Health Q&A: June 20, 2016

I noticed a pattern with my moms afib. 98% of the time it happens from 1am-6am.  coincidence or reason?  Also should she ice on a regular basis (daily) even though she only has afib every other week?  Rate goes from 55 to 100+ And now lasts about an hour or 2 compared to 4-6hours.

Hi Dr. G. I suffer from Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I would like to know what I can do to help with thee health challenges. I am willing to do what it takes. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks

Question : There is a supplement that I want to try to help regulate my thyroid.  It was brought to me by my acupuncturist - I would like to email you the ingredients if that's okay and you can then let me know if will be okay to take with the YGY supplements - or if I need to schedule an appointment I will - please let me know - thanks Dr. G

Question : childhood friend with possible bladder cancer.   blood in catheter when inserted.   passed out for 6 hrs and put into induced coma for 2 days. out now. high red blood count.  mentioned possible bladder cancer.  goes in tomorrow to here results from biopsy   history of stomach ulcers and severe pain. been on meds to control stomach acid for over a year.

Question : a baby one year old,blind in the left eye .the optic nerve is there but looks like a zig zag not straight .Tried to get to Dr.Wallach   unfortunately anytime I call is busy, please help.Thankyou ^-^

Question : Hi, I looked in my email and did not find any about the new pay platform. i checked both yahoo and gmail and i heard from my family that our gluten free, the studies show gluten to be good for us, and he says going gluten free is unnatural. I am having so much trouble with this deluge of augments. ty.

what is your option on the studies for gluten? i am sure you heard them ty for being my doctor

i had to write a book about this and in my religious congregation, i tried to share with them and they did not come on board. ty

Question : Christine Crockett from Toronto!  A client of mine has Hasimoto & takes eltroxin, has no sense of smell, does not sleep well and has leg cramps.  Many of her nails are not growing and she’s starting to have cataracts while taking glautarakt.  Her husband has had prostate problems with pellets placed there by the md’s.  He also has high blood pressure.  Sigh.  She’s about 5’5, 120 lbs & he’s 6’1, 190 lbs.  They’re both in their 70’s.

I’ve been taking 2.5 scoops of the beyond Osteo-fx a day and would like increase the dosage as I’m 5’10 and 170 lbs with kidney stones.  The problem is, the current dosage is leading to loose stools.  Is there anything I can take that will eleviate this while taking the Beyond Osteo?  I’d like to increase the dose as well.

Question : How about Spelt? Bought a snack made from non GMO, Organic Sprouted Spelt, with Probiotics.  This acceptable to consume, to help with digestion? Or is even this form of wheat taboo also? Also need your opinion on, that I believe I need anotherof water pills (Diuretics) as I've again accumulated water in my thighs, which doesn't help in my pursuit to WALK again on my up and coming prosthetic (lost my left foot BKA last July due to Osteomylitis infection which happened Jan 2015. Will the diuretics interfere with my current nutrition program in any nasty way?  Apat fro all above, STILL hoping for the program to help my digestive problems.

I sent out a Tinypass to one of my customers to attend today but unfortunately she can’t make it so here is her question and she can view it tomorrow. I am told by a dentist that I will loose some upper teeth (already loose) due to bone loss probably due to a bacterial infection.  I would like an antibiotic but he is slow to prescribe one.  I am already taking Tangy Tangerine and EFA, and have taken Osteo FX and Gluco Gel in the past but am not presently.  Is there a Young My wife is working with a lady who wants to hear it from you Doc on her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, we suggested the Oceans Gold which has Iodine and she heard on the internet that Iodine is no good for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Please tell her what your best recommendations are for her condition.

I am having very bad back pain that they are saying that is arthritis in my spine. You have been helping me treat Amoloid Kidney Failure. When you starting helping me with the Amoloid you had me scale back on the gluco-gel. The Doctors put me on a round of steroids to help with my back/spine, I finished the 10-day round. I am wondering what I can do for my back pain.

Question : hi DR. Gmy new recruitis here with me and her name is sherrie

My mom has athritis and knee problems and cartaracts and she is gluten free

Can you recommend a supplement for all of these problems. She is 5-1 and weighs 105 pounds

Question : Are testosterone injections safe? Can Youngevity supplements really produce comparable effects as what I'm hearing from a friend who uses them? I'm 67, in great health, taking YGY products for 3.5 yrs, but I'm losing muscle mass, energy, and skin is sagging. What can be done?

I suffer with heart palpitations that seem to be only associated with indigestion. Fats whether good or bad fats seem to be heavy on my stomach. What can this be?what to do besides the enzymes to maximize digestion at the stomach?I feel this may be hiatal hernia

Question : Howdy Dr.G! I’m a Youngevity Dist. & I need a little help figuring out what happened when I decided to at Oxy Body to my daily supplements. The 1st time I took it at day 5 I felt like I was getting the flu and all I wanted to do is sleep so I stopped for 2 weeks and restarted with just 1 oz. and day 10 all symptoms came back. I thought that maybe I was detoxing as there are 25 drops of peroxide per once. Unfortunately I was not able to get on the other side of the flu-ish super crappy feeling. I want to start working with my horse ranch friends regarding "Blooming Minerals" do you know anyone in the business or who I can talk to get more info on B/M for horses and disease this will help or cure? Thank you!

Haven't heard from you in over a week and was wondering what is going on? Anyway, as a practicing ND in Florida, can you prescribe for me the antibiotic Dr. Joel Wallach has talked about that gets rid of rheumatoid arthritis in a couple of weeks? I think its called menocycline. Thanks doc!

Question : My daughter is going to be fired on Monday from her job as a housekeeper because she refuses to be vaccinated. Would you happen to know of a good lawyer dealing in this human rights issue.

Question : I got this message today from a family member:  Can we help?  1 month after surgery ! so far I have managed to not have complications. (as before it was 1 month later). It appears that a new hernia has appeared in a new area not as much of a problem as the last one, so far (intestine sac fell to mid thigh before 1st surgery).  It was caused by the colon resection laparoscopic surgery. ANY surgery penetrating the fascia wall below the SKIN INTO the abdomen weakens those areas 30% of abdominal surgery herniates. you CANT close a hole in fascia except for surgery. the second one was there in NOV. but the STUPID radiologist didn't read the catscan correct and didn't note it. OTHERWISE I would of had it fixed the same time. an independent medical examiner found it on the scan. it is also from the colon resection. ALSO the OPTIONS of HOW to correct it varies...overlay, bio absorb, crosslink mesh, non cx link... I had 50% chance of reherniation after the first repair, I came in at 100% cause I did. evry time you try to fix it odds get worse. if you remember papa had 5 of them also had his repaired multiple times. Ronnie also, he was even born with one and the navy fixed his. my work did n

ot help after surgery and remember my job for 32 years it was NOT always a desk job, lifting pulling straining... construction... adds up ! so was a factor in papas and rons.... :)

Question : hip repl and lot of blood loss, what else can I take over the 90

Question : Dr. G, I had an ultrasound performed due to a swollen testicle. The result was a cyst.  Is there anything that can be done with this diagnosis aside from draining the fluid?  thanks

Question : What's going on Doc?  With Acanthosis Nigricans is that strictly a blood sugar issue?

Question : Hi Doc, I told you last week that a skin management lady told me I was changing colour (a little bit orange) and you said to get an ultrasound of my gallbladder....MD's took out my gallbladder about 15 years ago. I'm 165lbs, I've been taking 6 BTT Tablets a day and 6 Ultimate Daily Classic ontop of the other usual products so I've cut back to 2 to 4 BTT Tablets but still taking the Ultimate Daily Classic Tablets for the fluid behind my eye. Is there anything else I should get checked out.

Question : Last Q&A you mentioned bad breath, smelly breath, urine and stool.  ?Can this also affect your emotions?  Been in tears for a week.  Can one take more than 1 kind of Good herbs at the same time?   

Question : Actually I don't have a question. PGND, you wanted to know when I was attempting to eject a mucosal rope from my small intestine via fasting, colonics and more. I started today. Wanted you to know.

His wife has also been taking some of his vitamins/minerals. She ran out to see me when I arrived at the cottage this past Friday.. Unfortunately, she tried the tangy tangerine.. but it gave her leg spasms/cramps the nights of both of the days she took the Tangy.   BUT…She also started taking the gluco liquid and notice she isn’t sore when she gets up in the morning anymore!   She asked me to get her another bottle.. but She wants to know what she should take for her hair loss… let me give you some history.. she had part of her thyroid removed, she had both knees done and both hips.  She’s had a hysterectomy.  Her one ankle is permanently swollen and shes got a bone spur on her foot.  When she has alcohol (red wine), chocolates, or any supplement that contains magnesium/calcium, she gets these leg spasms in the night – bad enough that she can’t sleep.   Please advise, oh and she takes 7.5mg of blood pressure pill every day. oh she gets tinnitus too

Question : Hey Dr. G, Have you tried CM cream then applied DMSO to increase its penetration?

Question : Dr gidden I'm experiencing my systolic number is normal but my destolic number stay above 90 to 100 what should I do please help

Since starting youngevity I get cankersores in my mouth!!  What am I doing wrong??

Question : I have early stages of Macular Dand a macular pucker in one eye.  Dr wants to suck out the vetreous humorous( not funny) I say no right now. What do you think? PSIm firing my doctor for saying no to Amour FOR MY THYROIDoff my BP and statin drugs for my cholestrol of 177. I also have tinnitus getting louder. been product for 3 weeks.

Question : I have been taking several Youngevity supplements to include the Super biotic (6/day), selenium (6/day), liquid minerals (1-2 oz/day), and fucoid Z for rheumatoid arthritis.  Been taking for 4 months and not seeing any improvements.  I am also on a strict autoimmune diet protocol for last 15 months.   Inflammation has not decreased.  In fact the blood work showed a slight increase in both markers.  Any ideas on what I can do differently to help the inflammation ?

Question : Hello dr glidden I suffer from depreciation and suffer to stay asleep for ten years and hemorrhoid from two years and pain in the lower part of the stomach more on the left side of the stomach.  Doctors medieron all kinds of medicines without any kind of diagnosis and I just follow worst of health

Question : Hello Doc, My niece just found out the MDs say there is a possible shunt between the left and right atrium with no enlargement where they may be a small how between the two sides . They said that its not something that needs to be fixed immediately, which is why they aren't worried about me waitinguntil next Monday to see the cardiiologist. In the long run it can be very dangerous though. What do you recommend. they want to operate on her heart. She is only 21. Whole between the two side…. She is about 125 in weight