Health Q&A: June 13, 2016

Question : Evening Doc!  Amish woman, 65 years old, been having seizures (epileptic fits) regularly for last 30 years.  Frequency was every 6 weeks but recently has been having every 2 days.  She has had many children and seizures started with no apparent reason during one of her pregnancies.  How can we stop the seizures using naturopathy or homeopathy?  What could have caused or triggered the seizures?  Please help.  Thank you.

Question : Hi Doc, Had my first colonic last week.  Now that I’ve seen what’s been luring inside, I’m not sure if I should thank you or curse you. I think I’ll go with the thank you! Dr. says my potassium is low at 3.4 and called me in a potassium prescription before even talking to me about it.  He tests my blood every 3 months because I take 60 MG of Furosemide a day for fluid retention around my ankles.  I have had this problem for 31yrs since I had toxemia with my first pregnancy.  It’s not always been Furosemide, he changes it every few years when the pills stop working.  I’m off all of my medications except these darn fluid pills.  I’m eating a minimum of ¼ lb of animal protein, salting my food to taste and taking HGH Youth complex. Is there anything else I need to do or take to get this fluid under control and do I need to worry about the potassium?

Question : YO YO YO Dr G!  Hope all is well.  If taking calcium at night helps you sleep wouldn't it be fair to say sipping it all day could make you mellow or lethargic? Is premixing tangy for a week ok?  Or is it like fresh juice you have to drink it soon after making?

Question : Hi Dr. G.  Took the Pulsatilla as directed last chat and the next day was like I was a new person, I did cut my vaca short, and had my husband pick me up Tuesday and the entire ride home I was Zen which is very rare for me, unless I do acupuncture.   Heartbeat is normalizing which is AMAZING but the JOLTS came back 2 times, both when talking with relatives and listening to problems around 3-4pm.  Curious why these lingering symptoms are ping ponging back and forth, but truly thankful for the healing thus far.  Stayed with taking the Cardio FX, Cell Shield, Sweet Eze and Ultimate Daily as add ons. I have another dental cleaning coming up this week and I am so sick of being fearful of going out (even for fun stuff) and fearful of having jolts while sitting in the chair.  Dentist recommends taking the whole valium before appointment. There has to be a better way to deal… Thanks Dr. G!

Question : Aloha Dr. G!  I have a 70 year-old female customer in California who is undergoing dialysis 3x/week.  She also has fluid building around her lungs and HBP.  By her choice she is on BTT 2.0 tablets rather than powder, PDMs, Beyond Osteo Fx, EFA plus, Ultimate Daily Classic.  She has little appetite so is trying the TMR shakes.  What else should I recommend for her?

Question : About 3 weeks ago we asked you about an abscess my husband has on his gum.  He has been doing rinses with Argentin 23 & distilled water every 2 hours and taking 9 Killer Biotic/day....along with the 90 essentials. The red raised area on his gum is looking worse -- bigger and more red.  Is there anything else to try before we give up and have the tooth extracted?  Dentists says the abscess is between the roots of the tooth.  Mahalo!

Question : Aswagandha 600mg organic root extract,antistress,stimulates the thyroid gland and increase the secretion of the thyroid hormones. Do you recommend taking aswagandha for many health reasons ? going back to total hysterectomy subject,my gynecologisttold me Iam not a candidate for progesterone hormone replacement because I have no ovaries.whatdo you think?

 Do you think magnets applied to the body can help boost circulation in the body and help other metabolic processes?  Also, Is there only one way to healing?  For example, if someone says that they were "cured" of a disease without vitamins or minerals (an herb for example), is that possible?

Question : 1. My husband is near sighted and wears daily contacts during the day and glasses at night. Also, had laser surgery for a slightly torn retina tear. Question is- What are your thoughts on LASIK surgery so he doesn't have to wear contacts anymore? Do the benefits of LASIK surgery outweigh the risks?

2. His right knee buckles when stepping up. And both big toe joints hurt, right hurts the most. Will being on all our current YG supplements help him? (Healthy body start pak 2.0, selenium, plant derived minerals).

3. If anyone knows the URL to the Allergy Webinar, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Question : Doc. Is it possible to consume to much Cal Toddy Calcium as in 130 lb female doing one HSP per month and one extra bottle of calcium. This is actually my wife Donna's question.

Question : 1) How does one go about healing/closing a skin opening after acid that’s of liquid human waste from loose stools/chronic diarrhea has repeatedly for days kept coming on the same skin area to eventually force open the skin? The skin opening is about 2.5 cm wide and 1-2 cm deep. The area of the skin has been opened for close to 7 months.

2) Between Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23 (both are Bio Active Silver Hydrosol) which do you suggest for restoring chronic gastrointestinal health (i.e. Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Disease)? And which is better overall?

When during the day do I take my dosage of the Maqui Plus?

Question : hi Doc! how are you doing today? My mom is taking the tangy tangerine and when she takes it her blood pressure goes up its like a reaction. She does suffer from high blood pressure and vertigo. What do you suggest with the tangy tangerine? Also, I have the cold right now and every time i get the cold I always get really weak and almost like fainting feeling. What does this mean?

Question : i have a friend that is pregnant with triplets. 2 identical and one stragler. the stragler isnt growing as well as the twins. the md has no good answer. please advise

Please share the greatest success you have personally experienced with your patients in helping then to control, alleviate or even to completely recover from psoriasis using Youngevity products and your ‘Bad Foods’ elimination protocol.  Thanks.

Question : Dr G-Dawg! I'm 200 lbs. I feel better when I take a lot more than 2 bottles of Plant Derived minerals a month. Is 6 to 8 bottles a month okay? What is the upper limit? I play sports So I think I need more. Thanks!

Question : Hello Dr Glidden, Working with a lady that has Diabetic Retenopothy, High Blood Pressure and Water Retention, over all what should she do?  Would you do the same for Rhinitis Pigmentosa?

Question : Hi Dr. G, you have mentioned in the past that it is best to take calcium in an acidic environment, like with orange juice.  What about glucogel?  Same thing?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden. I have moved my Ejection fraction into the borderline area at 41%.  It was 25% almost a year ago when I was in the hospital with CHF.  Youngevity products have saved my life.  My question to you is in regards to something basic like water.  What are your thoughts on alkalized ionized water otherwise called live water?

Question : energy moodhair looks great, still workingtowardrestoring mybone health   thanks to you and dr. wallach i amdoing much better. my lae wife was nicked in her backby an epidural needle whenin labor,  afterthe delivery her heartwas beating 100 bpm for3 months   the doctors said it was her thyroid andshe had it oblated,  i was wondering ifthis nicking of her nerves in her mid back( her body jumped off the table) could have been a cause of her arrythmia?

Question : My wife has been sick since Nov. Seen 11 doctors now including ND. ENT says Acid Refux. ND says mold. Symptoms: hoarsness, feeling like lump in throat/swallowing. She has weaned off Nexium/taking the 90 since jan. (digestive pack). Does this sound like mold to you? How long to get rid of it? Taking many herbs from the ND.

Question : Hey Doc! I have a question / testimony that I wanted to ask.  I USED to have a cold allergy where I would break out in hives when I was out in 20 degree weather or colder.  I believed that issue has been resolved 2 months later from starting Youngevity.  I'm curious on what may have been going on and is that called Cold Urticaria?  Also I do need a password to purchase the Sonic cholesterol.  Let me know if you prefer that I call you instead to get that info...Thanks Doc!

Question : What can I do for my wife who snoresShe is 42 years, 130 lbs

Question : I have a friend who has early stages of Parkinson's. He's 51 years of age weighs around 215 pounds to 225 pounds he's 6'3" tall. He drinks his own home brew of beer. 2 to 3 a night. Has trouble sleeping at night that's why he drinks to help him sleep. and is on several types of medications. PRESCRIPTIONS atenolol - 25mg 1xday - heart rate amlodopine - 5mg 1xday - high-blood pressure hydrochlorothiazid - 50mg 1xday - diuretic fenofibrate - 160mg 1xday - high triglycerites meloxicam - 15mg 1-2 x day

I have another friend and need to find out what Youngevity products he needs to be on: 43yrs old, 6'1" tall 281 lbs.   Current health issues are high blood pressure, taking blood thinners. Eating habbits is at 430am: warm water,oatmeal, banana. 3 bottles of water. Gym. Smoothie for breakfast.10am: salad.  NOON: 3 bottles of water. Then gym. At 330: chicken breastwith a smoothie. Gym

Question : Hi Doctor G.  What would you say is a safe amount of money to have on the side for medical purposes, if needed? Thank you

Question : Pituitary gland from 9 old ( Half does not exist gland (half three sections of the gland ) )

Question : My sister-in-law has polycythemia.  The doctors say she has too much blood, and they have to withdraw blood about once a month.

Question : Hi Doc, Been on the system for over 60 days now. No bad foods, Healthy Digestive, Killer Biotics, PDM, Beyond Osteo-FX, RTQ, Cal Toddy...but Blood Pressure has come back up again. It went down about a month into the program but now is back up. Thanks...

Question : Christine from Toronto.  A client of mine has either a vaginal bacterial infection or streptococcus or what appears to be a yeast infection.  She’s had it for 5 years & has not been able to rid it.  She’s been on the 90 for life for over 4 months.  She’s 5’8, 160 lbs.  Could this be related to blood sugar?

Is premixing tangy for a week ok?  Or is it like fresh juice you have to drink it soon after making?

Hey Dr. G can I still take 1/2 valium like normal with the bach flower before going to dentist?

Question : Hi Dr GI am a 70 yr old female 150 lbs.   Ilesotomy for 42 years and 4 years ago went into acute renal failure.  Started Yougevity in Feb and saw positive results within a couple of weeks.  My last lab results where very positive!!(May)  The GFR went from 55 to 75 !!  The problem is the INT PTH is still in the 70's. The Dr put me on calcitrol which really did not agree with me.  So quite that.  I have increased my Osteo FX to 2 oz a day.  Any other suggestions?   Your opinion on the Cal tabs.

Dr. G I am following up your response to my opening skin from acid of liquid human waste. The opening is not an anal fistula. It just looks like an open wound if you ask me. The wound is on the top of my scrotum and just underneath the base of my penis.

Question : Have a 3 year old child,mother is worried ...dont want to go dr. anymore. Child has Idiopathic Epilepsy Eppiletic syndromes with Seizures of ocalized Onset,Intractable,with Status Epileptic. What do you recommend ? here is the letter mother sent from Dr. Can't watch her child suffer from what the dr are doing. Thank you! Dr Glidden Medication list: Oxcarbazepine 300mg Vimpat 10mg Clonazepam Carnitor 1gm Oral Syringe Valproic acid 250mg Distat acudial 10mg Cefdinir 250 mg Can you help with advise to take the child off the medication and go the natural path?Another question, for someone with Lupus I watched your webinar... did I hear correctly they need 4 bottles of Selenium a month? you are awesome ...thanks for you do

Question : 65 y.o. female started on BTT 2.0, Cal Toddy, and SMART FX 2 months ago. Has felt ‘dizzy and lightheaded’ after taking CalToddy.  Feels that she has no problems with the BTT.  States she has cut ‘way back’ on the Ca+.  Your thoughts on what to do from here?

19yo female 100lbs, her symptoms are: pounding headache, feels the need to vomit, extremely light senitive, hearing sensitive, just the sound of the shower makes her head throb more, lump in her throat that feels like vomit, occasional dizziness, hot and sweaty....I think this is going on right now...I got a phone message. She's sick of MD's saying the same thing over and over. She's on a ultimate classic in aus & NZ