Health Q&A: March 7, 2016

00:07 5. Doc - I’m 34, 5”4’, 167lb (76 kgs), waist line: 40. Couple years ago, in my ultrasound I had liver mild/moderate enlarged in size, rest (other blood tests) all perfect. 1 year ago, it got to “enlarged” echogenicity of the liver parenchyma, rest perfect. I was told its just fatty liver, cut down on alcohol, lose some weight. I didn’t get ultrasound done this year because my bloodwork done 2 months ago shows everything in normal range except Triglycerides 264mg/dl. My SGPT, SGOT Bilirubin Albumin any other liver/urine tests are all normal. Now, since past month sometimes while sitting down/driving (I have desk job) I feel slight something like a feeble ache in my right upper abdomen, on the side especially if I’m slouched on that side. No pain or any major discomfort and It goes away when I adjust posture, stand or stretch back. Do you think my liver has enlarged a lot!!? or its something else! or may be I just need to do more physical work cut all alcohol.?

00:10 In Jan. you told me what to take for my psoriasis, I know it hasn't been that long but I've seen not even the slightest improvement. My brother did recommend that I start spraying where my psorasis is with Sovereign silver, he believes that my problem is actually infection. I honestly have no clue. Short story when I was going to my dermatologist, he put me on 2 types of antibiotics (clindamycin & Rifampin) . About a week later my condition improved a ton but when off of the meds, it came back. Please note that this was over a year ago. Any suggestions? Also can you give me a list of everything I need to be taking? Current weight 150lbs. More information about me. Since 2011 I've been on heavy medication to suppress my immune system, even as far as infusions that did not work. I have been off immunosuppresents since Feb. of last year. That also being said, I've been off the 12 bad foods since then also. Maybe my immune system is still trying to build back up?

00:19 I have hyperthyroidism with a large goiter on neck with surgery in near future. Also link with Crohn's disease. What supplements can reduce goiter.

00:23 Dr. G, my 8 yr/o son was born w/only 1 kidney. I was told recently by someone who looks at the eyes that he was having a kidney filtering issue (possibly due to consuming too much protein). I figures since he only has 1 kidney that it is working overtime. I've heard Doc Wallach suggest taking ultimate cardio sticks, Ultimate daily classic, and ultimate Niacin Plus for circulation issues. If on a limited budget, which product is best to help support function/circulation of his kidney? Thanks

00:25 Hello Dr. G – I switched back to the old ultimate daily instead of the Dstress is that okay with the Cell Shield and Cardio FX? I had more blood work done over the weekend and while there she measured my blood pressure and heartbeat –blood pressure was 110/90 and heartbeat was 50 but she said it was all over the place. Local ND told me I should see a cardiologist because my heart has extra beats when she listened to it. Do you think I should see a Cardiologist?

remember 2 years ago I got hit real hard in the middle of my back with my husband’s elbow and when it happened I saw stars and it hurt - it took 6 months before it felt better.

Dr. G. I started taking Zymain again which is an anabolic laboratory supplement (I sent you the PDF of the ingredients from our last chat) to knock down the back pain and still taking valium I am afraid to try the Cell Shield and the Cardio without hearing from you on exactly how to take it. I am feeling sharp pains in the middle and lower back, could this be another healing? Already went to Chiropractor twice. Thanks Dr. G! (sorry so wordy tonight )

00:30 Hi Dr. Glidden, I went to get a colonics today 😳 the women spoke about her young daughter (maybe 6 years) having strep throat 5 times this year.  The MDs want to cut out tonsils but she doesn't.  What program should I recommend and should I recommend colloidal silver? Thanks

00:33  What other kinds of oils can we use besides the fish oil and the peppermint oil?

00:34 I have something that is called (I'm told) Vaso Vagel Syncopy. Whenever I am nauseated for any reason: bad food, flu, or motion sickness (I have a hairpin trigger for that), I don't throw up, I go into shock. I have to get in the fetal position. I sweat. I freeze. My blood pressure drops. I cannot move. I feel like I am going to die. Sometimes I start to pass out. Ammonia inhalers bring me back in those cases. It takes at lease an hour to recover to the point I can move.

00:39 hi doc, my question today is not really about health but more to just get to know you and the challenges you face on delivering the true health message, do you ever face pressure or threats from the pharma companys or government about the message we are all trying to get across to people ? do you ever fear that they might come after you ? as you know there was 6-8 holistic doctors that in suspicious manner were killed this past summer ? 

00:45 How would you compare the Y. liquid Plant minerals with the minerals in capsule form? 

00:46 Have a friend who's 24 year old daughter has been battling weight and has many health issues, especially Asthma. She weighs 210 and is 5' 7" she gets sick with cough and stays sick all winter. Is on a puffer. Had surgery for sinus polyps that came right back. Has no smell or taste for several years now. Tonsils out @5 years old.Allergic to 40 foods, told she had fatty liver, told her Adrenals are not good. She is working to remove all wheat sugar and nitrates, corn and soy and pop.

00:49 Hello Doctor Glidden, Working with a lady that apparently has gallbladder problems that the doctors are calling Murphy Syndrome, What is it and what do you do?

Working with a lady with that is on Peritoneal Dialysis which she does every night and is on a list for a transplant. Will that for of dialysis interfere with the youngevity program and do you think anything can be done for her?

00:51 2 questions - Are teflon pans okay to use and are meal replacement supplements (vegetable based) ok to take? I'm mostly referring to Garden of Life's RAW Protein shakes

00:53 Last week for my husband James, you recommended for ringing in the ears, 1 Glucogel capsul per 10 pounds of body weight. James is currently 185 pounds and taking 4 oz Glucogel Liquid as part of taking the Healthy Bone and Joint Pak plus Selenium, Plant Derived Minerals, and ZRadical. Should he take 19 Glucogel capsules per day on top of the 4 oz of Glucogel liquid? James has substituted Cal-toddy in place of Osteo-fx.

00:54 My mom has gotten cold feet on taking the supplements for your afib protocol. All items are ordered but she is concerned with the interactions of her current meds the main one being Xarelto(blood thinner) 20mg. Can the blood get too thin? Any ingredients she should be concerned with? mom is 82yrs & 150lbs

00:56 I have a friend suffering from 'Frozen Shoulder" my thoughts are a calcium deficiency... she is thinking about surgery...would you please give us your thoughts? thank you

01:00 Hello Dr. G. Can you explain what causes complete loss of sight when a person has corneal replacement. They were able to see very well for three months after the surgery. Then totally blind in that eye. Thanks for all you do for us. 

01:01 Hello Doctor Glidden, My wife's niece was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, she is almost 5 years old but she is the size of a 2 year old! Any recommendations for her? 

01:03 Dr. Glidden, could you give me your prescription for healthy Bone & Joints. 

01:10 Dr.Glidden, Orthostatic Hypotension is what the md's are classifying as a certain type of low blood pressure thas has to do with standing and stretching but couldnt figure out why. HA She was sent to the Endocrinologist he suspects issue with pituitary gland low cortisol and adrenal function I recommended nutrition and diet and told her to get on youngevity. Additionally they said Hypopituitarism and are ordering additional tests which include blood drawing before and after injection of hormones. This sounds extreme to me since all they asked is if she drinks a lot of coffee and ate enough calories. UNREAL

01:11 4 year-old boy with chronic cardio cutaneous syndrome...what to recommend? 

01:13 I am noticing higher frequency hearing loss, probably due to too much loud music at young age. What nutrients can I focus on to attempt some restoration?