Health Q&A: July 25, 2016

Question : Hi! Had severe joint pains, Palindromic Arthritis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Started using recommended products 1,5 years ago. Now: Much more energy, and the joints are almost never painful, just stiff! Blood tests still show "RA-factor". Can I cut the dosage/products? Just use Starter Pack? (I have used each month: 1 Starter Pack + 1 Osteo FX, 2 Plant Derived Minerals, 3 Selenium, 3 Sweet Eze, 2 EFA+, 4 Good Herbs Hypothalamus Support.)
It's EXPENSIVE to import the products to Norway...

Question : Aloha Dr. G! I have yet another bit of drama with my dad's MD. My dad has been on kidney protocol for about 8 months. His MD just told him to discontinue as it was putting heavy metals and too much phospherous and potassium into his system. Labs last week showed low hemoglobin with continued low blood pressure. Is there documentation I can give this MD and my Dad to relieve his anxiety and get him back on track?

Question : Hi Dr. G. – Been reading the “medical medium” Anthony William - wondered if you heard of him and if so any thoughts on giving up all dairy for thyroid issues? Today was a flashback day - I have been experiencing irregular HB on and off and then it came on pretty strong about an hour ago and hasn’t let up. Any ideas besides ice, CM cream and stay sitting? Thanks Dr. G!

Question : My dear dr Glidden! This question is bit long because we agreed to reevaluate my whole protocol by now. Since I had my heart attack (and 2 stents) 1,5 year ago I have used Youngevity supplements and nothing else for 15 months. I have had no sign of trouble with my heart and vascular system. Pains in arms and shoulders, strong itching in anus and nose, restless legs, and hemorrhoids have disappeared. Ultra sound on my heart showed the same picture as a year ago - my heart functions generally ..

II generally fine after my attack .So I feel generally fine – except that 1) I still feel pain in my hands and 2) ultrasound and X-ray showed that I have two small gall stones – but no pain there. And 3) LDL cholesterol was 5.6 (but the test did not differentiate between hard and soft form of LDL).
Do I need anything extra for these 3 problems , and should I change anything in my present protocol (being 70 years old and weighing 145 pounds)? Here it is:

III) 2 ounces of PDM a day.
2 scoops of BTT powder a day.
4 tablets of BTT tablets a day.
9 EFA+ a day.
9 Selenium a day.
6 Ultimate Daily Classic a day.
Half teaspoon 3 times a day of Good Herbs Heart’s Support.
2 ounces of liquid Calcium.
Much love from Inge (Norway)

I suppose olive oil is full of antioxidans. Why is not able to stop oxidicing?

Question: I'm a 50 year old male weighing 206 (down from 217 when I started). I started my Youngevity program on 6/08/2016. I recently had a follow-up visit with my doctor. These are the results from lab work on 7/15/2016. 18:49 Report - Result - Ref.- Range - Units - Status - Lab CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL - 275 -100-199 - MG/DL - Above High Normal- Final 01 TRIGLYCERIDES - 487 - 0-149 - MG/DL - Above High Normal Final 01 18:50 HDL CHOLESTEROL - 44 - >39 - MG/DL - Final 01 ACCORDING TO ATP-III GUIDELINES, HDL-C >59 MG/DL IS CONSIDERED A NEGATIVE RISK FACTOR FOR CHD. 18:51 VLDL CHOLESTEROL CAL - COMMENT - 5-40 - MG/DL - Final 01 - THE CALCULATION FOR THE VLDL CHOLESTEROL IS NOT VALID WHEN TRIGLYCERIDE LEVEL IS >400 MG/DL. 18:52 LDL CHOLESTEROL CALC - COMMENT - 0-99 - MG/DL - Final 01 - TRIGLYCERIDE RESULT INDICATED IS TOO HIGH FOR AN ACCURATE LDL GLUCOSE, SERUM - 100 - 65-99 - MG/DL -Above High Normal Final 01 18:53 ALT (SGPT) - 79 - 0-44 IU/L Above High Normal Final 01 This is a note from my MD based on my lab work: "His labs show that his sugars are at the upper limit of normal. His one liver function is bit elevated, but this is due to his very elevated cholesterol. His total is at 275 and should be <200. His HDL is fine, but his triglycerides are so high I don't know what his LDL is. When calculated his heart risk is quite elevated over baseline (5.7% vs. 2% at baseline). i feel he should go back on his cholesterol medication and then we should repeat this bloodwork in 3 mos." 'm taking the following: Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 4 Tbsp Daily Ultimate EFA Plus 6 Soft Gels Daily Beyond Osteo FX Liquid 2 Tbsp Daily Selenium 12 Capsules DailyPlant Derived Minerals 2 Tbsp Daily HGH Youth Complex 3 Capsules Daily Gluco-Gel Plus 2 Tbsp Daily Triple Treat Chocolate 2 Pieces Daily 18:54 FYI, I started taking the last 3 items on 7/12/2016. As for my diet, the house is clear of the 12 bad foods. Occasionally, I have had some items on the list when the family has gone out to dinner about once a week. I know that it takes time for the body to adjust and the numbers to settle down to a new normal. Based on my current numbers, do you have any suggestions about making any adjustments to my vitamins and minerals? I'm already going on the assumption that you're first piece of advice is to stop the 12 bad foods all together. Thanks, Tony

Question : Hi Dear Dr Glidden Im trying to raise my progesterone and keep it high. Can I use the good herbs female support while pregnant? 19:14 Hi Dear Dr Glidden 19:22 How do you know if powered or liquid calcium is best for you?

Question : Hi Dear Dr Glidden

Im trying to raise my progesterone and keep it high. Can I use the good herbs female support while pregnant?   Hi Dear Dr Glidden

How do you know if powered or liquid calcium is best for you?

Question: Please provide substitutes for the Youngevity EFA’s, which I believe contain shellfish allergens? You previously indicated that I require 9 to 12 Youngevity EFA’s Also I have heard that it is advisable to fast all supplements for one day, and to rotate our foods over at least a three day period to avoid intolerances. What say you? Thanks!

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Question : Hi Doc - Any thoughts in general regarding the living will and durable power of attorney for health care. Would this be a topic for a webinar?

Question : Good evening. I have adrenal/thyroid problems. One of the most unsolved problems I have that no ND or chiro has been able to solve is getting extremely tired when drinking water and a lesser degree green tea which at least has a stimulant affect. I'm thirsty but can't afford to be so drowsy at work etc. What's going on? I've been taking plant derived minerals. What do you suggest for a limited budget? Thank you. 19:07 Good evening. I have adrenal/thyroid problems. One of the most unsolved problems I have that no ND or chiro has been able to solve is getting extremely tired when drinking water and a lesser degree green tea which at least has a stimulant affect. I'm thirsty but can't afford to be so drowsy at work etc.What's going on? I've been taking plant derived minerals. What do you suggest for a limited budget? Thank you in advance.

Question : Q- 73 yr old dad 200lbs has panic attacks for 30 yrs and glaucoma with money restrictions what can we do for him he asked for help...thank youbtw he doesnt have internet access

Question : What can be done for scoliosis

Question : Dr. Glidden, we are from Canada and my question is, what do you recommend my Wife and i to take, as far as maintenance, the minimum amount of vitamins and minerals to take on a regular basis. The exchange rate is very high, so we are looking for the minimum amount, that we can spend, and maintain our health. thank you in advance for answering this question! Herbie.

Question : Hey Doc, fresh from a Dr. Wallach live lecture and I urge all Youngevity Reps to see him live. Truly a great man. My question is: what should someone, new to a supplement program, monitor and journal to track their progress and note any changes as they move through the program?

Question : What causes weather pattern head pressure? As I am typing this guessing you are going to say Osteoporosis of the brain. I am new to taking the products I probably do not have enough of the products built up yet. The weather pattern late last week and this weekend took me down. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. I like being outdoors, I do not like paying for it for a few days after. Thanks so much for all of your work.

Question : I take Osteo-fx in a small container in an Igloo when out running errands to keep it cool. I take the bottle out of the refrigerator when I get home so I can take it at night as the product hardens in the bottom of the bottle and doesn't blend well. What is the best way to deal with this? Thank you!

Question : What is the difference between liquid gluco-gel plus and liquid gluco-gel? I'm trying to help my wife with osteoarthritis of the skull. She is taking capsules and gluco-gel liquid at this time.

Question : my friend has been on the 90 for 4 months with some results. the thing is she has a pulse of around 140 typicaly. can this be good?

Question : Hey Doc i have a distributor whose friend has prostrate cancer and now findings of cancer in neck and shoulder. I was told that he should start taking brain and heart pack Btt Tabs Zradical/ or Fucoidz selenium and oxy body cherry berry. Is this correct? Also is diabetes linked to cancer in any way even if they are taking Metaformin?

Dr. G. What can be done for a MRSA infection?

Question : Howdy Dr.G! Q #1) I have an infected pocket down by the root of my back tooth and it is loose Λ I tried to heal it on my own for 2 wks with Silver and salt water (but not using them together). I was using a dental syringe and flushing the pocket. Sorry to say I lost the battle and had to go on antibiotics because I was getting really sick. Anything I should be doing better? Thanks! Q #2) Our friends adopted a meth baby 9 yrs ago with many problems. The MD’s took a ft. of his colon out as a baby,

Question : Hello Dr. Glidden my question is: I have experience when eating / talking an involuntary jerk that causes me to bite my tongue and lip. I went to a Neurologist and he did his entire test but said he could not find anything wrong me. I would like to know if you could suggest a Healthy Pak and I have experience cramps in the legs and I don’t sleep well. I am 62 and my health report was good but this involuntary jerk is annoying and alarming.
Thank you,

Question : My 13 year old granddaughter monthly has severe menstrual cramps and very heavy bleeding. What should she be taking to help with this?

Question : Hi Doc- Nice Tie! I've been taking HSP 2.0 Tablets because of the high Orac count. They are getting harder to swallow so I'm going back to liquid Ultimate Tangy. I also take PDM. My Blood Sugar is 109. Can I still Take the Triple treat Chocolate for more Orac? I'm starting to take the Slender FX Sweet-Eze. Anything else I need to take?

Late to the show (my kid needed some parental support) which is ALWAYS better than any TV program available. Question: why isn't SUGAR on the bad food list, are you considering adding it in the future? Also taking the colloidal silver and killer biotic together with my other supps at meal time; this OK? By t

Question : Christine Crockett from Toronto! Whenever I do any exercise I always feel very light headed and tired. So much that I have to lie down about an hour or 2 after exercising. I usually eat a banana before and drink TT and plant based minerals with my water during. I also make sure to eat afterwards too. What could this be? I currently take 4 sweet eze a day in case you feel this to be a blood sugar issue. Thank YOU!he way, I read in your book that you're into yoga from an early age, do you KNOW the goal of yoga?

Question : I have R.A. I have had issues with a dry eye. I notice when it flares up, my temple has pain on the side of dry eye. I believe there is a connection. I started on Octiv 1 per day and Vision fx 2 per day and increased my EFA Plus to 8-12 per day. Selenium 8-12 per day. It has improved. Anything else I need to do. I will be calling your office tomorrow for that R.A. product that you can order for me. Az. company. We want a complete blood work for Randy and myself. Direct Labs choice? 19:56 Lymes, what to take?

What to put on new scares from a rash that caused scaring all over the body?

Question : Doc, I had the same question as you, who did design such a complex organ as the brain? This changed completely when I first heard a lecture from Dr. Caroline Leaf. FASCINATING!!!! Watch one lecture and you will eat all of the others without brake!

Question : hi dr G thanks for standing up for all humanity im doing the supplements you have dialed in for me and am doing great , im waiting for the day when the tinnea is reversed, im an ac repair man in houston and the supplements using salt and avoiding the 12 bad foods is helping me beat the heat you da man!

Question : Hi Doc, You had me take Coccuius Indicus for 3 days, my situation is now 85% better. I stopped the medication on the third day, should I not take it anymore? Waiting for test from the lab. Thank you - Hillary's America, great movie! :)