Health Q&A: April 18, 2016

00: 27 Question : Hi Dr G, Can you talk about the Youngevity ASAP/HCG diet. I noticed the diet includes Melba toast/Grissini bread sticks? Isn't that gluten? Can you also address the "concerns" about HCG diet increasing risk of cancer??  Thanks so much! You Rock!

My Stats: 45yr Male. 35lbs overweight. taking 90/life & have eliminated 12 bad foods for two months now. :)

00:28 Question : Evening Dr G!  I've completed my first month of youngevity supplements! Yay!  I've found mixing all the supplements is the best way to make sure I don't miss a dosage.  Any opposition? Mixing Tangy, Cal toddy, gluco gel, plant minerals & z radical.  

Also, is olive oil contained in premade foods like hummus okay to eat?Thank you!

Are oats that are gluten free okay to eat?

00:29 Question : my friends step daughterhasdysautonomia,  she is 15 over weight andeatspoorlywith little or no supplementswhat can be done for her?

00:31 Question : Hi Dr. G. – Results not in yet from the cardiologist, but in the meantime I am using Cardio FX and Cell Shield - 1 of each per day along with all the other supplements – is that enough?  Developed a skin rash from the testing tape and am spraying Argentine 23 on my chest a few times per day – is that a good idea? Also would it be too much to take the slender FX twice every day?  Oh and by the way the cardiologist was not interested in testing my iron –  Thanks Dr. G.

00:33 Question : Hey Doc - it's been 10 weeks since my family and I eliminated the 12 bad foods and began nutrifying with HBSP2.0L plus selenium & PDM and we're experiencing great overall results. So first off, thank you! Kind of a silly question, but my wife and I have been getting dry lips lately and pretty regularly. Beyond being more accountable with our hydration, is there anything else that comes to mind that may help alleviate that symptom? Thanks Doc - YOU ARE AWESOME!

00:35Question : 53 year old female, perimenopausal, cervix inflamed, feel urge to pee a lot (ugh), had tests no infection or stds.  and menopausal women who is 55 who has migraines all the time goes away when she takes steroids.

0:37 Question : How’s it going Doc?  I hope everything was great down in CA.  My question for you today is what would be your complete recommendation to get on the other side of polycystic ovarian syndrome?  Other than the basic 90 and a diet high in cholesterol, what else would be beneficial to take?  And just to confirm, does the liver make most of your cholesterol or is it a small percentage?  Thanks Doc!

00:39Question : My son got on the products for eczema (and off the 10 bad foods) and is doing very well! The other day he told me that he woke up with hearing explosion in his head, he didn't get a headache or anything, but it scared him.  He found out from online, it's called head explosion syndrome and many people have it. I’m wondering what you think of it? Thank you


My son got on the products for eczema (and off the 10 bad foods) and is doing very well! The other day he told me that he woke up with hearing explosion in his head, he didn't get a headache or anything, but it scared him. He found out from online, it's called head explosion syndrome and many people have it. I’m wondering what you think of it? Thank you

Pete Question : I have been taking Youngevity since June 2015 and have notice no change what am I doing wrong? I am still tired all day and don't sleep all night, the ringing in my ears is getting louder, I am still seeing double (not all the time) my muscles still ache,  feet cramp up, my blood pressure still high (145/86 with BP meds), and migraines. Still off 12 bad foods and taking 1oz osteo fx with 2oz OJ twice a day, 2 BTT 2.0 tabs, and 2 EFAs twice a day,

00:43Question : Hi Doc, I was wondering if my pre-workout powder contains phytates cause it has caffine in it or is it just the actual coffee beans that contain phytates.

00:44 Question : My niece has been on dialysis for about a year.  MD's initially said it was high BP now they say autoimmune disease.  She listened to your webinar on kidney health and ordered all products.  question is: she has had infection in her port and is on several antibiotics.  she has had diarrhea for a while now.  How do you recommend she begin taking nutrients under these circumstances? She is in her early 30's and weighs about 100lbs. she said to tell you thank you for giving her hope.

00:45 Question : hi, did they fix it not working? i missed a few weeks of these, i gave up because i could not listen it kept giving trouble, is it fixed? ty i am still doing the ultimate clissic 90 pack

00:50 Question : Hubby has varicose veins & is spraying w/Meso copper & open wounds w/silver.  They seem to be improving a bit, but is there something he can use to stop the horrible itching?  I've got him on the BTT & selenium for right now.

00:51 Question : Hello Doc. My friend was today diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in situ on Right Anterior Upper Breast. Doctor said it is still inside and hasn't spread yet but looks aggressive and he gave options of doing Lumpectomy or Mastectomy. He told her that she has to take a decision in 3-4 weeks. My friend wants to privately consult you in this matter. Can you please give your best email where i can email you her diagnostic report and a number where we can take an appointment. A short explanation on this will be awesome. Her weight is 125 lbs and age is 42. Thanks a lot.


00:53the chat room) under 100 lbs heathy eating for years no gluten but also no meatfor years, just now adding eggs and little meat back in diet.  Very sensitive to smells, perfume, flowers etc. will make her sleepy and sick.  Sensitive to alot of foods & supplements. Started HSP, felt great for a few weeks then broke out in rash and didn't feel good so stop HSP.  Did the blood panel test & lots of foods not to eat.  She doesn't get flu or colds. What should she do?

My question might be semi duplicated by Connie Pair.  She is a new advocate and I wasn't sure she would ask so I did.  She will probably give you better detail

00:56  Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, my question is: what to recomment for Freiberg's disease, greetings from the Netherlands!!

Hello Dr Glidden! I love your teaching and i am very gratefull!!

00:58 Question : I have a itchy rash on my left breast since started taking BTT.  Diagnosed with breast cancer-left breast December 2012. No surgery or chemo.

01:02 Question : Hey Dr G, been taking the healthy body start pak plus selenium and Dstress for a week, been noticing positive changes, but I have palpitations feel cold and dizzy and weak since having son 6 months ago, possible thyroid problem? yellowing around the mouth too much vitamin A? I have gallstones and mild pancreatitis as well. avoiding surgery!!

I had the yellowing around my mouth before starting the supplements, I have noticed since taking the supplements my nails are more brittle same with my hair, it is very dry and thinning, though it was like this before starting the supplements. I also tend to get the palpitations while I am nursing my son. Im 28 female 119lbs

01:06 Question : Doc my husband gets a tingling in his head when taking the Niacin Plus, is this normal?

01:08Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, What would you recommend for someone who has vascular edema?  Thank you!

01:08 Doc, my blood sugars are consistently at 325 and an MD just prescribed Metformin and Glyburide.

I've been taking 8 sweet eze per day for months with no noticeable changes.  So now that my foot is inflammed we are bending to the pressure. What do you think I should do?