Health Q&A: May 2, 2016

Question : I have several small lipomas around abdomen and lower back. Can I get rid of them without surgery? Is there anything besides 12 bad foods that can cause/aggravate lipomas? (red wine, high fat, supplements, etc? Thanks!

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  A few questions today. 1) I have a customer complaining that BTT 2.0 leaves a bad metallic taste in her mouth all day long.  Do you know what could cause this and what I can recommend for her? 2)  Do you have a recommendations for a quality non-whey, non-soy vegetable protein powder? 3) I have several customers who prefer all pill forms -- BTT 2.0, King Calcium.  Are they getting enough nutrients this way?

Question : Hi Doc!! Cousin diagnosed w/ “Follicular Lymphoma.”   Will you explain and advise? Thanks so much!

Question : My son is 15 and is suffering from severe insomnia. He can't seem to fall asleep. What would you suggest? Thanks

Question : sent my daughter BTT ,and told her to just sip on it during the day.Shetold me BTT has a citric acid and is not good for your teeth to sip on it all day. another sinus infection ,starts as a cold runny nose then is a painful uncomfortable sinus infection.Isit 9 killer biotics a day and Argentine 23?What is the best from youngevity to boost immune system?

Question : Hi Dr Glidden, Does bad breath indicate a digestion problem, if so, can the ultimate enzymes help? Thank You

Question : I’m 28, 120 pounds. It's been a month since being on (HBSP, D-Sress & Selenium) I'm noticing some positive changes but at the same time I'm noticing some negative things too. So before I started on these my nails were longer & stronger & now they are so brittle and my hands are dry & palms go redish orange & yellow as well as around my mouth & I have no idea why? I seem to have days where I wake up & I'm just exhausted all day long & then I'll have days where I have tons of energy…Also notice a bit of yellowing around my 6 month sons mouth too now & nose & sometimes he seems very blah as well this is concerning me. I’m drinking more water & only taking 1 dose of the BTT & osteo a day because I find it takes me all day to drink it. Should I stop the BTT for a few days & see if that makes a difference with my palms? I noticed this morning before I took anything I wasn't bloated & didn't have red palms or crazy dry skin so it's got to be something I'm taking.  Thank you!

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden!  Two days ago, I pulled something in my arm while reaching for something.  After one day, it hurt, after the second day I can't even move my arm.  It hurts WORSE than child birth, and yes, I've had a child with no pain medication.  I went to the chiropractor today and he gave me as much of an adjustment as he could, he couldn't really do anything with my arm/shoulder.  I am taking systemic enzymes, arnica montana 30c, arnica gel (rubbing it on the area), CM cream with peppermint and frankincense, a product from Nature's Sunshine called APS-II which has white willow bark, valerian root, and capsicum fruit.  I have a heating pad on my shoulder because I can't do an ice pack, it's freezing today in Massachusetts.  I also have an earthing mat over it.  I am STILL in pain after all of this, do you recommend anything else other than going to the MD and getting my arm cut off?

Question : One of my PCs has a friend who's been diagnosed with Tarlov Cyst Disease.  She's had the surgery to drain the cyst, but is still in a lot of pain.  Any suggestions? Also, another customer had major head aches and tachycardia, when she started taking the HSP 2.0 liquid, gulch gel and selenium for Lupus.  She stopped everything for a few days until things seemed to be stable.  She then took the EFAs, Selenium and Gluco Gel and the symptoms returned. I told her to stop everything until she was stable again and then we'd try one thing at a time.  Any other suggestions.

Question : Hi Doctor! My name is Daniah, I'm 24. I weigh 166 pounds. I have hypothyroid, hashimoto, rapid weight gain, low progesterone, and experiencing blood sugar problems and extreme hunger every hour. I get shaky, nervous, disfunction when I'm hungry. It only goes away until I am really full. Please help!

Question : Hey doc, I was just curious on what benefits one would get out eating some of the best cruciferous vegetables that you couldn't get from the youngevity supplements?  Thanks Doc!

Question : Hi Dr. G – Cardio should have sent you the results as of Friday.  I have cables that have come alive and they don’t have a clue why.  My heart looks exceptionally good he said for a 59 year old woman, but that’s it for testing.  They don’t think the valium wean has anything to do with it and I am done with testing on this.  I can feel when it beats extra which is most of the time – the medical world is a disgrace.  I am so happy I found you a year ago.  So what’s my next step Dr. G?  Thanks!

Question : Dr. G. Thanks so much for answering because now Im coughing and suspect its irritation from sheetrock and tissue. Thank you! Please confirm that I take the 2 pellets and 3 liquid doses ON THE SAME day (every other day)

Question : Yo Yo Dr G!  Yo Yo Yogurt to gain weight: possibly causing heartburn/indigestion.  Is there a difference eating it before bed vs during day? 2nd ?- Stools are sometimes like manure.  I've watched Maximizing Absorption but figure the benefits for Atherosclerosis and palpitations outweigh the minorinconvenience.  You ok with that?  Difficult to take smaller doses all day.

Question : Hi Dr. G, I have a friend who tried to explain that her lymph nodes have moved from her underarms to her wrist.  The wrist is swollen, but is this possible.  MD's diagnosis.  Any suggestions?

I have a 89 year-old woman, new customer, on the products for 2 weeks.  She didn't tell her husband she was taking anything and he asked her what she was doing to be feeling so much better!  More energy and eager to be involved in activities -- a real change for her.

You're AWESOME - just thought you should hear it publicly - many people rely on you and what you do is very appreciated - Your education has been priceless to me and my family! dr glidden what is the best from youngevity to boost immune system ? is it bio lumin nightly essence? my daughteris a dentist that is why she was talking about the citric acid in the BTT

Question : 63 year old post menopausal friend has low platelets and Folate levels. Has high Lymphocytes, Leukocytes and Calcium. (2.63 & ref. range is 2.10-2.53. Only taking Youngevity's On the Go Pack which has only 165 mg's of Calcium and 1250 IU of Vit. D. Has very sore back. Her Dr. called and asked her if she was taking a Calcium or Vit. D supp. and now she thinks she has to get her Calcium levels down by reducing supp. What help can you give her to get her blood Calcium levels down and her platelets and Folate levels up? Sending her the Advocate pass so she can hear your answers. Will also be telling her to watch your Calcium webinar. You really Nailed It at Anaheim Dr. G. Male weighing 226 lbs. with IGA Nephropathy. Is on your Kidney protocol. His blood sugar went up after starting on this protocol. Is only taking 3 Sweet-eze a day. Does the raising of his blood sugar have anything to do with the supplements he is on.

Question : I fired my doctor over a year ago. I used to have an annual checkup with bloodwork done. I'm 65. Should I still do this and if so how often and any particular tests?

Question : Hi Doc, I have someone in my group who told me he was an athlete, I ordered Rebound for him. This was his replay.  Hi Nancy

Well I've been on the rebound for about 8 days now and I'm very impressed, I have been performing excellent and I actually had a race today in which I ran a seasons best in the 1500m.  Found out he is the second best in the world in track & field.

Question : Hi Doc, I followed your suggestions for the tooth pain with Lachesis Mutus and liquid Calcium & PDM.  The pain went away and I was very happy.  Now after a few days, the pain and inflammation is back and there is again small blister on the gum above the same tooth.  Could it be a root canal problem?  Should I repeat the Lachesis Mutus/Calc. & PDM?  Thank you for your help.