Health Q&A: June 1, 2016

Question : Hi Dr. G – on the 7th day of remedy I began to have more irregular heartbeat and got really anxious about it because it lasted all day (while still home before leaving for sisters house). Discontinued the Pulsatilla for now because I felt it was a dramatic adversity.  Was really anxious first few days at sister’s house –  The irregular HB makes it hard to do stuff, will be so glad when this part is over.  Feeling anxious today is day 4 and sisters & still have irregular HB. Got another plan or should I keep trying with the pulsatilla?  Last dose 5-28. Thanks Dr. G.

Question : Doc, I spent 2 months in Michigan helping to care for my brother who was on hospice, then he passed away.  I fell off the Youngevity wagon BIG time including the bad foods.  I never had any repercussions for the 2 months I was there.  Before Youngevity I never had digestive problems, now my stomach hurts and is bloated no matter what I eat. The enzymes, and the probacillus plus seem to help some.  I have a rash around my ankles that looks like measles when it started it was red and itchy now it's faded but hasn't gone away, my ankle bone gets puffy but not my feet, I also believe I have psoriasis on my upper arms.  The same thing happens when I take Youngevity caps or tabs, the liquids seem to digest better.  HELP

Question : hey doctor! its daniah! the one with the hypothyroid ! I havent gotten my menstural cycle the month of may. I took a pregnancy test 3 days late..but i didnt realize it was only three days. now i am week late and still havent gotten my period. Is it because im on the 90 and minerals? should i be concerned?  The pregnancy test came out negative. I dont know if i should take another one since im a week late or this is usual for being new to the minerals. also this is the first time this happened to me , i never missed my period.

Question : Hi Dr Glidden!  watched the webinar on skin health and other than the healthy body brain and heart pak,  how else can I attack post breastfeeding melasma? Ive just found you and you are wonderful.

Question : I took a 90 y.o. to her chiropractor’s apt – he wants her to take MCHC calcium (Google definition: microcrystalline hydroxyapatite-a highly absorbable, natural Ca+ derived from veal bone). I told the chiropractor about Cal Toddy. He said there is no such thing as 98% absorbable Ca+ and the body would not be able to absorb it anyways. What is the best explanation for the effectiveness of YGYs liquid Ca+?

Question : Yo Yo Yo Dr G!  Possible approval of olive oil?…Found Olive oil sealed under nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation.. then after opening I thought of putting remainder into a wine bottle with a vacuum cork and removing all air.  What do you think?  Useable for salad dressing etc but not cooking?  Also eating dressing immediately and not storing.  Your suggestion of Calcarea Carbonica… says it’s for cradle cap.  Still try this for back pain? Can you give me mixing portions of cm cream, peppermint essential oil & bone tissue support again?

Question : Christine with crystallized Kidneys from Calcium deficiency in Toronto CANADA!  I'm 5'10 & 175 lbs.  I've been on the Healthy digestion Pack 2.0 for 6 months along with 2 a day of Selenium, 9 Sweet-Eze, 2 FucoidZ, 8 Gluco-gel & 2 root beer belly a day for 2 months.  I've stopped the 12 bad foods.   I feel noticeably better.  Yet, I have kidney crystallization causing fatigue & weakness.  Being an advocate for DR. Glidden Healthcare, I watched your webinars on kidneys & calcium & realized I'm deficient in calcium.  I've ordered the Cal Toddy & wonder what I can take to provide "immediate" relief to strengthen my kidneys?  Would the adrenal health from Good Herbs help or the KB formula?  Cranberry extract has not helped me in the past.  How long should it normally take to feel better from the calcium intake?

Question : Friend sitting in w/us tonight just starting YGY.  She’s just been diagnosed 1) w/Type II & has been on Metformin 3 weeks.  2) Is on Gabapentin 600mg for Restless Leg 2mo (before that it was Ropinirole) - has had RLeg 10yrs.  3) Takes Ferrex… her doc say iron needs to be higher when your older - # should match your age?  at 69yo, do you need 69mg iron?  4) Takes Losartan-hctz 100-25mg & 5) Carvedilol 3.125 mg for high blood pressure plus 6) Methylphenidate cd 30mg for narcolepsy. Bullets:  1) Does Wheat Bran have gluten?  2) Can anything help a 75yo man who is diagnosed w/Sarcoidosis & has had for years & keeps loosing weight?  3) Does YGY offer a good Whey protein?

Question : Hi dr gidden I'm new I like to ask you what can I do for the inflammation of the body go down I pulled a tooth I have central vertigo and my dizziness gotten worse .

Question : Tardive dysconesia, is this even reversible? Poor man has been on bi-polar meds for 20 years. this morning i just spoke with about 12 bad foods, having him . heres his list of meds, he stutters and shakes all over with tremors.Lisinopril/hctz Clonazepam Clozapine Lithium carb Baclofen Fanapt Benztropine, on webmd this drug is directly said not to be used for TD and it can cause it to worsen. Yea it is really bad, he was given haliperidol 5 years ago and it caused this after 1 dose my sister has been on youngevity for only 1 month, shes had gerd for 4 years and a condition called peripheral neuropathy in her feet, the gerd is already gone, but wanted to know what is a good add on for this nerve damage?

Question : What is the best grain free 90forlife product.  Need to get off the BTT 2.0 because of the rice that is in it.  What do you recommend would be the best way to get all 90?  Is it okay to have coconut oil in a gluten free wrap or should that be avoided as well?  Thank you Dr. G.

Question : Hey Doc, for those that need to consume more cholesterol but may have an egg allergy or just don't want to eat eggs, is there a cholesterol supplement that you can recommend? Just to throw in a suggestion or request on a future webinar Doc, What do you think of doing one on preservatives, Sweetners, emulsifiers and dyes.  I'd would love a good breakdown on the good and bad of these additives!  Thanks Doc, you're the man!

There is gluten like molecule in rice.  Weight gain is the problem since starting BTT 2.0.  No drugs

Question: When supplementing with Vital Nutrients selenium When supplementing with Vital Nutrients selenium (cannot use Youngevity selenium), how much Meso copper is recommended for a proper balance of selenium to copper?

Question : recently i have fel t hot surges in my feet and my toes seem numb   am i getting diabetes?  i also have toenail fungus   my sugar s   glucose wasa88 in october since theni havereduced my fruit intke

Question : Is nutrition for stroke the same as heart and high blood pressure

Question : Can we cure tooth decay using 90 essential nutrients and diet? Can we cure tooth decay using 90 essential nutrients and diet? I want to avoid having to do any surgery if possible

Question : I went to direct Lab for my blood test for hypothyroid,awesome took 24 hrs.TSH4.97 high (0.450-5.500) T 4 Uptake 31(24-39)Free thyroxine index 2.8 (1.2-4.9) my test for AST and ALT for my liver is always higher like 3x.Notsure why,dr does not know either.Nonealcoholic,zero, nada,net!!!, no gallbladder, made a mistake thyroid 4.970 (0.450-4.500)

Question: My mother had her left breast removed and I think the doctor also took the limp nodes gland also.  I think the condition resulting from that operation is called Lymphedema.  Her left arm and hand stays swollen.  The doctor has said she needs to wear a compression sleeve on her left arm and hand to keep the swelling down.  Is there something else we can do to reduce the swelling and keep it away?

Question : Hi. Doc G. Homeopathic question. If there is a protocol for taking a series with 200 ck strength and I have 30c strength is there a way of converting? Also thanks for doing your upcoming webinar on what med tests each year:)

Question : Doc. Why is it that allot of people begin coughing when eating carbs these days?  My wife and myself have been on mighty 90 for 1 1/2 yr. now. We have awesome results, just saying Life is GREAT with Mighty 90

Question : Hi Doc, After you put me on a gluten free diet, I started looking around for substitutes. I found pasta and pancake mix; these are made of rice, potato and soy flour. Is this soy OK? Also, is ground beef OK? You also said that corn is OK after I mentioned it was organic, raw and on the cob; but is popcorn OK? I also noticed that my soap contains olive oil, with the skin being permeable, is this OK? Finally, I just wanted to thank you again for all the help and support you've shown me.

Question : thanks for all the knowledge.  please tell me about quanta water.  my 96 yr momhas pemphigus; am using argentyn 23.  the blisters in the mouth keeping her from eating/hydrating.  hindered by dysphagia & vascular dementia.  thinking of moving her to hospital just to get IV help.  I suspect nutrition has been poor last 2 yrs in care home; was counting on them to adhere to doc wallach's protocol as much as possible. another question, your opinion about sponging mouth w/lidocane to relieve pain?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden-This is Gene from out in the West Texas town of El Paso. Two months ago my left testicle was swollen, went to the VA They did X-ray (that was dumb of me) said everything ok and to take aspirin, for swelling. A month later went back for same inflammation but this time I requested sonogram. Different doctor told me no tumor, testicular torsion, or hernia observed. I have no pain but it is very uncomfortable. been taking HSP 2.0 Tablets, Ultimate Daily PDM- Any suggestion?

Ive never heard you state that we all need to exercise regularly?  Please tell me I can throw that out the window?! Friend also has darker skin color in front of shins which docs say is poor circulation.  Any idea here?

Question : 71 yrs anti-depressants for 15yrs diagnosed major depression and/or bipolar want to go off same. been suggested 2 hlthy bl sugar-2 ultimate selenium-Gd Herbs/hypothalamus support. money a prob so prob have to get 1 bl/sug pak apprec.advise

Question : What is your understanding of Misophonia and what is needed to promote healing.

Question : My 8 year old son has always had dark circles under his eyes. He sleeps soundly through out the night and always gets at least 10 hours of sleep. Is this a possible circulation problem? I just ordered him the Ultimate Niacin. Cause? Suggestions? This is the son with only 1 kidney and you had suggested the ultimate niacin plus to help support circulation.  Is there a possible correlation?

Question : TESTIMONIAL: read if you have time. Been taking my supplements (HBP, PDM, selenium, and some others) for a month now! Ok so here goes. Weight:  in 1 month I've lost 13 inches overall. I feel lighter, fit my clothes better, have more energy and am getting much more comfortable in my skin. I've gotten into pants that I haven't worn in 3-4 years.  Lymphadema:  My ankles (especially the left one that is always worse) have been better. Aside from the week I was on vacation, having too much sodium and flying they are much improved. I've even been able to wear heels again! Mood:  IM SO HAPPY!  I haven't felt this good mentally for over 5-6 years. I have energy, I actually look forward to my day, I can get out of bed without a struggle, I enjoy doing the things I used to love. I would pretty much say my depression has lifted over this past month.

Question : Hey Dr. G, love your info and since starting the 90 I've lost 32 lbs. My question is about the nitrates in bacon. Is cultured celery extract ok? I eat 4 poached eggs every morning for breaky and I will sometimes add 2 strips of bacon...cause well it's bacon. YUM! TIA