Health Q&A: June 6, 2016

Question : Person that falls asleep on plane and wakes up nauseous.  Takes several hours to fell better.  Light headed and has passed out once standing after waking bc felt sick and was trying to get to the bathroom.  Blood sugar issue perhaps?  Same person eats meals full of carbs and feels exhausted afterwards.   On HBP 2.0, selenium, flora, mineral cap.

Question : Hi Dr. G.:  The day taking the Chamomilla was unusual took the remedy at 8am and had feelings of Zen like after an acupuncture treatment from 11 – 230 then like a ladder of incidental little things set me off to a full panic mode for about 2 hours from 245 to 5pm.  That’s why I sent an email to your office asking advice on the remainder of doses.  Took the second dose of 2 pellets at 530 and was just anxious for the entire evening.  Took the 3rd dose at 11pm and woke up really shaky and didn’t sleep well.  The following day was pretty normal until about 3pm then began horrendous “nervous shocks” jolts that lasted 2 hours, which pulls on my neck and makes the back hurt.  Today is day 3 after the remedy and just don’t feel good, not sleeping and waking up with pounding heartbeat. (All this while at sisters and now have to go home early Plus I haven’t had Jolts for over 2 months) Still hoping for the best.  Thanks Dr. G

Question : After a week my wife was released from the hospital last Tuesday from bad liver (alcoholic, but has finally now stopped). Normal weight is 120, but currently 90. Was told if she was anyone else, they would be sending her for a liver transplant. She’s yellow, big bloated belly and swollen ankles/feet and if she gets a cut it bleeds for a VERY long time before it clots enough to get a band-aid on it. They have her on prednisone & water pills for 28 days & tried to give her heparin, but I didn’t buy it for her. Last week I started her on per day: 1 HBSP, 6 Selenium, 2 Cell Shield RTQ, 6 Ultimate EFA, 3 Projoba Omega, 4 D-Stress, 2 Pollen Burst Daily Liver Formula, 1 bottle of Good Herbs Liver & Gallbladder & 1 TMR Vanilla Meal Replacement for protein as she slowly starts eating more. Anything else I should add? Thanks!

Question : My neighbors are here w/us tonight, and she doesn’t have a thyroid.  She’s takes Synthroid.  She wants to be sure that BTT is okay to take w/that medication, or do you have any comments or suggestions re: this.

My 9yo grandson had a maduloblastoma (sp) Grade 4 tumor removed in June of '14.  Had all the radiation and chemo.  He was ‘cancer free’ after the removal of the tumor, but to be ’SAFE’ they killed his body for a year looking for that ONE CELL.  I hated this, but my hands are tied.  And… he’s “NED” today.  Isn’t growing.  My Daughter-in-law said that Colin has micro hemorrhaging all over his brain which is his small blood vessels leaking blood.  Can anything be done for him?

Question : Hi doc, thanks for being here. Previously diagnosed with pancreatic insuffiency and malabsorption by MD. On Youngevity since Feb. Recent food poisoning with abdominal cramping for 2 weeks. Appetite finally back. Any recommendations?   Also, customers MD insisting she take a bone density test, she's on YGY bone & joint for RA. Wants to know if necessary? Thanks again

Question : Hey doc, I'm a 30 yr old female 165 lbs. Last week had an intense burning pain from my chest and radiated up to my neck, jaw and right arm. I thought it was heartburn at first, but It was really intense and my peppermint oil did not ease pain. Had the same pain the following two nights but not as severe. The pain scared me enough to go to ER this past Friday in hopes of a quick diagnostic. My EKG was normal, and the blood work they did to see if there was any damage or stress with my heart muscle came back normal according to them. So whatever pain it was didn't cause any damage to my heart they said. I went into the heart institute today to get screenings done. The ultrasound showed two left valves are slightly leaking. I go back in a few weeks to check for arterial plaque. I have also had heart palpitations for about 5 years. Not sure if the valve leaks, burning pain and heart palpitations are all connected? Not sure what tests I need done or where to go from here if it is even heart related.   Also can valve leaks be reversed?  I have had a reverse curve in my neck and working with chiro to correct that. Wondering if all of this pain could be nerve wiring issue to heart? How can I find out?  The burning pain and heart palpitations scare me. For 6 months have been on 4 oz ultimate classic, 4 oz cherry mins, 5 gluco gel 3 x day, 2oz osteo fx, 3 selenium 3 x day, 3 EFAs 3 x day, 3 sweet eze 3 x day.  Thank you so much! P.S. I listened to your thyroid webinar and now have a normal functioning thyroid, (I was hypothyroid) and am off my meds!!

Question : Friend who is pretty sure he has a bone chip travelling around in his knee area. Dr.’sdid an X-Ray and said they couldn’t tell what it was and now they want him to have an MRI. What would you suggest? I know heel spurs can be eliminated by Calcium supplements but can anything be done to get rid of a floating bone chip? Thanks for all you do Dr. G.

65 year old, weighs 170 lbs. 5’7”.Hasdeveloped pain in bottom of her heel. All of a sudden swelling and burning pain started above her knee and travelled down to her calf and foot. She’s taking Healthy Bone & Joint and CM turbo cream (Tendon / Ligament formula) topically. Pain and swelling persisting. What are we missing? Not Gluten free as yet.

Question: My brother in law is being treated for thrombo-cytosis, too many plateletes....the meds worked 'so well' he needed 2 pints of blood and looks like an Albino.  He's bouncing between meds...can this condition be stabilized -eradicated?

Question : Tom F Thank you Dr.G for addressing my question last wk. re: Macular Edema & Branch Vein Retinal Occlusion in one eye. I’ll be ordering the products this wk but wondering if the ORAC is high enough? How high of ORAC can I take to really accelerate the healing of my eyes? Left is at 20/200 & Right at 20/25. I’m concerned that “Lattice” may get worse in my good eye if I don’t get this right as this is progressing & don’t won’t to revisit the Dr. Thanks again!

Question : Hi Doc, my husband lost weight about 3 years ago, he was about 240lbs and now he's about 190lbs, he had a cholesterol check after he lost the weight and it was 180. A few days ago we went to the chemist / drug store and he had a cholesterol check and it came up low (no actual number). I saw on the internet that green tea can lower your cholesterol, is this true,  he drinks a lot of tea and green tea, should he stop drinking tea? He's not on any drugs. I also heard you mention once before that there are tablets that contain cholesterol, I've looked on the internet and can't find any, where do I go to get some for my husband? It is a bit hard for me to get him to eat enough eggs, butter, cream etc. Doc, is there a homeopathic medicine me and my 20yo son can take to prevent sea sickness. All the things available over the counter don't help at all?

Question : 2 weeks ago, my 17 year old son went to the hospital with collapsed lung. I’m wondering why would someone seemingly healthy with no asthma have collapsed lung? The MD could not tell him what causes it, but only said that it usually happens to tall skinny people, which is true in this case. He seemed to be okay, but the lung was still leaking a little after surgery and a few days later I had to rush him back to the hospital due to bleeding of the lung and they had to drain the blood out & he had to get blood transfusion due to low blood count. What would you recommend? Thank you

Question : 1. My husband is currently taking Lumigan eye drops to lower the pressure in his eye, it's pre-glaucoma treatment. Is this curable? If so, are we missing anything in our current treatment? Just started with an autoship for the entire family of the Healthy Body Pak 2.0 Liquid, Selenium, and Plant Derived Minerals. 2. Is it necessary to take prenatal vitamins and minerals when prepping your body for pregnancy, throughout pregnancy, and while breast-feeding?  Is there currently enough iron? Or is everything I need in the healthy body start pak, plant derived minerals, and selenium? After doing a comparison, I found plenty of the same vitamins/minerals and more but didn't find as much iron as my prenatals. Also, is there enough iron in this regiment for my 3 yo? 3. Missed the synthroid convo, I had a total thyroidectomy and currently on synthroid. Can you briefly summarize... Can I take my synthroid in the morning with my Healthy Body Pak, Selenium and Plant derived minerals. My doc said to wait 1-2 hours after taking synthroid as supplements may affect the absorption of my synthroid. Thanks a bunch!!! You're the BEST! PS- We're stopping the genetic testing for my daughter and she'll be on the HGH soon!

Question: If someone is unable to do shellfish or citrus/citric acid at this time, what 90 for Life protocol would you recommend?  Thanks!

Question: Please explain why oxidation from oils ina bottle is a no no but oil in facial soap and baked goods is fine?

Question: I started to take Cal toddy for the first time alongside my normal Youngevity regimen for kidney stones & started to get ear pain.  I backed off on the calcium & it subsided.  This also happened 6 months ago shortly after I started my Youngevity regimen which led to an ear infection.  It too subsided as I feel it was die off from years of Candida or at least that's a byproduct of a larger picture.  Anyhow, I'm afraid to dive back into the Cal toddy & wonder if there's something else I can do or perhaps start at a much smaller dosage than an ounce of the cal toddy and 4 scoops of the beyond osteo powder?  Would l-lysine help?  Thank YOU for your brilliant, candid yet entertaining lectures.  They're highly addictive & can't thank you enough for sharing such priceless information.  Your word is spreading!!!  I'm 5'10 & 175 lbs.  I've been on the Healthy digestion Pack 2.0 for 6 months along with 2 a day of Selenium, 9 Sweet-Eze, 2 FucoidZ, 8 Gluco-gel & 2 root beer belly a day for 2 months.

One more from Toronto Canada!!!  A client of mine has really bad rosacea.  What do you suggest she take for it.  She's about 170 pounds, 5'5".  Thank YOU!!!

Question : Cutting down to 1 scoop tangy and .5oz cal toddy twice a day has helped the pain in my abdomen area tremendously.  Should I go back to Osteo fx powder and back to 4 scoops of tangy?  Currently taking: cocktail- .5 scoop tangy, .5oz cal toddy, 1oz plant min, 1oz z radical, 2oz gluco gel.  12 efa, 9 selenium, and 2oz maqui plus before bed. Main focus is atherosclerosis, heart palpitations, and disc degeneration. Thanks again! typo: Cutting down to .5 scoop tangy, no wait 1 scoop tangy twice a day. sorry long day.

Question : I have 2 people whom are interested in Youngevity products and I am wondering what I can recommend for them.  Both have had their thyroid and gall bladder removed.  Thank You

Question : Dr. G-Dawg! You My Man! Do you remember when the media tried to scare us with the man who took colloidal silver and turned blue? What makes unsafe colloidal silver and what makes safe colloidal silver? Thanks much!

Question : had a total hysterectomy 15 years ago .am I candidate for progesterone cream? Do you recommend to take spirulina if yes ,why?thank u. I was on levothyroxine for many years,hadTSH test taken at all times.SinceI went for a test on my own and test came T3,T4 normal I just stopped taking it,I hope I will be ok.

Question : 11 year old with poison ivy, what can you recommend?  Thank you. Can you tell me what bread you use that doesn't have oil?  The Udi's I've seen all have oil.  Thank you.

Question : Hubby and I can't have relations normal way because of EXTREMELY painful vaginal penetration... 15 years ago my MD recommended estrogen cream, but it didn't work. Don't think 25 eggs will help… no problem with drive, just elasticity. Is this a permanently damaged condition or can something be done to help? Thank you - embarrassed!

Question: Andrea from Toronto here!!  Hi Dr. Glidden!  I have a friend diagnosed with Hemolytic anemia… he has slowly lost all energy..sleeps most of the day now, and is sore most of the time, particularly legs.     Recently had his gall bladder removed – had sepsis at the time, and nearly died on the operating table.  During the operation, doctors also discovered A – FIB.  Apparently the A FIB has resolved but they recommend to stay on the medication for it.  Blood pressure is fine.  Cholesterol is fine.  No thyroid issue.  Still some yellow in the whites of his eyes.. All other tests have come back fine – even blood tests for the anemia are close to normal.  He’s FED UP with all the tests and appointments and no answers!  He takes meds for Diabetes (type 2).  73 years old, 270lbs.  In addition to eliminating 12 bad foods, what do you recommend to get him back on his feet?   BTW, Thank you so much for doing what you do!

Question: Why is it recommended to take Plant Derived Minerals when taking the BTT tablets?

Question : I have a new customer who has Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). Is there any recommendations you can make for her?

Question : dear Dr. G,how do i know if i need thethe ultimate enzymes?  are they prescribed according to weight?,  i seem to have large burps   occaisionaly after taking themi also have very large stools !,

Question : Hi Dr G. Your advice please, am I on track for diagnosis and attempt at cure ? ... I am concerned my Dad has an abdominal aortic aneurysm.  ((((( U met Dad when helpd my Mom few mos ago, she doing well post- breast cancer. Sorry, Dad can't be online tonite)))) Chief complaint, last 1.5 mos constant lower left abdomen + outer left thigh + left back kidney area strong pain. Occasional left above knee twitch. Pain subsides lying down on back, still present lying on left or ft side. Leg pain less sitting. Grey white hair. Last two wks , 6 times so dizzy feels like gyroscope is broken. 5 way bypass more than 15 yrs ago has always done well. Active with yard and home remodel tasks. 60% on-board w No Bad 12. Some YGY intake... Tangy and EFA . My brother and I recommend upping copper intake ( in YGY selenium... But should be more?) Family also wld like ultrasound... But White Coat rabbit hole has primary care to neurologist suggesting CT and MRI and Nerve testing. Dad says NO to CT or MRI. But will do nerve test Wednesday. My concern... Ok... But I think ultrasound to rule out or discover sounds like a better immediate move? What say you, please? Thank you much

PS on heart meds regimine since original, only, heart attack and angioplasty, in about 1986. 5 way bypass was done in about 2002 as "elective" to concerns of fatigue and discovery of blockages before a second heart attack. Dad has thinner skin, bruise easily. Has has a few skin spots removed as precancerous. ....Dad is 79y, 6ft 1, 190#

Question : aloha Dr. Glidden! My son was diagnosed with farsightedness and Accommodative Esotropia (one eye sometimes turns inward) yesterday by our optometrist. He prescribed glasses to correct the problems. Do you agree , and what else should I consider ? I've been giving him age-appropriate doses of healthy Body Start pak 2.0 liquid in the last month. FYI My son is 3.5 yrs old.

Question : URGENT!!!! My sons girlfriend is 26 years old weighs 180 Lbs She is 24 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with a Down Syndrome baby at 18 weeks. What can we do !!!! Urgent. Please answer my question before you go this is URGENT!!

Question: Why would someone have too many white blood cells? This lady is very lethargic, and very susceptible to disease.

Question : A friend had a congestive heart Failure...he's better but the Dr. says artery partially clogged & part of his heart dead. What to operate and he said no...wants to treat it naturally. It has been 2 years and is concern. what would you recommend with youngevity . He's 69 years old and about 200 lbs. thank you!

Question : Hi Dr. G. What do you suggest to take for epidymitis?

Question : Hi Dr Glidden. A year ago my 26 yr.oldson-in-law had severe Anxiety Attacks (he was under a lot of stress-new baby,new job etc.) It's been a year and he had an attack while on vacation in San Cabo. Now the doctor here in El Paso say he may start having Epileptic Seizures. I tried to get him to do Youngevity 14 months ago but he said he'd be alright.

Question : My elder cousin was recently diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. Any encouragement?