Health Q&A: June 30, 2016

Question : I have a customer in California who is 75 year old female on dialysis… weighs 108. She also has fluid in her lungs and nephrologist says she should not drink more than 32 ounces of water a day as her kidneys are at about 5% function. She is having a hard time with supplements given this little liquid. She is on healthy body start pack selenium and ultimate daily classic and Good Earth heart support …so what's the real story with limiting liquid and should she be doing something different?

Question : Inflammation - regarding the 12 bad foods.   Sugar causes inflammation so wouldn’t it be fair to say that excessive sugar could be the 13th bad food?  No ingredient label shows the daily allowance of sugar…do we know a threshold?

Question : Hello Dr Glidden,       I’ve had trouble falling and staying asleep at night and tried osteo fx before bed and it worked for 3 nights but then I was back to every other night or every 2 nights of restful sleep.  I then started taking melatonin 3-5mg when I would wake up the first time usually between 12am and 3am and it would help me sleep until8am.  Now I am exhausted and drowsy all during the day.  If I sit down, I will fall asleep.  I thought it might be the melatonin so I stopped it 4 days ago.  What is your opinion and direction for the lack of energy?

81yrs , 150lbsTaking:  Afib protocol – Tangy 3 scoops day,  Osteo Fx 2 scoops day,  Plant Min 1oz day,  efa 9 day, selenium 4 day, cardio fx 3x day,             Zarelto 20mg 1xday,  Aspirin 81mg 1xday,  Synthroid .75mg 1xday , Vascalera (swelling in legs)  315mg 1xday.

Question : Hi Dr. G. I was going to write about something completely different today but I need to ask you what I can do for leg cramps – it came on all the sudden, maybe because of the heat – not sure, but I did switch from UD to Dstress yesterday and that’s the only thing I have done different, other than I am eating asparagus the past few days.  I drank pickle juice and it sort of helped but not all the way - what could be causing this?  I haven’t been sleeping well - experiencing extremely vivid dreams I have improved in a lot of other ways since December – like jolts are far and few (after 20 years), no more frozen shoulder, no more hip pain, no more mosquito bites, no hormonal headaches; anxiety is less although I haven’t really gone out anywhere to test myself in public, hip pain is gone and more.  I don’t know about the hemochromatosis yet as I took a 5 month break from testing – will know end of July. I am willing to try a new homeopathic for high BP between 5pm – 8pm. Thanks Dr. G!

Question : Hi Dr. G. I have Type 2 Von Willebrand Disease.  Basically I'm missing or low on the von Willebrand clotting protein. Anything I can do to improve the clotting in my blood? Thanks.

Question : Iam on bone broth diet this week.Quittaking levothyroxine and atenolol for BP,which runs a bit higher but my pulse was 45 at 4 AM.ButI feel good .

Question : Hi Dr G. What is your favorite remedy or the best known remedy for itchy rashes? Thanks

Question : What is the best way to detox Mercury from vaccines?  Hope you have a happy 4th of July.

Question : Hi Dr. G! I’m the guy who had “Macular Edema and Branch Vein Retinal Occlusion in one eye, Wet or Dry Macular Degeneration though, Left eye is at 20/200 - Right eye at 20/25.” After further research I’ve come to realize that I had a “stroke in my eye” earlier this year but unaware until my research. So knowing this would you still advise I still take the same supplements? Which are: (2) H/B Brain and Heart Pak, (2) Ultimate Selenium, (4) Good Earth Heart Support, (4) Ultimate Niacin, (1) Ocutive And yes I'm off the 12 Bad Foods :)

Question : hi Doc, I have 2 questions#1.,should the BTT 2.0 tablets ever be used as a replacement for the BTT drink? #2 As far weight loss goes in staying under 1200 calories does this include the supplements that have calories like BTT, EFAs, minerals, etc?

Question : Hi Dr. Glidden, thank you for your help with my rash. Not sure if Brenda ordered the tests with Doctor's Data, but do you think such a rash could me a mental / stress issue?? Would it be so painfully itchy and burning if it was a stress issue?  Thank you and Happy 4th...

*Urtica urens 30c

Question : I have a potential customer who is a nursing mom.  She takes a prenatal vitamin that she intends to continue but is interested in PDMs.  She is concerned that her baby may get too many minerals.  I know you've addressed the safety of the minerals but I'm not sure how to respond to her concern for her baby.

Question : After firing my MD I’d like your advise on what annual blood work or other tests I should have done.  Nice radio show today! Thanks, Doc!

Question : Dr. G-Dawg! Any news on the formulation for hair I heard you say you might roll-out? Wood cellulose is a food additive in many foods. Are you aware of any adverse effects of this substance? Thanks!

Question : Dr. G.  If you have time what was the name the place to get homeopathic remedies from besides WHP or amazon I can't find my note - thanks!

Question : Hi Dr.G. Thanks for being you. Can you explain what electrolytes are and why the body needs them?

Question : Will we have shares in July with the new membership or does it start in August?

Question : Hi again Doc. way cool. Do you recommend I get the complete testing done, for bacteria, yeast, etc? Or just do the parasite test?  Thanks again and I will be marching into some doctors offices here if my parasite test comes back positive. I have always thought it was this. I had 3 colonics done in March also… How do I get rid of the bug?? Last question for tonight, what kind of damage has been done to my body suffering like this for so many years?? Thanks again

Question : Heterocyclic amines-  Did you find out if that chemical is also found in pork, fish, chicken when cooked well done or at high temp?


Question : Can you add bentonite clay with the bttpowder in the morning?