Health Q&A: May 26, 2016

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  2 questions…I have a cousin in Ohio who needs help…280#, 61 YO male. On many drugs – Pletal, Norvasc, Toprol, Cymbalta, Mirapex, Prilosec, Lasix & aspirin.  He started w/ 2 HB Brain & Heart Paks & 2 PDM plus Gluco-Gel for weight.  I advised him to monitor is BP regularly and consult w/ Dr. about how to cut back as needed. Within 2 weeks, he experienced a sudden drop in blood pressure so stopped supplements a few days, then started up with smaller doses.  What should he do? I have a potential customer recently diagnosed with Paget’s disease in top of tibia after having pain and getting an X-ray.  She is 135#, 50 YO.

Question : lady w/ rotated hip; it pushes liver forward and causes bloating;  on the 90 for several months but has a lot of gas with the btt 2.0.   would switching to ultimate classic help with the gas?  she is taking enzymes and flora.   says she is off of gluten completely and does not do the other bad foods. can a person mix grapefruit juice with the calcium instead of OJ? Factor V blood disorder

Question : Hey Doc, My wife Kim, taken off all blood pressure meds after 22 years ! Wham Bam Budda Bing Budda Boom ! Thank You ! We just did what you said to do, and got the hell out of the way !

Question : What are your thoughts on a compounded Progesterone?  I am currently taking a 1-2 200 mg RDT .   Getting the tablet from a compounding pharmacy in Utah.  The doctor that is currently righting me the script is charging my $400 a quarter, I then have to pay for the product.  OUCH!    I feel that is too high and would like to know of another means of getting progesterone.  Also using a serum and have been told that the creams can block the receptor sites.

Question : Why not orange juice when you are sick?What to take for a dry cough at night?is there a test for serotonin level?Can you overdose on plant mineral? Thank you. I want to lower my BP,taking Atenolol 50 mg.MYblood sugar was 121 this morning ,taking 6 sweet eze a day,plus cinnamon tablets

Question: My sister has had terrible irritation and inflammation in the ear for 6 years. Keeps going back to the medical idiots and they give her antibiotics (prednisone) and she gets a skin rash and it comes and goes. She's spraying sovereign silver and trying to be gluten free. Is there anything else? You're amazing and without you there is little hope.

Question : Whatpreventsthe lungs from oxygenating the blood, thus making the heart work harder? My friends young son (3 yrs) has this (can't remember the medical name the doctors diagnosed him with). Thanks for any insight!

Question : 60 yo fe started YGY beg of April. c/c knee+back pain. h/o spinal block injections back in March w/no relief (hern. disc-thoracic area) Hosp in March w/GI bleed d/t overuse ibuprofen.Startedthe 90, selenium, dig. enzymes, glucogel. Knee pain now resolved. Back pain cont knife-like+shooting at times. Now sees a good chiropractor. Wants to wean off neurontin (600mg 1-2 tabs,4x/day) Suggestions for back pain relief?

Question : I have swollen ankles and droopy eyelids. The ankles are better when I wake in the morn. Can't figure this one out.

Question : Is there such a thing as healing crisis resulting from Youngevity products. 

Question : Dr. Glidden I have an associate, she and her 3 daughters have been advised they have blood factor 5 Leiden making them more likely to develop DVT Would you please address this? Regards

Question : Dr. Glidden I have an associate, she and her 3 daughters have been advised they have blood factor 5 Leiden making them more likely to develop DVT Would you please address this? Regards

Question : I've been on the 9- essential nutrients forover 100 days and have started to feel a lot of numbness in my hands. Can you tell me if this has happened to other persons taking the 90, and if so why is it happening and how can I stop it? Experiencing angina still after being on the 90 essential nutrients for over 100. Taking the brain & heart oak along with cardio fx and ultimate daily; how much longer before I can expect total elimination of the angina?

Question : Healthy 19 year old male 165 lb. in March used pistol and rifle with hearing protection on and immediately had hearing loss and ringing in ears.  Hearing in upper range not good and has ringing in his ears still.  Thisis aftermultiple treatments - steroid pills, steroid injections in ears and hyperbaric oxygen treatments.  Any help possible for him?

Had friend, 60 year old healthy male try 90forLife (he had been taking another good brand of vitamin) he got diverticulitis shortly after starting it, is it possible that 90forlife could have done this to him?  Haven't been able to get him to try again.

27 year old female just starting Multi EFA (shellfish free EFA) and Bone Building Formula Calcium, started having deep aches in both arms?  Could this be from starting the supplements? Thanks Dr. G Do you recommend the Quanta Water for better absorption?

Question: I had 3 heartbreaking miscarriages last year.  I just turned 40.  I have post breastfeeding melasma.  I was recommended bust fx which MESSED ME UP!  I now have a strange type of acne and facial cysts.  it stopped my cycle HELP!  another baby would be a blessing….

Question : Dr G. What moisturizers do you recommend for face? I love you by the way and you and Dr. Wallach inspire me to go to Naturpathic medical school. Was disappointed to learn that most of the schools are no longer teaching true wholistic medicine. Now i don't know what to do with myself, lol. I am taking the 12 efas daily for 3 weeks now but still need a bit more moisture for my face.

Question : what to tell someone who just been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Question : Hi, you put me on Alumina for 2 weeks (every other day because calcarea carbonica didn't work). I am 50% done w/Alumina& no improvement at all, still eating tiisues several times daily, craving soil & sheetrock BADLY. Looking online to buy edible soil. Is this safe until my problem is corrected? Please help.

Question : I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RH Factor is 383).  I've added Glucogel to my usual Youngevity routine. My Naturopathic Physician started me on Wobenzym-N whichhas helped, but when I told him that I couldn't stand the pain anymore, he had the nerve to tell me he would order Methotrexate for me!!! I'm in the process of finding another Naturopath while I await your words of wisdom.  Thank you

Question : Hi Doc, Been told a few times I have Adrenal Fatigue. Been trying to eat for that and the 12 bad foods and manage the stress of the lions, tigers, and bears. Taking 2 AF gel caps in the am, 1 scoop BTT and 1 Beyond Osteo-FX in the am and same in the PM. 3 selinum 3 times a day, 2 RTQ, 3 EFA+, and 1 salt pill after each meal, oh aloe vera 3 times a day. Still have sinus issues at different times and bloating. Thanks have a Great weekend

Question : Hi Doc.  My dentist told me at my last visit,my gums are receding and they also seem to bleed more thing,on a tooth i had a root-canal about 4yrs ago, there is a white head on the out side of the gum that had root canal.What say you. THANKS your the MAN

Question : Hi Dr. 'G',Issue:  Macular Edema and Branch Vein Retinal Occlusion in one eye. Dr. said I DID NOT have Wet or Dry Macular Degeneration though. Left eye is at 20/200 - Right eye at 20/25 BACK.MyGoal: Would like to re-visit him in a year (?) with 20/20 vision and make his mouth drop. 1:  What specific products and in what doses to treat this serious Edema & BVRO ? 2:  What ORAC level should I be consuming daily? The MD specifically said I DID NOT have any form of macular dege

Question : Hey Doc, I was at the Drug store and overheard an elderly lady upset by the amount she had to pay for her drugs.  I had some old left over Pharmacy cards and offered her one.  The pharmacist pulled me aside and said I was breaking the hipaa rules however she accepted it this time, saved the lady $40.00 but warned me never to do it again.  Does that make sense to you?

Question : What’s up Doc! Since going on the Youngevity supplements, I’ve had incredible results, but at the same time I began to have bad acne. I started out taking the BTT then switched to Ult Classic to see if the acne would improve. No improvement so I switched to just taking the plant derived minerals. Still no improvement, so I stopped taking the plant derived minerals for about 2-3 weeks now and the acne is clearing up. Should I try the BTT tablets and the ult mineral caps? Your thoughts...Thanks!

Question : hey doc my sister has diabetes 2 and is on the meds for it plus crestor. I have told her the dangers of taking statins and does not believe that her diabetes 2 can be reversed. She now has ad normal cell growth in the uterus and was told by her medical doctor that if she does not have a hysterectomy she has a 27 to 30% chance of getting cancer. I think the adnormal growth is called endrometrialhyperplasia. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Question : what is the difference between the ult. enzymes and ult. digest fx..when would use one over the other?

Question : Hi Doc! Can you give some tips for speeding up metabolism in regards to timing meals & exercise. Similar to the approach body builders use to put on muscle. Should the main meal (where most of the days' carbos are) be after the main exercise of the day (walking, weights, sports)? For consistent energy and weight loss, should fats be spread throughout the day? Thanks

what is the best to take care of gums after dental surgery?Dr.G where were you when I had total hysterectomy 14 years ago?I wish I never done it.