Health Q&A: May 23, 2016

Question : person with elevated PSAurologist wants to do biopsy. not enlarged prostate but dr wants to to biopsy.  person on HBSP 2.0, selenium, zradical 2nd question is what to do for pulmonary fibrosis? what for chronic UTI in dog. assume same as human but wanted to check what that is

Question : Hey Dr. Glidden can you describe what the Adrenals are and how they work, common problems with them, and what nutrients do they need the most (I know we need at least the 90 but what else?).

Question : Dr Glidden, I talked to you on May 12th about a sinus infection and cough and followed your direction: Sov Silver 3 sprays, 3 ways every 4 hours for 12 days now and killer biotic 2ea 3x day now for 5 days but still sick.  Any additional direction? Also, my son mentioned I should take Plant Derived Minerals.  Is that necessary for the afib protocol?

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  Thanks for being an enlightening spot in the day for us!  I have many customers tell me they don't like the taste of BTT -- either 2.0 or original. What are you thoughts about the liquid BTT?  Maybe they'd be willing to chug down an ounce even if they don't care for it.

Question : YO YO YO Dr G!  What is your take on the Blood Type Diet?

Could my digestion issues be relevant to the fact that Blood type A (me) has a low amount of stomach acid and should focus on a vegetarian diet?  

Also, 12 weeks completed on Youngevity! Atherosclerosis, disc degeneration in low back and heart palpitations.  Should I continue therapeutic dosages or cut back to maintenance dosages after next week(my 90 days)

Question : . A man with constipation for years (several NDs Mds etc. He is off the 12 bad foods for a week. He starts the GAPS diet and wants to start with 3 days cleansing with Suero (Jordan). Can he has any damage to the liver doing the 3 days Suero without taking the 90?

A woman with allergy to Iodine wants to start he program. Is there Iodine in the BTT as it is not an essential nutrients? What wil you recommend for a woman that just had a successful Liver transplanted? The reason was (so I told) a blood clotting .

Question : Fasting BS has averaged 100-110 the last two months since I started Youngeity but the last 2 weeks it has been going up and down about 20 points every few days. I haven't changed anything I eat but I am taking more EFA's.  Is this the healing wave you talk about? BTWthought I needed new glasses because the words were fuzzy, but when I took them off I could see them just fine...What an unexpected surprise...Love, Love, Love, You and Dr. Wallach!!!

Question : I have esophagus stricture which makes it difficult to swallow. I'm would like to know if the only way to get relief is the endoscopy and stretching it or being on the proper nutrients will help resolve it.

Question: Is there anything in our wheelhouse for a Deviated Septum?  Thanks Dr. Glidden

Question: Is it safe to give a dog 100% rawhide? Besides processed /chemicals,sugars, gluten/oils.... what is bad to feed your dog?  Why do Ultimate Enzymes give me acid reflux after i take them? You told me my friend could take good herb heart support for their lung problems, they have bad digestive problems... according to the warning on bottle can they still take it?? Are tiny ants ok to have in an organic non gmo garden,if not how to kill or stop them? Any quick remedies to get rid of acne before the end of the week? what to use for bad sunburn? How to reduce a womans period (pms cycle) down to nothing? (lol)

Question : hi doc I asked u couple of weeks back about hermophilia A , my research has come a blank as theres no info out there in the holistic sence can u talk a little on this subject so I can talk with confidence wen relaying this message, champion pal,

Question : What are your thoughts on genetic testing? My husband and I don't have any abnormalities in our history. My three-year-old daughter was born with hypotonia and she's been tested for MicroArray, muscle enzymes, liver function, plasma amino acid's, brain MRI and everything has come back normal. I just feel they're grasping at this point because now they're ordering more tests and having us go see a neuromuscular specialist. By the way she already sees specialists galore.

1. Can my 3yo daughter eat soft boiled, soft poached or soft scrambled eggs? 2. My husband and I love our eggs in the morning like this, as well. However, I need salt! How much is too much salt? And is Himalayan pink salt the best? 3. Is dandruff caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals?

Question : do you use coconut oil?if yes for what? what are the symptoms of COPD?

I have hypothyroid,taking levothyroxine.I asked my Dr. for a test T3,T4 he said I do not need that test.Wherecan not get it ? I asked the lab and the nursesaid I still need a dr. ok to get that test.

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, There's a lady, 47 yrs, 125lbs. with C.R.E.S.T. syndrom. She lives in Switzerland, and the Dr.s there are giving her meds only to delay the inevitable. They have told her that her trachea and lungswill dry up and she will die.  What kind of deases is this and how can we address it?

Dr. Glidden my mom had a heart attach on mothers day. She is not done with all the testing, all i was told was that her heart is a bit weak to pump the blood out of her heart. Is there anything to repair damage that the heart attach caused?

Question : I have 2 questions.  First, I've had high cholesterol and on Lipitor for about 25 years.   I was told by a MD that it builds a protective wall around any plaque in my veins and if I stop it, I could be in danger of that plaque getting to my heart, should it come loose.  Is that true?

Second, I am a diabetic (type 2) for a couple years now.  I am on Onglyza (5 mg) and metformin (500 Mg twice daily).  I have been on the healthy blood sugar pack for almost a month.  Do I still take my meds?

Got the book, I am so grateful, Thank you. I’m presenting the Youngevity program to a friend whose wife has MS.  In the webinar you used the Brain and Heart Pak with Plant Minerals, Imortalium , enzymes, and Triple Treat for anti-Oxidants. Would you use BTT 2.0 Tablets for cost efficiency? I haven’t been present if you have talked about the best place to use BTT Tablets.  Would you currently make any changes your approach to MS?

Question : Good Evening Dr. Glidden,  Women 60 years old, diagnosed with cancer in 2004 (localized) had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Since that time she has been unable to have intercourse, due to it being to sore, any suggestions?

I watched your Heart Disease presentation and raise the question about the amount of supplements you mention for the nutrition program.  If there is a financial issue what would be the priority?  

1 x healthy start Pak 2.0

1 x Ultimate plant derived minerals

2 x Ultimate

Question : Hi Doc, 62yo woman, somewhere between 175 - 200lbs in hospital at the moment with a blood clot in each lung. Doctors are injecting her with blood thinners and want to put her on Warfarin soon (which she is balking at). She is a non smoker and lives a healthy life and has not been on any medication. She wants to know of other alternatives. Also how does she transition from blood thinners to EFA's, does she just stop the meds instantly and take the recommended EFA's for her bodyweight?

Doc, is there anyway to remove freckles on someones back safely?

Question : Hey Doc, will you ever do a sinus webinar?

Question: Hi dr my name is Nadia I'm new at your program I want to ask you about blood pressure and vertigo what to do

Question : Ihad a ultrasound done on my left testicle which revealed a couple of cysts. Is there a protocol to get rid of them without surgery or draining them.  Thanks

I have a person in my downline who has an 18 year old daughterwho has been to the dentist and they recommend her to have her wisdom teeth removed. I told her if they are not bothering her, why have them removed. Your thoughts. I would wait until it is a problem, until then take care of teeth.

Question : My husband has macular degeneration (dry).  He is on the Healthy Body Pack, selenium, and Vision FX.  Should he add Gluco Gel liquid?

Question : have you helped people with bi polar ?  if so howmany, and what encouragement can you offer my 22 yr old son to attempt self healing?

Question : My husband has macular degeneration (dry).  He is on the Healthy Body Pack, selenium, and Vision FX.  Should he add Gluco Gel liquid

Question : Dr. Glidden.  My opthamologist recently prescribed Lumigan drops to lower the pressure in my eyes.  I just started with the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 Liquid.  What other things can I take to get off the Lumigan?

Question : Hi Doc, discussing my 89 yro mother that you helped a couple of weeks ago.  Today's issue is Retinal Vein Occlusion following laser surgery for cataract.  She is taking the 90 plus Ocutiv, Vision-FX, Ultimate Daily, Ultimate Enzymes, BTT Tabs and extra EFAs.  We're about three weeks into this regimen.  If the RVO isn't better in about a week they want to use steroids.  Any suggestions?

Question : 37 year old woman about 115 lbs. Stomach swells when she eats. Not sure what foods cause the problem.  She works on being gluten free.She started with Plant Based Minerals, Oxy Body Cherry Berry - 1 oz 3 times daily, Nightly Essense - 3 morning and 3 before bed.

Question : 180 lb 69 yo male with swelling on the left retina. he has been getting shots in his left eye for about 2 years and gets these shots every 3 months. Thank you from Geri

Question : 14 year old with ADHD on 2 drugs trying to get him off of those. Any thing I can help him with this? Giving him root beer belly and EFA a day.

Question : What might the nutritional mechanisms be driving ‘hyper-metabolism’ in a given area of the brain? Any ideas how to attempt to mitigate this, nutritionally? I ask because there is new research that, in people with visual snow (who persistently see ‘TV static’ or ‘snow’ visual effects across their field of vision), the areas of the brain that synthesize vision from the 2 eyeballs are exhibiting ‘hyper-metabolism’ and sometimes (see part 2) show a larger amount of grey matter in the affected area.