Health Q&A: June 27, 2016

1. An ophthalmologist just prescribed my 3yo daughter a "normal" prescription for eyeglasses for her far-sightedness which she said may help her occasional crossed eyes. She also said my daughter’s eyes shake (strabismus?) when tracking and has "CVI." My daughter's not verbal so not sure where her notes from 6 months ago came from (how would she know she's farsighted)? She said that we could wait to see if her crossed eyes (only happens 20% of the time when she focuses or gets excited) gets better, but if it doesn't then she would need surgery! I'll get the glasses and try them but don't want her eyes to get used to or relaxed and become dependent on them for the rest of her life. Watched your Eye Webinar, what would you recommend for her to take along with everything else she's taking (Liquid Cal, Plant derived minerals, BTT, Selenium, EFA's and HGH youth complex). Your Eye Webinar mentions: Gluco-Gel, Ultimate Daily Tablets, Cell Shield RTQ, Triple Treat Chocolate, and Ultimate Vision Fx.

2. My husband is near-sighted, has high eye pressure, and slightly torn retina (has been surgically repaired). What should he add and can he get off the Lumigan eye drops?

Question : Dr. G. – Iodine supplement?  Although the irregular HB sessions are lasting less and less – I do experience irregular HB every day if I go swimming, get emotional or do anything but sit – this has been going on since last Halloween – I am keeping track but wondering it can’t last forever – right? In addition my blood pressure goes up every day around 4-5 pm borderline High until 7-8pm and I am back to grinding my teeth. I am gaining weight and have been since on the program. I know your theory but I am not overeating – my stomach is bloated and big. Can a person eat ice cream and still lose or maintain weight if the total for the day is 1200? Thanks Dr. G!

Question : I have had Barretts Esophagus for 6 years. I have not had it checked since diagnosis. Is an endoscopy the only way to monitor it or is there a less invasive test?

Question : Hi, Dr Glidden, I have been taking the 90 essential nutrients, 1 bottle plant derived minerals, 2 bottles of selenium, 2 bottles of enzymes, and an extra bottle of ultimate osteo fx calcium per month with no luck on having my digestion improved after 5 months of supplementing. I have been very careful about the 10 bad foods and also did a Imupro food intolerance test and found that I was intolerant to upwards of 30+ foods out of the 90 that were tested for. My main questions is how do repair mys My main questions is how do I repair these food intolerances aswell as prevent them from returning and be able to eat those foods again with no problems, main ones being potatoes and chickens eggs at the high reaction range. Cheers Dr G! forgot to add in the extra bottle of efa plus and you flora fx I am taking.

Christine Crockett from Toronto!  I've purchased my father the Beyond Osteo Fx & Gluco gel.  I know with a little guilt, he'll listen to me & take it.  My concern is being 6'2 and about 190 lbs, he'll read the label & think he's to follow it to a T.  The issue is that it reads, "Adults, mix one rounded scoop in water or juice".  The Gluco-Gel reads to "Take two capsules" as a serving size.  Obviously he needs to take more so I'm wondering what advice you can give on how to convince him to take more for his weight?  Is there any printed material or a site which he'll take seriously?  He's very well trained with taking whatever he's told to take by his MD.  I really want to help him & hope some nutritional success from Youngevity might open the door to more healthy choices for him down the road.

Another question.  I've been trying to spread apart my calcium intake throughout the day and I'm still having loose stools.  Is there anything I can take to alleviate this symptom?  Will this eventually go away with time?  I'm 5'10, 170 lbs and know I'm severely deficient in calcium.  Even if I take 2-3 scoops a day I'm experiencing these symptoms.  Thank YOU for all of your help!!!!!!!

Question : Hi, I'm 55 years old, 70kg. I have a number of issues and just sick of been sick. Here's my list: Osteoarthritis in my spine and joints Fibromyalgia can't sit or walk for long periods of time Depression Restless legs, Can't sleep at night TMJ Dizziness from lack of air My tummy hurts when pressed Overweight numbness in my toes on both feet... please help me Dr. Glidden. Some what of a limited budget, but i'll do anything.

Question : HI Doctor! I have the hypothyroid and excessive hunger issue. When i first started the hypothalamus support and plant minerals it was helping my hunger pains a lot, but now i feel my hunger problems are starting to come back. What should i do? Also, I've been working out and an okay diet and I'm barely losing weight. I am not any thyroid medication just taking the hypothalamus support. My mom takes blood pressure medication her systolic number is normal but her disystolic number is 90-100. How much calcium she should increase? Thank you!

Question : my daughter has Rosacea-perioral dermatitis-autoimmune need help she has constant rash and burning on her face. any good healing for rosacea-perioral dermatitis-autoimmune need help to get rid of the rash and burning on the face around the nose and mouth/cheeks.  this goes on an off no matter what she does hot/cold/nothing works to stop this. HELP

Question : what to do when face is going south and muscle lost?started today a bone broth diet (21 days)

Question : question from downline by Rita Hoagland for husband Greg What is the protocol for somebody on kidney dialysis besides the good food bad and to be able to get them off dialysis also ear ache maybe swimmers ear - using product called hylands earache drops made up of a lot of pain with the ear ache in jaw, throat and teeth by the ear

Question : Howdy Dr.G!My hubby is 55 and weights 165 lbs. He’s taking the healthy bone pak, selenium 3/3 times daily for his Spinal Arthritis. He is currently taking Celebrax 100mg. once daily but if he gets a flare up he has to take 200 mg of Celebrax for 2-3 days until the flare up calms down. So what can we do better to get on the other side of this? He has allergies to grass hay, itchy skin, running nose and red eyes, so any homeopathic he can take. Just 1 more thing Doc, he has had sinus issues daily.

Question : You are the smartest Dr. I know so can you tell me what causes little white spots on the skin. I know what causes brown but not white. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

Question : Are there any adverse side effects if you take Killer Biotic with prescribed Antibiotics?

Question : I had a stroke in March 2015.  I am currently taking BTT, Selenium, Porjorba supplimenting with King Calcium and the ASAP.  Anytime I exceed a couple tables of any add on I get diarrhea very badly.  I have started passing blood clots in my urine.  Had a UA which only showed trace of red blood cells and a little frank blood.  C&S was negative.  I started on your prostate medication and organic sulfur, part of a teaspoon twice a day.  Also using colloidal silver daily, about a teaspoon per day.  Could this be from the stroke and the kidney flushing it's self out? I get the clots for a day or two and then it stops for a week or so and then happens again.  Has happened twice.  My wife thinks that the kidney is starting to work again after per paralyzed and is flushing it's self out.

Question : what's your take on bipolar and schizoprenic? the drugs seem to work but you can change seritonin levels by other means but with no results. I have heard the hippocampous is involved???

Question : Hi Dr. G-My wife is 33 weeks pregnant and everything has been very smooth up to about three weeks ago.  She has been struggling with carpal tunnel in her right hand, at its worst in the morning then numb and loss of feeling throughout the day.  Shehas been on the products for over two years straight and has been taking healthy pak liquid 2.0, selenium, gluco-gel capsules, extra plant minerals and just started taking extra calcium.  5'3, and now around 200lbs. Your suggestions? Big thanks!

Question : 60 y.o. male with h/o colitis. Currently not on any prescription meds. He avoided citrus in the past, but went ahead and tried both BTT powders, then the Ultimate Classic, and states all three products flared his colitis symptoms. Still has his gallbladder. I have read that the tangy tangerine tabs and mineral caps may be a good option for him. What about the Oxy-Rich product? Best protocol for him?

Question : What should guys use instead of sunscreen? I use the mineral make up but my husband won't wear it. lol

No questions today.  Just wanted to let you know, for the first time since I was a teenager, I have not experience allergies/hayfever this spring.  We only realized it when my spouses mother started complaining how bad her and her daughters allergies have been over the last couple weeks! I'm on the BTT 2.0, Osteo FX and EFA’s. And of course no 12 bad foods.

My older brother, 56y/o 5'8" 165lbs suffers from depression, gout and now doctors have him on high blood pressure and sleeping pills and his hair has turned gray within the past 4 years. He won't listen to me but will listen to you. Can you tell him to stop being a knuckle head? Thanks! By the way, I hope I still have the coolest name!

Question : My brother wakes up in the morning with pressure and pain in his head.  Sometimes the pain is behind his eyes?

Question : Friend back w/me that was here first of month…..she’s 69yo …240lbs. Went on Metformin 5/19.  Cut out 12 bad foods 6/3. Started YGY 6/14 - HBWeightLossPack, Selenium, Gluco Gel, PDM, Nightly Essence, Enzymes, BTT tablet, ….hasno gal bladder, has fatty liver & taking Good Herbs Liver & Gallbladder….  Gained 10lbs last week was 230….whatcould have caused the weight gain?  On many other drugs:  Gabapentin, Ropinirole, Ferrex, Losartan, Carvedilol, Methylphenidate. Really wanting to see a quicker weight loss, and Metformin has lowered her blood sugar, but we want to get her off that first thing.  Ankles have been swelling for about 6 mos.  She wants to get off sReally wanting to see a quicker weight loss, and Metformin has lowered her blood sugar, but we want to get her off that first thing.  Ankles have been swelling for about 6 mos.  She wants to get off salt thinking that is contributing to that.  I am thinking colonics to clean out her small intestine.  Have we given you enough, doc?  Are we on right track?  THANKS!! So sorry for messing up second part of our question....  couldn't correct once entered. ; - (

Question : Dr. G! I'm having a skin issue. I am experiencing itching and burning were my leg meets my torso. It is not constant. It burns at it's worst when I clean that area with soap in the shower. Do you have a protocol to start addressing this. Thanks much

Question : sister had gerd, fibromyalgia, joint issues and tons of other problems. got her convinced on medical nutrition with a hbstp and probiotics. she did that for 2 months gerd went away, and she gave me a 300$ budget, so i have her on btt2.0 tablets, cal toddy, 2 projoba omega bottles, 4 bottles selenium, 1 ultimate enzyme, 1 flora fx, quanta water. she feels great but is getting itchy behind the knees above calf, happened 2 days after the new protocol, any chance this is an allergy? i was thinking just blood sugar issue, i thought attacking the inflammation and liver support first, should i eliminate some seleniums for sweeteze? 1 bottle ofpdms, left that out

Question : Question : My niece has Tectal glioma and hydrocephalus , diagnosed at 20. Not grown for three years and then grew 5mm. Inoperable. They don't know if it's cancerous now because it has grown but biopsy is risky because of the location. The plan is if it grows more to do radiation. What would you suggest she take? And maybe what should we be looking out for from the doctors? Thanks Dr. G

Question : it true that excessive sodium intake can cause excessive urinary excretion of the other minerals, including calcium, therefore leading to depletion?

dr. the sagging face when you get older? that is what I was thinking and also muscle mass lost

Question : Good evening Dr. Glidden, hope you are well. I am in need of help please. I have been on the program now for 1 year. My skin issue was feeling better at 8 months, but it is really bad again. I have prickly heat now, on top of my rash. I am off all the bad foods, I have elimated foods and drinks I thought may be bothering me. My EOS% is always high on bloodwork. I am carful about what I eat and drink.  Very hard to get organic produce here. I do grow some. I keep getting these zaps, throughout my numerous times a day. I am becoming very nervous and having terrible anxiety issues. Wondering if I am having a hormone issue or mental issue. If it wasn't for my EOS% being elevated, I have concluded my rash is a mental thing. I can't keep my hands off my skin. Especially in this humidity, I could rip my skin off, which I have done at times.  Your thoughts please. Thank you and sorry this is so long...

Question : what do know about the Meniere's Disease, and what would you recommend