Q&A Marathon Part 1: July 19, 2016

Question : Aloha Dr. G.  2 AM here in Hawaii! My dad has some questions about a few things.  He is on protocol for kidney failure (HBSP, Ult Daily Classic, selenium, niacin, and Good Herbs Heart Support).  I just learned that his MD prescribed sodium bicarbonate, telling him it would prolong ability to delay dialysis.  He is also on thyroxine and has low blood pressure.  Someone told him the selenium was responsible for blood pressure issue.  He is 92 years old and willing to try a better approach.

Question : If taking the calcium before bed w/a little citric, will that interfere w/the Nightly Essence? When fasting, can you do a protein drink, or is that considered food?  I’m gluten-free (not celiac), and I can’t ‘see’ the gluten in beer, so why can’t I drink a gluten beer.  It’s liquid…..passes right thru, right? Trying to find out how many phytates are in coffee to be sure to drink it when not have my BTT.  Is it a problem to drink coffee and BTT about the same time?

Question : Constant (25 days of 30) herpes outbreaks and extreme obesity (120kg,160cm) Outbreaks r not painful,just itchy and unpleasant.Doingthe herpes protocol+starting the healthy liquud pack + pollen birst and slender shake.Anyother suggestions on top of the supplements and the specific treatment for both herpes and weight loss?Do certain foods trigger the outbreaks, such as nuts, chocolate or foods high in argenine?Colloidal silver – can it be used constantly or there could be an adverse effect? You are are brave man to speak so open against MDs :)

Question : I have Hashimotos Underactive thyroidcurrently on Levo Thyroxine 100 mcg and Cytomel T3 22 . And a hormonal condition called: Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (pituitary gland) . All my hormones are low and I have never had a period naturally. Im currently on BHRT Wylie Protocol which combines estrogen and progesterone, and now docs have suggested adding Testosterone as this is low.I have extreme Hair loss, extreme chronic fatigue, mental fog and belly fat which just wont shift. Any suggestions?

Question : Good morning Doc. Can you please touch on the importance of proper mental expectations and perspectives when starting the program and it's value in maintaining it? Also, I'm going to see Dr. Wallach speak this evening and will be sure to let him know how invaluable your services are. Shall I send him your regards?

Question : hi doc Over the past year I have recovered from a ton of stuff by taking the HBSP plus glucogel, selenium, and ultimate daily tabs. most of my problems were related to calcium def. the thing is I can't get my blood presure down. 150 to 170 over 100 to 120 but once or twice 135 over 90. what gives?

Question : hey doc, my son is 5 months old. Peds believed bronciolitis at first then started treating him for asthma with liquid steroid and breathing treatments with a nebulizer machine and nothing seems to be working. Symptomshave been present for 9 weeks and steadily getting worse. My son has, what I believe to be an asthma attack every morning 15-20 minutes after awaking like clockwork daily. Weezing, chest retracting, 80-100 breaths per minute, he gets better as day goes on and sleeps 10 hours perfect Mom is breast feeding and taking the 90 and is gluten and dairy free.

Question : Hi Dr. G. Have a friend who has lumps in her lymph areas, under arms and in her groins. Her son also has bad acne or big cysts on his back. What can she do?

Question : Dr. Glidden, my name is Keenan Jones and I wanted to know what I can do to help my dad with low energy and feeling weak.  I have him on several of the products.  I've been reducing him off of Hydrocodone.  He is 87 yrs old and weights 151 pounds.  I have him taking the healthy body start pack 2.0, ultimate Selenium sleep ez, plant derived minerals, ultimate enzymes, ultimate flora fx, ultimate daily caps, and glueco-gel.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Question : Charcot foot, MD wants to reconstruct my foot with surgery and pins, or walking boot...any advice?  Could my foot recover without his recommendation? also, I've been sedentary for years now...I'm 250, 5-10 and foot made it worse, sitting or laying for 24 hours a day for 3 months.  What would you suggest for an exercise program?

Question : Morning Dr G,  I have now followed the afb protocol for 4 months and finally reached my first month without afib! Yay! My question is can I begin to taper some of the supplements? 81yrs young, 150#

Question : I use Silver Solution 10 ppm mist spray periodically to spray in eyes for dry eyes.  ( I also useCrystalline for cataracts).  You have mentioned Argentum,  what is the difference and what would you suggest for the dry eyes.  (I am on (3 X day)  EFA’s). Sorry, the medicine is Homeopathic Cineraria.

Question : This question is for Nancy G question is what makes chronic UTI's I have 2 people who battle it all the time, both older?

Question : For Adrienne Hi Dr. Glidden, how are you! It's Adrienne from Richmond Hill, Ontario. I have been listening to you for over a year. Love your work, thank you so much, I'm very grateful! I have a friend who is around 48 years old, 165 lbs, 5'5". She is scheduled for Thyroid removal surgery soon as she has many, many large nodules on her Thyroid, which the MDs diagnosed as Hashimoto's disease. She has a noticeable Goiter. She is on Synthroid 1.25. I think she has been on some Thyroid medication since the age 16. She also has Sarcoidosis in her lungs - nodules enlarged in her lungs which they said is also autoimmune. She also has some bones and joints issues. Her diet includes gluten and she gets bloated. She also has thinning hair. Should she cancel this Thyroid removal surgery, and what can we do to help her please on a tight budget. Can her Thyroid ever return to normal size? Should she be avoiding cruciferous vegetables? She is also considering Chelation therapy, is that a good idea? Thanks so much!

Question : hi, doc would a biopsy confirm a gluten intolerance ? im trying to get gluten free flour from the NHS uk. also will good herbs antimicrobial help with toe nail fungus?

Question : Not sure if this question was entered. Having internet problems. In relation to SlenderFX, do the contents impede the liquid mineral absorption if combined?

Question : Dr. G, what do you think provokes the cancer? Have you heard of ab Italian Dr. Tullio Simoncini, he believes cancer is a fungus and should be treated as fungus. What can you say on that?

Question : Hi Doc-good to be back. Eugene here w/my horse (Chuy) from El Paso. My friend has been getting swollen feet. She's on her feet all day at work. Weight is 180. Has Hypertension and she's taking 1 HSP 2.0 Tablets with extra PDM

Question : i have been getting many people, especially my age, on products like rebound cherimins pollen burst and ultimate classic. they have a good amount of sugar and it wouldnt surprise me if some have a blood sugar imbalance. does the good outweigh the bad here?

Question : Morning Dr G, Ever heard of Wim Hoff and his breathing technique?  If so, what's your take?

Question : i havevertigo for 3 years and dizeness24 hours ,,i need your help i am portuguese and i live in Gloucester mass ,please help me , thank you

Question : 46 years old and have had toe nail fungus since high school.  Back then, a doc gave me lamisil and it cleared up but came back. My nails are thick and deformed. What do you suggest I could do to address this ugly problem? also have terribly cracked heels and dry dead skin all over the bottom of my foot that I every month have to scrape off with a stone and advice for this? Can Kangen strong acidic water help?

Question : Hey Doc, Just got through the detox, tried to get it as close to it as possible. Did not take off from work and did not get the colonics because there are none in my area North Dakota. On day 3 was ok with just essential nutrients but needed to get on protein shakes for days 4 and 5. Feel better now than I did before don't have a percentage. Been on digestive start pak, selinium, EFA's, digestive enzymns, H.G.H. cell shield, Liver support, killer biotics for over 110 days now. Also taking Herbal Rainforest, Maqui Plus, and beyond osteo-FX liguid at night. Finishing up the Psyllium Husk Powder with Apple Juice. Went to my local Naturepath and she recommended DGL Complex 4 times a day for the voice issue I've been having seems to have helped. Been off of Protonix now for about a year, and feel like I'm getting better, I know you've mentioned in your archived webinars to take enzymes 15 minutes before a meal but she recommended me to take the enzymes right after my meal. Pro/Con's I still get watery eyes when I eat something. Thanks for all you do!!!!

Question : My husband has the toe fungus and cannot get rid of it. Would you please repeat the toe fungus remedy again? I got CS and sweet-eze and that was it. Thank you!

Question : Question to follow. Christine Crockett from Toronto Canada and no I'm not married to Davy..lol.  I've been gradually converting my family and friends to adopt a Youngevity inspired lifestyle!  Yay!  A good friend of mine needs to lose weight and feel she's a little desperate.   She just started to take what's called Optifast shakes with the following ingredients below.  I noticed that it's full of corn oil, aspartame and a few other unfriendly ingredients.  I politely mentioned this to her and she passed it off as no big deal even though she's spending 500/month on this.  She has lost weightfrom this product as well.  She is open minded & wondered if there's anything from Pubmed or whatnot I could share with her to change her mind towards Youngevity?  I'd love to have something bold to tell her.  

I'm looking forward to your new email advocate platform to share your webinars with others!  I watched the one you did on obesity and feel she needs to watch it.  I suggested the 2$2/2 days but knowing she's busy she's more likely to open it as an email than log on to the site.  Thank you so much for your time!!!

Ingredients (Chocolate): Milk protein isolate, fructose, maltodextrin (corn), canola oil, cocoa, soybean oil, potassium citrate, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, artificial flavour, mono- and diglycerides, citric acid, magnesium oxide, choline bitartrate, aspartame*, ascorbic acid, ferrous sulphate, niacinamide, zinc sulphate, vitamin E acetate, copper gluconate, manganese sulphate, calcium-D-pantothenate, BHA/BHT, vitamin A palmitate, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, folic acid, chromium chloride, sodium molybdate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, biotin, vitamin D3.

*Aspartame contains phenylalanine

Question : My diagnosis is Immune Thrombocytopenia. Is it ok to take the EFAs? I've been told to avoid them because they can thin the blood. I've been on the Healthy Body Pak for 2 months but am not taking the EFAs. I am in my 60s.

Question : My husband has been on the protocol for bone on bone arthritis in both hips for just over 2 years.  Feels like the joint pain is less but muscle pain and fatigue have increased.  The muscles seem to be a moving target for the pain.  Any thoughts?

Have a 16 year old who has always had sugar cravings.  Is now on HBP and 6 sweeteze per day and has gone GF.  Has helped but as sugar is everywhere, is there an amount in grams to try to limit sugar intake to?  Also does sugar contribute to acne?

Have friend on HBP and she believes her cold sores/herpes simplex is worse due to Osteo.  They are really bad on her lips and under nose.  Any ideas?  Thanks,

Question : Pros and Cons between Beyond Osteo FX Liquid vs Powder?

Question : The New South Wales Poisons Centre has recently released a study on deaths resulting from methotrexate. According to this study there have been eight deaths since 2000 that have been a direct result of methotrexate and another 22 that are linked to methotrexate and 90 hospitalisation's. My father passed away from methotrexate toxicity after having been on it for only five days. What is your opinion on this drug and what do you recommend as an alternative therapy? Many thanks

Question : Hi Doc, Was reading your book and wanted to know if organic peanut butter is Ok to eat?

Question : Hey Dr Glidden I have 2 questions – a) Do Phytades affect the absorption of Glucogel? And b) what foods besides fruit can I have with the supplements that wont affect the absorption of the minerals?

Question : My wife sprained her ankle, how long does it take to heal and should she take anything special?

Question : Hi Dr. G - I received the iodine supplement from your office.  How much iodine should I take and does one need to eat food when supplementing with iodine?  Thanks!

Question : Good morning Dr.Glidden...I have a question, I'm 45 weigh 152.. I was awaken in the middle of the night soaked in sweat like never before. However, it seems that every morning that I wake up I'm start sweating again. What do you recommend? I had endometrial ablation and my tubes tied..I haven't had a regular period in 2 years. My mom started menopause at age 55.

Question : my wife has pulmonary hypertension talking Cialis and opsumit is it ever possible to get off these meds how you advise to threat pulmonary hypertension ?

Question : Hello Dr Glidden, I’m 41 years old and weigh 130 pounds. I was diagnosed with Endocervical Adenocarcinoma after the Gynocologist did the biopsy.  The CT scan they coded it as Malignant Neoplasm of the cervix When they removed my cervix and uterus they also remove lymph nodes and the lymph nodes came out positive for metastasis but radiologist said it was microscopic. Moving forward the doctors want me to do 6 weeks of External Bean radiation 180 Centigrade.  3 sessions of Brachytherapy 45mg of cysplatin (Chemotherapy) 1x a week for 6 weeks  What would you recommend for me to do?  And what is the probability of the cancer coming back? Because there were positive lymph nodes for metastasis when they remove them, however the CT scan shows no signs of metastasis or lymph nodes in my scan

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden, You have been helping me with AA-Amyloid. About two months ago I started having really bad pains in my lower stomach. Two weeks ago, I got up in the morning with pain went to the restroom and there is lots of blood in my urine, almost like a menstrual cycle. I have not had a period since 2006. I went to the doctor had my urine testing they found blood but no bacteria. They sent it to the lab that found blood but also no bacteria.

I go in this today for ultrasound and a vaginal ultrasound. I was taking antibiotics for five days and during that time the pain subsided in my urine clear it up. Then Thursday evening I started bleeding again.  My urine us dark yellow again & the stomach pain has returned. Also I am coughing up blood in the mornings & having bleeding nose discharge   More than usual.

Question : Hi Dr. G. long time no see!! Are there clear signs of a low thyroid and how much Ocean's Gold should I take? I get really not fast and cold fast, voice is raspy...gluten free and on healthy body pac and then some. Lapsed on my bio-identical progesterone, biest and my RX was cut off when I asked for testosterone.

Question : Hi Dr. G, I owe my sanity to you! I am 40 yo female. Stage 3A colon cancer (2011). GERD diagnosis 2015, symptoms of swollen throat going back off and on at age 18 and up till full blown 2 years ago. I did protocol and cured in 4 months. Wheat made gerd worse. I developed intense itchy rashes directly after chemo. went away after I cut out wheat. Did wheat lead to my cancer? I suspect latent celiac based on rashes. Any need to be tested? Thanks!!!

Another question, my 15 yo daughter born with Chiari Malformation, daily headaches. Brain decompression surgery a year ago (dura not opened), headaches are gone. Neurosurgeon noticed an unrelated lesion or tumor in the center of the brain halves while doing mri before her surgery. Told it was a possible glioma or fatty tissue, they aren't sure unless they biopsy. It doesn't take on contrast. It was missed on mri when she was 8 but can be seen then too. Growth has not been noticed. She got lyme disease when she was 8. Rash, fevers, joint pain and was treated after seeing the bullseye and tick. Is it possible this lesion is caused by the lyme? Should she be getting mri a couple times a year?  What is your advice on her situation?  Thank you!

Christine Crockett here.  What's the main cause of skin cancer?  Is it really just from unprotected sun exposure?  I've got mixed feelings on wearing sun screen much of the time due to all of the harsh chemicals.  A neighbour of mine has it and he feels its from the sun.  Thoughts?

Question : hi DR .G   thank you for the marathon,  a friend says her granddaughterhas autism,  this child only eats gold fish and french fries(baked)  you have mentioned glycosphene as a cause of this disease?   i watched your webinaron glycosphene , on the 12 bad foods   are there other causes of autisnm?  thanks for being here!.

Question : Doc, my husband wants to detox his liver, he's a welder and works around fumes. He's 175 lbs.  We've been on Youngevity for 1.5 years and he tries his best to avoid the 12 bad foods.  He takes 1 HBSP 2.0 liquid, 1 extra bottle of Beyond Osteo Fx, 1 extra bottle of PDM, 4 BTT 2.0 tablets, & 6 selenium a day. For this month I also ordered the Good Herbs Liver and Gallbladder.  Is there anything else I should add/change to help for liver detoxification?

Question : what you think of pregnancy with pulmonary hypertension, the doctors say not to get pregnant

Question : My husband just googled his recent problems and decided he probably has Deep Vein Thrombosis. Is this a mineral problem? He has not been on board with my YGY program at all. At best I get him to take a cardio on the go pack, tho he does like the cardio stx and use those daily.