his system. Shortly thereafter he had a really bad flare-up. His hemoglobin #'s improved so they diagnosed him with "nearly positively" auto-immune Hepatitis since he responded to Prednisone. He thinks the stuff he was given caused the flare-up. Could he be right?

Is having a DEXA Bone Density test harmful or have harmful side effects?

What causes fluid on the knee?

00:37 Hi Doc, G ,I'M 46 yrs. old and got some blood work done recently. My total Testosterone reading is 449 and my Free-Testosterone83.5 and also my T4 is 1.12 and T3 is 3.13.What is your thought on these ranges. Thanks 

00:38 mri says: An annular bulge and hypertrophied facet joints and ligamentum fiavum narrow the lateral recesses of the spinal canal, right worse than left, contacting and possibly compressing the right S1 nerve root. I do have numbness and tingling in the right foot and lower leg. Will OsteoFX take care of this? Part 2 I have been taking Healthy Bone and Joint pk since last July.

00:41 Doc, you said to make CM stronger to add good herbs bone & joint plus peppermint oil, how much should I add is what I want to know? TY

00:42 Is Grapefruit never good to eat any longer? If oil is used in baking - i.e. pumpkin bread, etc., ……is that a no-no? What is the reason to take Sweet Eze & Selenium between meals (because you have to take them on an empty stomach or is it maybe to avoid phytates)? 

00:43 Please talk a bit about digestion aids, HCL (with pepsin),enzymes,probiotics, when to take them, when not to. 

00:50 Truck driver late 50's 200# developed "hidradenitis suppurativa" around waist. Extremely uncomfortable. MD prescribed antiobotics (didn't work), zinc (didn't work), cortizone cream (didn't work.) I got him on colloidal silver, he tried, but I didn't know about Sovereign Silver. Started HBSP Heart and Brain, extra selenium, heart support, niacin, plnt derived mins...started clearing up. Is flaring up again. Spraying Sovereign Silver 2xdaily, sometimes drinking a T. of it. What is better protocol? 

00:53 no question but i recently had my CBC/Chemistry test and D3 results back, and since on youngevity all 3 red blood cell levels not high any more and within labcorp reference ranges. Yeaaaaaa, fasting Glucose was 80 and the company's optimal levels are 75 to 85, so all is well there on 4 sweet eze per day; Total Cholestesral was 231, (there reference range is 100-199) LDL Cholesterol calc was 156 high wth their reference range at 0-99. the blood test company says they like to see my triglycerides to be at 80 and mine was 60 this time, D3 was 98 so i was told by health advisors to lower the 10,000 to 7000 thousand for now, per day, so, many improvements on youngevity,

00:56 Yo Dr. G! If you remember a while back when you were on my show we talked about my friend who has dermatomyositis. I've been buying him basic product for the last several months and he's seeing excellent results. Just wanted to give you an update and to say, "Thanks!" 

00:57 My husband James has increasing ringing in the ears. He is on the Healthy Bone and Joint Pak (using Cal-Toddy 2 oz / day) plus Selenium and Plant Derived Minerals. Does he change dose or modify his program?