Health Q&A: May 16, 2016

Question : My friend Paula is with me...72 yo female, 126# has giant cell arteritis andB-cell lymphoproliferative disorder with CD19, 20,22 positive, CD23 partial. Intermittent stage 3 renal failure. Is on 8 mg prednisone, clonzapam, statins, nortriptyline & osteoarthritis meds.  Suffers w/ exhaustion, shortness of breath, memory issues.  Recently began taking partial HBSP

Question : Last Q&A you recommended sovereign silverear drops.  One of the most painful things I’ve ever done.  Hurt like a son-of-a-gun!   With the hole (perforation) in that eardrum the liquid traveled a long way and I could tell the pain was after entering that hole.  Ear feels clogged and congested.  Direction? 2nd:After experimenting with Cal toddy I am only able to take 2oz sipping throughout the day to prevent manure like stools.  I tried apple a day to no avail.  How should I proceed to get the extra calcium. On another note.  My mother has been on the afib protocol and not taking plant minerals.  She said it was not in the webinar.   I told her everyone takes the essential 90’s but she was right. Just a heads up. No mention of it when you display what’s to be taken.

Question : Hi Dr. G.– I tried to make this short as possible……First day taking remedy was a great day – one of those special rare, normal, regular, fabulous days, I didn’t have my normal lower back pain either. The next day I felt off, - not sharp or quick to think and while standing felt as if I was in a boat (more exaggerated than my normal bad day).  Today is the third day and second day of remedy - took the pellets around 6am when I take my armour, then back to sleep as usual and woke up wobbly and mind not as sharp, but got better as the day went on.  Taking liquid doses for today until we do this chat and you can tell me whether I should continue or not.  Can you also tell me what symptoms we were trying to cure with the Pulsatilla – thanks!  I am amazed my lower back pain is LESS than it’s been in years…

PS Dr. G. my right eye has a big red vein sort of 1” line like a vein burst – rounded, horizontal red vein - under the lid.  I was checking out my face and rolled my eye when I saw something red and lifted the lid to see – slight pain and would have never caught it without lifting up the lid. I started to swim a few laps my blood pressure seems to be okay.  AND my heart is starting to beat normal for the majority of the day!


Question : 2 questions- how effective are the Ultimate Cal capsules in the on-the-go pack? A customer of mine is having difficulty getting the liquid Ca+ down - wants to take the Ult Cal caps instead of working on ways of getting the liquid down. 2nd question - Another customer wants to take bottled liquid fish oil in place of EFAs. What is the best explanation for sticking with the EFAs?

Question : Hey Doc i was wondering what would be best for clearing up skin cancer as my husband has been dealing with this for a long time. He is currently on the brain and heart pack also daily BTT caps cell shield and Gluco gel.

Checking In: 57 years, male, diagnosed 10 years ago with Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Protein Deficiency.  That’s quite the name, GI doc told me I had, Non-A fatty liver, stage II fibrosis, put on protonix for 9 years quit about 8 months ago, had liver enzymes panel last week all is “so-called” normal, but they called me and told me I have 2 cysts on kidney, had 1 before.  Quit 12 bad foods, on BTT 2.0,  Beyond Osteo-FX, 3 EFA’s a day, 2 probiotic morning/evening when to take these?, 1 digestive enzyme each meal. Lungs were/are great workout everyday intense. New Lung doc just out of college 2 years ago, throwing every inhaler in the book at me, so tired of him, quit inhalers. Here is it, he is preaching for me to go on weekly infusions for $10,000 a month to prevent lung damage, says I have copd (although I could beat him in a foot race), never smoked, I’ve refused him 3 times already, he called drug company and they called me trying to get me to sign up, I have not. I really, really, want to fire this MD, but I do not know what I do not know. P.S. I’ve been on Usana for 9 years, and recently Isotonix, now Youngevity for about 1 month. The God’s shined down on me when I saw your webinar of Glen Frey, such a tragedy. Anything you can help with would be really appreciated! Thanks Doc!

Question : Dr G, Some people are very critical on dairy products, what is your take on them? Are they the Antichrist like alot of people think?  Also, do you think Salt Lamps purify the air like some people say the do along with other health benefits from using them.

Question : Dr Glidden My mother was diagnoses with Alzheimer's three years ago.   I plan to move her back home.  She is 5' 8" tall and weights 150lbs.  she is taking the following

  1. Mirtazapine 15mg tablet (RP:Remeron coated) at 8:00pm for depression.  2. Senna-SDocusate sodium 50mg/ semoside 8.6mg/  at 8:00am and 8:00pm everyday.  3.Turmeric Phytosome with merivaWhat mineral plan should I start her on.

Question : I have a friend (new to Youngevity) that has had some serious health challenges when it comes to food allergies. She has been told by the MDs that She has a condition called mast cell activation syndrome/mastocytosis. Her main symptom is that whenever she eats anything her lips get itchy, she gets hives and/or her throat tightens and she can't breathe and has to use an epi pen. However, she hasn't been able to identify exactly what she's allergic to. She thinks she's allergic to carrots, tomatoe

Question : - My 3yo daughter has a global development delay (not walking/talking) with no official diagnosis except that she has low muscle tone (hypotonia). We started with the Kids Toddy... do we need anything else? Like EFA's (but she's can't swallow pills)?

- My husband and I want to start with the Classic 90 Pak. Is this a good one to start with?

- Should we both stop our current supplements when we start?

-Can my he take it with Lipitor and myself with synthroid? Or take Classic 90 at night?

One more...- Should I wait to get started with Classic 90, if I'm trying to conceive for our second in August 2016? If so, how long? Or is it safe for pregnancy?

Question : Hello Doctor! Its Daniah! my mom has just been diagnosed with central vertigo. She had an infected tooth, can she take it out now while she's still dizzy and didn't start treatment yet. What can she take for her dizziness? She has high blood pressure as well.

Also, since I have low progesterone can i use a natural progesterone cream?

Question : 54 year old female, been on hormone treatment for 3 months and would like to get off and use the YGY products (can she quit cold turkey on .625mg of Premarin and 200mg Progesterone)?  She is also on Synthroid for thyroid for 18 years at .5 mg and last 3 years 50mcg.  Can she continue on the Synthroid while adding the 90forLife supplements?  Due to a traumatic Brain Injury 15 years ago (also affected pituitary gland), her HGH was low so she also takes daily injection .45mg of Somatropin. Reason for hormone therapy is no libido, no orgasims, no appetite, depression and difficulty getting a restful night sleep, often waking up and difficulty falling back asleep, which resulted in taking 5mg Valium and 75mg TraZODone for stress and sleeping.  Can she start the YGY products while on the meds, how does she begin and protocol and/or step down process?

16 year old female, severe mood swings, from very happy to very mean, bordering on Personality Disorder according to her counselor.  Eats lots of sugars and carbs.  She is not good about taking the supplements.  Dealing with cranky teens but also wondering if this behavior from poor nutrition?  Are there blood tests that would show blood sugar levels and/or hormone levels that would allow insight to Personality disorder? You don't like the Ult. Cal but what about the Bone Building Formula capsules?

What is the Oxybody Cherry used for?

I’m talking to a man who has had his Spleen removed and is experiencing a high white blood cell count. Is the removal causing the problem? What’s the recommendation?

Working with a lady that has had her Thyroid Radiated in the past, she can’t seem to maintain weight and she is gluten free due to her gluten allergy. She is concerned about her weight so what can she do in this situation.

After you have the foundationalnutrition what would be the best combo of current products to deal with prostate issues? The Prost FX or Super KB.

It was Great seeing you at the Summit, Thanks for your kindness and advice. I never received that book you where going to sign for me.

Can you tell us anything about Sjogren's syndrome. what can be done?

Question : what to do with frozen shoulder? also, a friend has frozen voice box?  also, a friend had a hernia in her belly..? what to do with syringomyelia?

Question : My wife (46 – 140 pounds) has a rare disease with SEVERE allergic reactions to the sun & her skin burns. Started about 2 years ago. The MD’s have no idea what is causing it & have thought it might be Hepatic porphyrias (vampire’s disease) but aren’t too sure. Blood work was sent off recently to Switzerland & it looks like it may have something to do with her liver. She also has bad allergies/reactions to medicine & supplements (haven’t tried Youngevity) What can she try? Thank you

Question : How’s it going today Doc?  You’ve mentioned that sugar isn’t that much of a culprit as it’s made out to be.  How much sugar is a general safe end give or take for someone to consume on a daily basis for those with healthy blood sugar levels?

Question : Dr. Glidden, my mom (73 yrs, 130 lbs) , had her gall bladder removed by MDs due to blocked bile duct about 7 months ago. Just about a month ago she is experiencing itchiness in various parts of her body daily. I started her on Youngevity yesterday! Taking healthy body start Pak 2.0 liquid, plant minerals, selenium, enzymes, sweet Eze, Gluco gel capsules. She has arthritis too. What do you think and suggest? Thank you. I'm a GliddenAdvocate hard at work.

Question : My son was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. I know this isnt your thing, so the question is where to find good help. He is 47 years old and 2 others in the family have died from this.

Question : My son was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidHe has shakes after exercise, is moody, has trouble sleeping.  What should he do to reverse his problem?

Success story!  Since taking the Healthy Brain and Heart pak for a small aneurysm, my dry eye symptoms are gone, funky heart beat is much better, and arthritis in my hand no longer hurts.

Question : Yo Dr. G!  This is hypothetical:  if someone has edema in the lower extremities - along with lots of eggs and other forms of protein would the HGH Youth Complex be a good recommendation to boost blood protein?

Question : Is there a time one would use a product over the other choosing from CleansFX, SlenderFX fiber, or Ult ColonFX?

I have some confusion about the kidney protocol..maybe it has to do with dates of various videos and changes in product.  I've seen recommendations for GH Heart Support, Ultimate Daily Classic, and Super KB.  What is the best add-on?

Need some clarification for my friend didn't address the issue of the giant cell artertitis.  Is there a relationship there with adrenal system or any other protocol besides your prior recomendations?

Question : Hello.  From previous lecture, I think Argentyn 23 is what might give my mom faster relief w/full fungal outbreak.  Trying to break cycle of blister/bleed/scratch/scab/scratch...where's best place to order?  Is Good Herbs antimicrobial antifungal also helpful? (mom is 96 w/vascular dementia, no speech, dysphagic; in care home situation).  Thanks.