Health Q&A: May 12, 2016

Question : a local 52 year old man, around 182 pounds, and around 5 foot 7 inches tall, but i can't be sure of that, recently had a heart attack and had a stent put in; what would be the protocol for him, i will be seeing his mother tomorrow and offering plant derived minerals on a trial basis and i: will let her know she can view the archived chat;

Question: have been visiting the store owner for a few months and education her on dr wallach's CD on Dead doctors don't lie, the 90 for life brochure, and tomorrow i will give her the new flyer on rebound comparisons and the 3 Steps to Health evaluation (www.yteamtools.comstates they will not be ordering anymore 90 for life brochures since it takes 10,000 to order them and the owner is not with youngevity anymore; just in case people wonder why they are on back order, i called them to find out why, if enough people call in to complain that they would like them to reorder those brochures, he may change his mind and reorder them;

Question : Hi Dr. G.  we so appreciate these online Q&A sessions.  I have one of my distributors with me -- Joanne. She has a customer with a 5 yo child with cardiofaciocutaneous syndrome.  I asked you about that before, but Sam was misdiagnosed with strep throat several days ago and put on amoxicillian for 2 days.  Corrected diagnosis is thrush. He is very sick with fever and has lost 5 pounds in less than a week.  What can we recommend to get on top of this quickly? He has a referral to an immunologist.

A 66 yo 125# female on our YGY team has stage 4 liver fibrosis. She is on bone & joint pak, Hepol, Herbal Rainforest & Fucoid Z.  She now has swelling & tenderness after starting Beta Glucan 500 so wondering if that's a part of the process or if she needs to ramp up or down.

Question : Evening Dr Glidden, Mom of Martay. 60 days on youngevity afib protocoland feel good in many areas although I still battle with tree/grass allergies.  Currently I have had a cough and infection over 2 weeks now and it has wiped me out. No energy.  Can you give me some direction on knocking out this infection.  Coughing yellow mucas, and bad drainage.  Antibiotic I was given didn't work. Thank you for all you do.  Babs

Question : Hello, I am going to try this again. I am 72 years, Weight 185, My Blood Pressure -165 to 185 , also high HDL 56- LDL 161, CHO/HDL Ratio 4.1 Plus all the doctors are doing is giving me medication. to this date they haven review the test results with me. my height i.e. 5 feetopps, the say I have State 2 chronic kidney disease what can do to not take all this med.  they are killing me i feel worse everyday. High Blood Presure, only at this time But nothing else they want me to take for Kidney disease, Diabetes, But they are not explaining the test they did. they have not time.

Question : Hey Doc! I just wanted to get your take on all the great benefits of fasting up to 24 hrs once a week or once in a while.   I’ve been doing it consistently over a year and feel that it’s improved my overall health especially digestion.

Question : Evening Dr G!  I have had ringing in one ear for over a year now and couldn't take it anymore so I went to my ENT dr.  I have a perforated ear drum from tubes that were put in as an adult and they have since fallen out.  One ear closed up and the other did not.  The one that did not is the one that is constantly ringing.  I watched the tinnitus webinar but feel my situation is a bit different.    The dr says there is moisture in that ear and probably inflamation. She gave me ear drops to dry it up and nasal spray.  Should I use them or do you have a recommendation?

Question : I’ve completed ur Therapeutic Cleanse per ur Detox webinar w/3 colonics back-to-back. It was amazing & revitalizing not to mention ‘easy.’  Monday, I’ll be getting blood work done, and I would like to know what info I cud ask for besides Vit D.  Different subject, 41yo daughter was ‘diagnosed’ w/a mild form of MD (diagnosed after a muscle biopsy at10yo).  It hasn’t been degenerative, and she still struggles w/building muscle. Her running has more of a fast waddle - can't do sit-ups. Thoughts?

Question : DR G i had a hysterectomy 8 years ago due to complications of menstruation and having a cyst of a size of an orange :( though they left me with 1 ovary. I suffer from hot flushes and want to rid of them lol and what is your recommendation for treatment of dry skin and varicose veins? thanks

Question : 16yr old born without atrioventricular canal, had surgery, has high BP from it so takes Lisinopril (ACE inhibitor). Recommendation please? Any specific things to focus on or avoid? EFA, selenium, COQ10, taurine, carnitine? God bless!

Question : What is your opinion on what water to drink?  I live on 5 acres and have well water but worry about what my farming neighbors doing that ends in our water.

Question : What would he best protocol be for a 5 yr old boy who has always had respiratory problems, on inhaler and steroids now. I know EFA's are important, but unclear on the right ones/ dosages for children.

Question : 21 year old mail 6 ft 170 lbs works out 5 days a week good diet for a 21 year old.  does yg 90. not bulking like he should. has ED. went to MD to get tested for low T wanted to do blood panel but cost $400 MD thought he might have thyroid issue also.  Can you recommend blood panel at direct labs and supplements for him?

65 year old male diagnosed with Malignant melanoma of the right eye. Its under his eyelid. Had a stroke a few years ago also. What supplements would you recommend and do you have a Wholistic doctor that has had success with melanoma that you would recommend

Question : 89 year old mother has difficulty sleeping due to MUSCLE ACHES, which she associates with exertion of gardening, yard work, even short walks.

She (mostly) adheres to 12 bad foods and is taking Ultimate Daily and other components of 90 For Life (has tried BTT; it disagrees with her system).  Going easy on Ultimate Daily and Osteo-FX liquid because they give her diarrhea (too much magnesium??).

These MUSCLE ACHES are only a night time problem, but they are persistent.  Can you suggest any other?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, today I am asking you a few questions for the benefit of my 20 year old nephew.  He is currently in the hospital for high fever and bleeding in the stool.  He was previously in the hospital where he had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with crohn’s disease.  Additionally, he has multiple skin issues for which he is taking antibiotics such as an abscess on the side of his body, inflamed spots on his legs, eczema on his feet, bad acne on his back, and mouth canker sores. My sister is currently avoiding the 12 bad foods.  What can be done in addition to 90 nutrients for life in terms of homeopathic remedies?

Question : If someone has a problem with dairy would they also have a problem with goat milk products? Or are they totally different?

Question : Still having digestive issues... what about the Enzymes/Flora? Will that help restore my pathetic bowel issues. It's one BIG thing that would mean a lot to me, if my digestion system could return to somewhat normal, as I've had problems for a real long time now. Maybe I'll never be "normal" again, but anything better than now would be very nice.  Never needed Enemas from a year backwards, and then it got better for almost a year, and now back to this foolishness again.  None of the products has helped so far, and I'm about to order my 2nd month supply now.

Question : Update from Monday, I mentioned to you that I thought I might have taken too much Vitamin A and had elevated liver enzymes. As usual you were right my enzymes were exactly normal. Quit the antibiotics, doing enzymes before a meal, EFA, probiotics, BTT, Beyond Osteo-fx, and will see if I can get over this fatigue, cough, phlegm. Don't Retire Yet.

Question : Hi Dr. G, wondering how many Ultimate Niacin Plus I should give my 80 lb son per day? I'm wanting to help with the circulation in his kidney. Thanks and much love

Question : Question from downline - What are Dr. G'S thoughts on (Cushings Syndrome) All Cortisol tests were high except late afternoon (typical in adrenal fatigue as well) sretch marks present, weight gain around the waste etc. unknown whats causing the high cortisol but conventional medicine would point to benign microscopic tumors on the pituitary and or the adrenal glands or possible metabolic syndrome. How would Dr. G go about correcting cortisol levels

Questions: What to do about rapid heart rate?  I am a senior.

Question : hello doc sorry will be3 rd time am asking u this question every time u said it i couldn't pick up the right word # what is the best birth control plan for a woman #   please email me the word if u can here is my email jeremiekl@yahoo.frjust ur knowledge English is my second language i speak french. (cervical cap for woman, condom for man = 99.99% protection)

another question how bad is listeria is that any lab work that i can do to determine if i have that bacteria i have been eating an organic vegetable that have been recall probably contaminate with listeria

Question : Dr.Gliddenwould love a webinar on Lupus …..Today if you could touch on it. I have a 26 year old vegan who the MDs' have finally formally diagnosed as having Lupus. what are the options….Thank You

Question : Hi Doc, I have been takinng 3 Killer Biotic/day, Liquid Cal + PDM and Argentum 23 for the tooth & gum issue for the past month. After seeing an endodontist, I found out that I have a dental cyst growing in the bone tissue - now due for oral surgery in 2 weeks to remove it.  How can I prepare for the best outcome & after care.  Thanks, Doc for your help

Question: Lost a lot of my fine motor hand control AFTER being in hospital. NO idea what the heck they did to me, but they sure did something. I've never had all numb fingers... not 100% numb, but uncomfy enough to cause alarm to my brain.  I played guitar for 35 years, made top of line Tiffany Lampshades and Windows etc., and now I can barely print my own name or write anything, as I can't hold a pen properly enough.  End up with squiggly lines everywhere... it's VERY depressing.  Any magical formula to help me regain this motor control I seem to have lost seemingly overnight?