Health Q&A: March 31, 2016

00:06 40 yr old male, 160 lbs, gluten free but not on the 90, had Lyme diagnosis a year ago, treated with antibiotics. This weekend had severe hip and knee to foot pain. 100ml fluid drawn twice from swollen stiff knee. MD thinks it is a return of Lyme Disease. Any recommendations?


00:09 my dad has inflammation on his prostate an is also enlarged he is thinking of getting the surgery done for that but is there anything i can do to help him out an not get the surgerythanks doctor g. 

hi my wife has been having itchy skin and rashes on and off for the past 5 months now . some days she is ok an others not so good an when she goes out side an is cold she will get rashes and itchy skin right away an she will get pain in the joints also. an she seen a doctor already and they told.

00:13 Hi Dr. G. I heard you say you spray colloidal silver on your skin every night. I thought Meso Copper was the thing to spray on the skin (maybe both)? Do you wash your face with soap? What about the hair and body? Thanks! 

00:14 Hello Dr. Glidden, my older sister 50 y/o 5'3" 140lbs. was diagnosed with Lichen Planus(losing her hair) currently taking Plant Derived minerals, how can we help her? 

Hi Doctor, I am under the weather with a sinus infection, Can you please tell me the website to get the argentine 23?

00:19 Dr G. At times it is pretty tough to avoid the 12 bad foods.  Will you rank them so in these difficult situations, we the advocate nation, can make the best choice.   

Also, is taking supplements with Tangy ok.  Trying to avoid drinking too much water as to not urinate out the nutrients.  Thank you! 

Lastly, is drinking kombucha with a meal ok?  Fermented vs carbonation.

00:20 hey doc my wife is trying to get off synthroid med for her under active thyroid, she has been taking the oceans gold for 4 weeks and cut her syntroid from 100 mg to 50 mg, she had her free t3 freet4 test done yesterday and her results were t4 8.5 free t3 3.7 and her tsh was 16.70 which the doc said the tsh was high and cant figure out why the t3 t4 were ok but not tsh now they want to send her for antibodies test, what do you think about those numbers ? 

2nd question is why is it the good herbs respitory support says not to take with thyroid medication ???

00:24 Hello Dr.G,iam back lol,nice cuff links,hey just found out about a female friend of ours in town where i live who is 43 years young with two sons has stage four cancer in her colon but the tumor is in her rectom,she is in good spirit right now,is this her life sentence,i so would like to help her but i fell helpless,anything you might want to pass along to me for her?Thanks Dr. 

00:26  what do you think about drinking distilled water only,and about apple cider vinegar daily for a good health

00:28 What is your take on appropriate tx for pericarditis?  45 y.o. male went to ER for chest pain; stayed 1 nite in hosp -told his heart was very healthy but needed Levaquin prescipton for an "infection in the body that caused swelling in heart membrane."  He developed hives, diarrhea, insomnia, pain in ankle -couldn't walk. Quit Levaquin. He read that there is a black box warning on Levaquin. He had signed a paper that he would not sue the hospital. 

Dr. G. please help!! I have tried everything and it's not working. I am craving soil but stopped eating it because I am afraid of parasites. Then I been getting into sheetrock in the house. Now to stay away from that, daily, I have to chew on paper towel or tissue. Instead of deficiency, maybe it's an addiction or something pscyhological? It is a very strong craving! 

00:41 Do you think that KidSpinklz with Strawberry-Kiwi Mins is a reasonable substitute for HBSP for a finicky kid? 

Will you be in Anaheim for the leadership conference?

00:42  Hi Dr. G. I think you are one of the coolest docs I've ever come across. I used your information and Youngevity products to recover from pneumonia for which I was hospitalized for over a month. I recovered in 3 months versus the 1 year the MDs estimated. My lungs were extremely damaged and I was on oxygen. I am now fully healed and got my mom turned on to Youngevity now to cute her diabetes. Her A1c dropped from 10.1 to 7.1 in 2 months using Sweeteeze, healthy body pak, selenium and berberine. My question is what is best to cure keratosis pilaris on body and dry scaly skin? Is it EFA or vitamin A deficiency? Thanks. Also, Doc, my mother has melasma and all her fat seems to go directly to her belly. What should she take to fix that problem? She is 58, diabetic and taking the healthy blood sugar pak along with selenium. 

00:45 i take Armour thyroid and have also been on the Healthy Body weight loss pack.  Haven't lost as much as I would have thought.  Could it be the thyroid? 

00:48Hello Dr. G! Have You heard about holopathy?What is your opinion of this?Thank You!! 

00:50I will be speaking to your exec. assistant in hiring you on a project pertaining to your previous talk with me pertaining to my son who was diagnosed with Duchenne at 15 months old and you gave me an action plan and you told me to "not get out of the boat". He has done very well .. two of the top Muscular Dystrophy Doctors: Dr. Darris at Boston Children's and Dr. Mandel of Children's Nationwide Hospital ( saw him this past Tuesday) are both amazed at his ability to move, walk, and endurance. 

He is on Tangerine, Selenium ( 4 caps ), H.G.H ( 2 Caps ), Cheri mins. He is 35 lbs and don't know if that is too much daily dosage. But Dr. Glidden ... you would be amazed at the arrogence and hostility I am getting talking about your program and Dr. Walach's methods. They even gave me a gov report that selenium does not cure duchane and I explained that ONLY selenium does not work but a combined nutrient program. I will be speaking with you soon. Dr. Darris at Boston Children's said Wow, Wow, Wow after 6 months on the program, which now he is on the program for a year. He doesn't speak only a few works and stairs are a problem .. so the war is continuing which I why I am getting you involved.

00:56If time allows:  Into 3rd week of Youngevity and trying to get on the other side of the following: Plaque buildup in arteries.   Heart palpitations PAC's.  Low back disc degeneration. Torn acl/meniscus in knee.            Am I taking too much or right amounts?               Tangy 4 scoops a day, 10 efa day, Cal Toddy 2oz day, Plant Deriv minerals 2oz day, Selenium 9 day, Gluco Gel Liq 2oz day, Cardio fx 9 day, , cell sheild rtq 6 day, CM cream nightly

00:58 my wife who's an RN wants to get a CAT scan to see if she has plaque in her coronary arteries.  I think I know what you're going to say, but say it anyway! 

1:04 Hi Doctor Glidden, Do you have a list or a website of the diets on the blood type? I am B+ Type Doctor Glidden, My hat it's off to you, today is a year since my nephew had a car accident following your recommendations, his doctors can't believe his recovery!!!